The Annals of Applied Probability aims to publish research of the highest quality reflecting the varied facets of contemporary Applied Probability. Primary emphasis is placed on importance and originality.

There are two important criteria which are applied in determining whether or not a submitted paper is suitable for publication in the Annals of Applied Probability, beyond formal correctness and coherence. These are:

  1. The results in the paper should be genuinely applied or applicable.
  2. The paper should make a serious contribution to the mathematical theory of Probability, or in some other sense carry a substantial level of probabilistic innovation, or be likely to stimulate such innovation

Mathematical depth and difficulty will not be the sole criteria with respect to which submissions are evaluated. Fundamentally, we seek a broad spectrum of papers which enrich our profession intellectually, and which illustrate the role of probabilistic thinking in the solution of applied problems (where the term “applied” is often interpreted in a wide sense).

Most papers should contain an Introduction which presents a discussion of the context and importance of the issues they address and a clear, non-technical description of the main results. The Introduction should be accessible to a wide range of readers. Thus, for example, it may be appropriate in some papers to present special cases or examples prior to general, abstract formulations. In other papers a discussion of the general scientific context of a problem might be a helpful prelude to the main body of the paper. In all cases, motivation and exposition should be clear.