The Electronic Journal of Statistics (EJS) publishes research articles and short notes on theoretical, computational and applied statistics. The journal is open access. Articles are refereed and are held to the same standard as articles in other IMS journals. Articles become publicly available shortly after they are accepted.

EJS is sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and by the Bernoulli Society.

EJS is an open access journal. Voluntary fees or donations to the Open Access Fund are accepted. Copyright for all articles in EJS is CC BY 4.0.

Editorial Board


 Domenico Marinucci

Associate Editors

Felix Abramovich Jean Michel Loubes
Edoardo Airoldi Eric Moulines
Christophe Andrieu Sayan Mukherjee
Ery Arias-Castro Axel Munk
Alexander Aue Boaz Nadler
Francis Bach Richard Nickl
Fadoua Balabdaoui-Mohr Debashis Paul
Moulinath Banerjee Giovanni Peccati
Gilles Blanchard Emilio Porcu
Florentina Bunea Annie (Peiyong) Qu
Francois Caron Mathieu Rosenbaum
Ismael Castillo Judith Rousseau
Ngai Hang Chan Theofanis Sapatinas
Yen-Chi Chen Armin Schwartzman
Guang Cheng Johan Segers
Arnak Dalalyan Bodhisattva Sen
Herold Dehling Xiaotong Shen
Mathias Drton Ling Shiqing
Chao Gao Alexandre Tsybakov
Subhashis Ghosal Sara van de Geer
James Hobert Ingrid Van Keilegom
Marc Hoffmann Harry van Zanten
Kengo Kato Frederi Viens
Vladimir Koltchinskii Wei Wu
Rafal Kulik Ying Nian Wu
Antonio Lijoi Min-ge Xie
Han Liu Johanna Ziegel

Past Editors

Past Editors from previous years