Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Recurrence of the uniform infinite half-plane map via duality of resistances Thomas Lehéricy and Thomas Budzinski
Integration by Parts and the KPZ Two-Point Function Leandro Pinto Rodrigues Pimentel
The time constant for Bernoulli percolation is Lipschitz continuous strictly above PC Barbara Dembin and Raphaël Cerf
On the radius of Gaussian free field excursion clusters Pierre-Francois Rodriguez, Subhajit Goswami, and Franco Severo
Mean Field Behavior during the Big Bang Regime for Coalescing Random Walk Jonathan Hermon, Shuangping Li, Dong Yao, and Lingfu Zhang
Quantitative homogenization of interacting particle systems Arianna Giunti, Chenlin Gu, and Jean-Christophe Mourrat
Three-halves variation of geodesics in the directed landscape Duncan Dauvergne, Sourav Sarkar, and Balint Virag
The multinomial tiling model Richard Kenyon and Cosmin Pohoata
Isoperimetric inequalities in the Brownian Plane Armand Riera
Discrete self-similar and ergodic Markov chains Laurent Miclo, Pierre Patie, and Rohan Sarkar
Brownian bees in the infinite swarm limit Julien Berestycki, Eric Brunet, James Nolen, and Sarah Penington
Stable Shredded Spheres and Causal Random Maps with Large Faces Sigurdur Örn Stefánsson, Nicolas Curien, and Jakob Björnberg
Mean Field Games Master Equations with Non-separable Hamiltonians and Displacement Monotonicity Wilfrid Gangbo, Alpar Meszaros, Chenchen Mou, and Jianfeng Zhang
The Free Uniform Spanning Forest is disconnected in some virtually free groups, depending on the generator set Gábor Pete and Ádám Timár
Cutoff For the Asymmetric Riffle Shuffle Mark A Sellke
Optimal regularity in time and space for stochastic porous medium equations Stefano Bruno, Benjamin Gess, and Hendrik Weber
Slicing ℓp-balls reloaded: stability, planar sections in ℓ1 Giorgos Chasapis, Piotr Nayar, and Tomasz Tkocz
Yaglom limit for critical non-local branching Markov processes Simon Harris, Emma Horton, Andreas Kyprianou, and Minmin Wang
Asymptotic expansions for a class of Fredholm Pfaffians and interacting particle systems William FitzGerald, Roger P Tribe, and Oleg V Zaboronski
The stable graph: the metric space scaling limit of a critical random graph with i.i.d. power-law degrees Guillaume Conchon-Kerjan and Christina Goldschmidt
Absence of backward infinite paths for first-passage percolation in arbitrary dimension Gerandy Brito, Michael Damron, and Jack Hanson
√log t – – Superdiffusivity for a Brownian Particle in the Curl of the 2d GFF Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Levi Anton-Sibitz, and Fabio L. Toninelli
Geometric and o-minimal Littlewood-Offord problems Jacob Fox, Matthew Kwan, and Hunter Spink
The delocalized phase of the Anderson Hamiltonian in 1-d Laure Dumaz and Cyril Labbé
Expansion in supercritical random subgraphs of the hypercube and its consequences Joshua Erde, Mihyun Kang, and Michael Krivelevich
Metastable behavior of reversible, critical zero-range processes Insuk Seo, Claudio Landim, and Diego Marcondes