Papers will be posted electronically on this site as soon as accepted.

What kind of papers are appropriate for PS?

We publish survey papers in theoretical and applied probability.

How should papers be written?

A typical paper is 40-70 pages, on a topic in which 50-150 research papers have been written. See the first two papers in volume 4 (2007) for examples. Shorter papers on narrower topics are equally welcome. Papers focused on the author’s own research are sometimes acceptable, but a “bigger picture” is preferred.

Some papers contain complete proofs; others contain no proofs. Include proofs where they explain the key conceptual points you are making, but usually you shouldn’t include technical proofs “for completeness”. The Annals of Probability writing style is OK, but often a more verbal style—how would you explain this to a colleague at the blackboard?—is more helpful to the reader. A “lecture notes” style is perfectly acceptable, and we encourage speakers at (graduate or post-doctoral level) summer school courses to submit write-ups to Probability Surveys.

See “Instruction for referees” for more information.

How are papers submitted?

Papers must be submitted electronically here.

You are strongly encouraged to suggest a list of potential referees for your paper.

Manuscripts should be written in Latex. Please see the LaTeX support page for IMS publications to use the IMS recommended template.

How are papers handled?

Your paper will be assigned to the Editor who will then assign the paper to an Associate Editor.