The following appeared in the 1935 issue of the Annals of Mathematical Statistics:

For sometime there has been a feeling that the theory of statistics would be advanced in the United States by the formation of an organization of those persons especially interested in the mathematical aspects of the subject. As a consequence, a meeting of interested persons was arranged for September 12, 1935 at Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the meeting, it was decided to form an organization to be known as the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. A constitution and by-laws were adopted and the following officers elected to serve until December 31, 1936: President, H. L. Rietz; Vice-President, W. A. Shewhart; Secretary-Treasurer, A. T. Craig. A resolution, instructing the officers to investigate the feasibility of the affiliation of the Institute with the American Mathematical Society or with the American Statistical Association, was adopted.

The constitution provides that membership in the Institute shall consist of Members, Fellows, Honorary Members, and Sustaining Members. A committee on membership will establish qualifications requisite for the different grades of membership. The annual dues of members and fellows are five dollars a year and these include a year’s subscription to the official journal, the Annals of Mathematical Statistics.

The next meeting of the Institute will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, in December of this year in connection with the meetings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Mathematical Society, and other organizations.

Forms for application for membership in the Institute may be had by writing the Secretary-Treasurer at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.