Timeline for World Congress Program Chair

  • 2 years out – In consultation with the IMS Program Secretary and the Bernoulli Society Scientific Secretary and the chair of the local organizing committee, appoint the Program Committee. Please advise the Presidents of IMS and Bernoulli before finalizing the committee membership. The Program Committee should include at least one Bernoulli Society and one IMS member.
  • 2 years out – begin submitting quarterly reports to IMS/BS leadership via IMS Executive Director.
  • 1.5 years out – In consultation with the Bernoulli Society Scientific Secretary and the Bernoulli Society President, appoint a subcommittee to select the Bernoulli Society named invited lectures. This subcommittee will include the current CCSP Chair and the Bernoulli President ex-officio.
  • Note: IMS Named and Medallion lectures (listed below) are selected by the IMS Committee on Special Lectures. Some overlap between the Program Committee and the IMS Committee might help ensure good communication. The IMS will have named lectures 1.25 years in advance of the meeting and medallion lectures 2 years in advance of the meeting.
  • 1.5 years out – The Program Chair shall form a program committee of 5 members to call for, evaluate and select proposals for invited sessions. The program committee shall include a representative from the IMS New Researchers Group. Approximately half of the invited sessions should be competitive. The Program Chair should specifically invite proposals from the Bernoulli Latin American Regional Committee, the Bernoulli East Asian and Pacific Regional Committee, IMS-China, the IMS New Researchers Group, etc to increase international participation.
  • 1.25 years out – With the subcommittee, select the Bernoulli Society named lectures and the invited sessions.
  • 1 year out – Invited sessions finalized
  • 4 months prior – Work with the local organizers to develop an appropriate schedule for the meeting.

Special Invited Sessions

The sessions should include the following:

  • IMS Medallion lectures (2-4 sessions),
  • IMS Wald lectures (2-3 sessions),
  • IMS rotating Named lecture – Rietz, LeCam, Blackwell or Neyman (1 session),
  • IMS Brown Awardee Session (1 session)
  • IMS New Researcher Group session (1 session) and
  • IMS Presidential Address (1 session)

Money for Speakers

Money for Speakers

Medallion and Named Lecturers are reimbursed for $2000 for travel expenses plus the cost of registration.