The IMS Bulletin is the news organ of the IMS. It’s published eight times a year, and is available in print/PDF, and online. The archives are here.

The Bulletin Editor is Tati Howell, who is based in the UK. The IMS Bulletin Managing Editor is Dan Nordman, Iowa State University, USA.

We have a small team of Contributing Editors (the links are to their regular columns): Radu Craiu (Radu’s Rides), Anirban DasGupta (Anirban’s Angle), Ruobin Gong (Sound the Gong), David Hand (Hand Writing), Takis Konstantopoulos (Takis Tackles), Xiao-Li Meng (XL-Files), and Daniela Witten (Written by Witten). Layla Parast (Lines from Layla) will be joining the team from June/July 2023.

Thanks to our previous Contributing Editors: Stéphane Boucheron (Stéphane Boucheron); Rick Durrett (Rick’s Ramblings); Yoram Gat (Pro Bono Statistics); Vlada Limic (Vlada’s Point); Regina Nuzzo (Regina Explicat); Dimitris Politis (Dimitris Politis); Kavita Ramanan (Kavita Ramanan); Terry Speed (Terence’s Stuff); and Hadley Wickham (Hadley Wickham) for their various contributions.

We publish a regular Student Puzzle Corner, for student members of the IMS: you can find past puzzles here. We also invite the IMS Special Invited Lecturers to write a preview article for the IMS Bulletin, in advance (normally) of their lecture: you can read some of these here. We also publish obituaries of IMS members and Fellows, you can read those here.

Other contributions (e.g. news about IMS members, journals, items of interest) are welcome: contact us to discuss this. Deadlines for the issues are as follows:

Issue number/name Deadline for submissions
1: January/February December 15
2: March February 1
3: April/May March 15
4: June/Juy May 1
5: August July 1
6: September August 15
7: October/November September 15
8: December November 1

To advertise in the Bulletin, please see the information here. Note that each issue is online around two weeks after each of these deadlines, and mailed out another two weeks after that; it can take up to eight weeks to arrive, so if your announcement is time-sensitive, please plan for this…


To contact the IMS Bulletin:
IMS Bulletin Editor, Tati Howell

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IMS Dues and Subscriptions Office, Larissa Puryear
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fax: +1 216.295.5661

To contact the IMS regarding any other matter, including advertising, copyright permission, offprint orders, copyright transfer, societal matters, meetings, fellows nominations and content of publications:
Executive Director, Elyse Gustafson
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