Submission of Papers

Submission of a manuscript implies (a) that the same work has not been published before; (b) that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and (c) that its publication has been approved by all co-authors.

Papers must be submitted electronically.  Authors should access the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS) at If you are a first time user you must complete the registration. You are only required to register once.

After the registration is complete you will have the option to submit your manuscript. After completing the form you will then upload your PDF file.

Note: For instructions on the submission of revisions of papers, please see Contacts.


Manuscripts must be written in LaTeX using AOP’s template. Template will set proper margins and font, sample.pdf and sample.tex files will assist in the preparation of a camera-ready paper in LaTeX. These documents contain useful information regarding the structure of your document, proper tagging style, layout features, etc. Please do not use any packages or commands that affect the layout or formatting of your document.


Journal space is extremely valuable. The authors are advised to seriously work on the presentation of the manuscript and submit it only when they believe it to be optimal.

The acceptance of a long paper may require that the authors place part of it as Supplementary Material, see Such papers may alternatively face much longer publication delay. Thus, if your manuscript exceeds 60 pages using the standard style files from the Annals of Probability, consider optimizing your presentation, or placing part of the work as Supplementary Material before you submit it.

Affiliations and Addresses

Please list one affiliation per author (department and university only). If an author has more than one affiliation, the others should be listed in the Acknowledgments section.

Supplemental Material

If your paper has supplemental material please follow the instructions here.