Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

A phase transition for repeated averages Sourav Chatterjee, Persi Diaconis, Allan Sly, and Lingfu Zhang
Hidden invariance of last passage percolation and directed polymers Duncan Dauvergne
Shannon’s theorem for locally compact groups Behrang Forghani and Giulio Tiozzo
Universality of the geodesic tree in last passage percolation Ofer Busani and Patrik Ferrari
Large N Limit of the O(N) Linear Sigma Model  via Stochastic Quantization Hao Shen, Scott Smith, Rongchan Zhu, and Xiangchan Zhu
Universality of cutoff for graphs with an added random matching Jonathan Hermon , Allan Sly, and Perla Sousi
Almost-sure exponential mixing of passive scalars by the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations Jacob Bedrossian
Cutoff for random lifts of weighted graphs Guillaume Conchon-Kerjan
Scaling limit of the subdiffusive random walk on a Galton–Watson tree in random environment Loïc de Raphélis
The two-dimensional continuum random field Ising model Adam Bowditch and Rongfeng Sun
Maximum and coupling of the sine-Gordon field Roland Bauerschmidt and Michael Hofstetter
Extremal distance and conformal radius of a CLE4 loop Avelio Sepúlveda, Juhan Aru, Titus Lupu
Recurrence of the uniform infinite half-plane map via duality of resistances Thomas Lehéricy and Thomas Budzinski
On inhomogeneous polynuclear growth Kurt Johansson and Mustazee Rahman
The Dirichlet–Ferguson Diffusion on the Space of Probability Measures over a Closed Riemannian Manifold Lorenzo Dello Schiavo
Precise Local Estimates for Differential Equations driven by Fractional Brownian Motion: Hypoelliptic Case Xi Geng, Cheng Ouyang, and Samy Tindel
Hypercontractivity, and lower deviation dstimates in normed spaces Grigoris Paouris, Konstantin Tikhomirov, and Petros Valettas
An Elliptic Harnack Inequality for Random Walk in Balanced Environments Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Noam Berger, Moran Cohen, and Xiaoqin Guo
Concentration inequalities for log-concave distributions with applications to random surface fluctuations Alexander Magazinov and Ron Peled
The suprema of infinitely divisible processes Witold Bednorz and Rafał Martynek
On multiple SLE for the FK–Ising model Konstnatin Izyurov
McKean-Vlasov optimal control: the dynamic programming principle Mao Fabrice Djete, Dylan Possamaï, and Xiaolu Tan
A Smoluchowski-Kramers approximation for an infinite dimensional system with state-dependent damping Sandra Cerrai and Guangyu Xi
Simple Conformal Loop Ensembles on Liouville Quantum Gravity Jason Miller, Scott Sheffield, and Wendelin Werner
Convergence in law for Complex Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos in phase III Hubert Lacoin
Normal Fluctuation in Quantum Ergodicity for Wigner Matrices Giorgio Cipolloni, Laszlo Erdoes, and Dominik Schroder
Geodesic stars in random geometry Jean-Francois Le Gall
Local limits of bipartite maps with prescribed face degrees in high genus Thomas Budzinski and Baptiste Louf
Critical prewetting in the 2d Ising model Dmitry Ioffe, Sébastien Ott, Senya Shlosman, and Yvan Velenik
Sharp concentration for the largest and the smallest fragment in a k-regular selfsimilar fragmentation Piotr Dyszewski, Nina Gantert, Samuel G.G. Johnston, Joscha Prochno, and Dominik Schmid
Multi-point distribution of TASEP Zhipeng Liu
Brownian loops and the central charge of a Liouville random surface Morris Ang, Minjae Park, Joshua Pfeffer, and Scott Sheffield
Scaling and local limits of Baxter permutations and bipolar orientations through coalescent-walk processes Jacopo Borga and Mickaël Maazoun
Forests, cumulants, martingales Peter Friz, Jim Gatheral, and Rados Radoicic
Erratum to “Characterization of positively correlated squared Gaussian processes” Nathalie Eisenbaum
A fluctuation result for the displacement in the optimal matching problem Martin Otto Josef Huesmann and Michael Goldman
A forward-backward SDE from the 2D nonlinear stochastic heat equation  Alexander Dunlap and Yu Gu
Integration by Parts and the KPZ Two-Point Function Leandro Pinto Rodrigues Pimentel
The time constant for Bernoulli percolation is Lipschitz continuous strictly above PC Barbara Dembin and Raphaël Cerf
The disordered lattice free field pinning model approaching criticality Hubert Lacoin and Giambattista Giacomin
Surface transition in the collapsed phase of a self-interacting walk adsorbed along a hard wall Alexandre Legrand and Nicolas Pétrélis
Stationary Distributions for the Voter Model in d ≥ 3 are Factors of IID Allan Sly and Lingfu Zhang