Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

When papers are accepted for publication, they will appear below. Any changes that are made during the production process will only appear in the final version. Papers listed here are not updated during the production process and are removed once an issue is published.

Parking on Cayley trees & Frozen Erdös–Rényi Alice Contat and Nicolas Curien
On the (Non-)Stationary Density of Fractional-Driven Stochastic Differential Equations Xue-Mei Li, Fabien Panloup, and Julian Sieber
Loewner evolution driven by complex Brownian motion (with simulations by Minjae Park) Ewain Gwynne and Joshua Pfeffer
On the coming down from infinity of coalescing Brownian motions Clayton Barnes, Leonid Mytnik, and Zhenyao Sun
Multi-source invasion percolation on the complete graph Louigi Addario-Berry and Jordan Barrett
Isomorphisms of Poisson systems over locally compact groups Amanda Wilkens
On the rightmost eigenvalue of non-Hermitian random matrices Giorgio Cipolloni, László Erdős, Dominik Schröder, and Yuanyuan Xu
A limit law for the most favorite point of simple random walk on a regular tree Marek Biskup and Oren Louidor
Regularized modified log-Sobolev inequalities, and comparison of Markov chains Pierre Youssef and Konstantin Tikhomirov
Limit theorems for the volumes of small codimensional random sections of ℓnp-balls Radosław Adamczak, Peter Pivovarov, and Paul Simanjuntak
Essential enhancements in Abelian networks: continuity and uniform strict monotonicity Lorenzo Taggi
The critical 2d Stochastic Heat Flow is not a Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos Francesco Caravenna, Rongfeng Sun, and Nikos Zygouras
Delta-Bose gas from the viewpoint of the two-dimensional stochastic heat equation Yu-Ting Chen
Erratum to “An optimal regularity result for Kolmogorov equations and weak uniqueness for some critical SPDEs” Enrico Priola
Random partitions under the Plancherel–Hurwitz measure, high genus Hurwitz numbers and maps Guillaume Chapuy, Baptiste Louf, and Harriet Walsh
The Markov property of local times of Brownian motion indexed by the Brownian tree Jean-Francois Le Gall
Particle density in diffusion-limited annihilating systems Tobias Johnson, Matthew Junge, Hanbaek Lyu, and David Sivakoff
Scaling Limit of the Fleming-Viot Multi-Colour Process Oliver Tough
The stationary horizon and semi-infinite geodesics in the directed landscape Ofer Busani, Timo Seppalainen, and Evan Sorensen
Long-time derivation at equilibrium of the fluctuating Boltzmann equation Thierry Bodineau, Isabelle Gallagher, Laure Saint-Raymond, and Sergio Simonella
Towards optimal spectral gaps in large genus Alex Wright and Michael Lipnowski
The Discrete Gaussian Model, I. Renormalisation group flow at high temperature Roland Bauerschmidt, Jiwoon Park, and Pierre-François Rodriguez
The Discrete Gaussian model, II. Infinite-volume scaling limit at high temperature Roland Bauerschmidt, Jiwoon Park, and Pierre-François Rodriguez
An invariance principle for the 1D KPZ equation Arka Adhikari and Sourav Chatterjee
Erratum: “Existence of an unbounded nodal hypersurface for smooth Gaussian fields in dimension D ≥ 3” Hugo Vanneuville, Hugo Duminil-Copin, Alejandro Rivera, and Pierre-François Rodriguez
Scaling limit of an adaptive contact process Adrián González Casanova, András Tobias, and Daniel Valesin
Stochastic homogenization with space-time ergodic divergence-free drift Benjamin Fehrman
Universality classes for the coalescent structure of heavy-tailed Galton-Watson trees Simon Harris, Samuel George Goring Johnston, and Juan Carlos Pardo