Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Errata to “Distance Covariance in Metric Spaces” Russell Lyons
Identification of the Polaron measure in strong coupling and the Pekar variational formula Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan and Chiranjib Mukherjee
Planar Brownian motion and Gaussian multiplicative chaos Antoine Jego
Bounding the number of self-avoiding walks: Hammersley-Welsh with polygon insertion Hugo Duminil-Copin, Shirshendu Ganguly, Alan Hammond, and Ioan Manolescu
Elliptic stochastic quantization Sergio Albeverio, Francesco Carlo De Vecchi, and Massimiliano Gubinelli
Growth-fragmentation processes in Brownian motion indexed by the Brownian tree Jean-Francois Le Gall and Armand Riera
Points of infinite multiplicity of planar Brownian motion: measures and local times Elie Aidekon, Yueyun Hu, and Zhan Shi
Averaging dynamics driven by fractional Brownian motion Xue-Mei Li and Martin Hairer
Confluence of geodesics in Liouville quantum gravity for γ ∈ (0,2) Ewain Gwynne and Jason Miller
From nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations to solutions of distribution dependent SDE Viorel Barbu and Michael Rockner
Periodic Pólya Urns, the Density Method, and Asymptotics of Young Tableaux Cyril Banderier, Philippe Marchal, and Michael Wallner
Finitary isomorphisms of Brownian motions Zemer Kosloff and Terry Soo
Near-critical spanning forests and renormalization Stéphane Benoist, Laure Dumaz, and Wendelin Werner
Random Walks on Dynamical Random Environments with Non-Uniform Mixing Marcelo Richard Hilario, Oriane Blondel, and Augusto Teixeira
Algorithmic Thresholds for Tensor PCA Gerard Ben Arous, Reza Gheissari, and Aukosh Jagannath
Maximum of the Ginzburg-Landau fields David Belius and Wei Wu
Finitely-dependent processes are finitary Yinon Spinka
On the absolute continuity of random nodal volumes Jürgen Angst and Guillaume Poly
On the number of maximal paths in directed last-passage percolation Hugo Duminil-Copin
Inverting the Markovian projection, with an application to local stochastic volatility models Daniel Lacker, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, Jiacheng Zhang
Deterministic walks in random environment Carlangelo Liverani and Roman Aimino
Martingale Benamou–Brenier: a probabilistic perspective Julio Daniel Backhoff Veraguas, Mathias Beiglböck, Martin Huesmann, and Sigrid Källblad
Fractional diffusion limit for a kinetic equation with an interface Tomasz Komorowski, Stefano Olla, and Lenya Ryzhik
Limit profile for random transpositions Lucas Teyssier
Solution of the Kolmogorov equation for TASEP Mihai Nica, Jeremy Quastel, and Daniel Remenik
Anomalous diffusion for multi-dimensional critical Kinetic Fokker-Planck equations Nicolas Fournier and Camille Tardif
Nonlinear large deviation bounds with applications to Wigner matrices and sparse Erdős-Rényi graphs Fanny Augeri
Mixing time of the adjacent walk on the simplex Pietro Caputo, Cyril Labbe, and Hubert Lacoin
The CLT in high dimensions: quantitative bounds via martingale embedding Ronen Eldan, Dan Mikulincer, and Alez Zhai
Large deviations and localization of the microcanonical ensembles given by multiple constraints Kyeongsik Nam
Aldous chain on cladograms in the diffusion limit Wolfgang Lohr, Leonid Mytnik, and Anita Winter
Errata to “Mean field games with common noise” Rene Carmona, Francois Delarue, and Daniel Lacker
The Riemann zeta function and Gaussian multiplicative chaos: statistics on the critical line Eero Saksman and Christian Webb
Anisotropic Bootstrap Percolation in Three Dimensions Daniel Ricardo Blanquicett Tordecilla
Limiting entropy of determinantal processes András Mészáros
Localization in Gaussian disordered systems at low temperature Erik Bates and Sourav Chatterjee
Spectral Gaps for Reversible Markov Processes with Chaotic Invariant Measures: The Kac Process with Hard Sphere Collisions in Three Dimensions Eric Anders Carlen, Maria C Carvalho, and Michael P. Loss
A covariance formula for topological events of smooth Gaussian fields Dmitry Beliaev, Stephen Muirhead, and Alejandro Rivera
Comparison theorem for some extremal eigenvalue statistics Benjamin Landon, Patrick Lopatto, and Jake Marcinek
On (non-)singularity of energy measures under full off-diagonal heat kernel estimates Naotaka Kajino and Mathav Murugan
A comparison principle for random walk on dynamical percolation Jonathan Hermon and Perla Sousi
Capacity of the range in dimension 5 Bruno Schapira
TAP free energy, spin glasses, and variational inference Zhou Fan, Song Mei, and Andrea Montanari
Fractal geometry of Airy2 processes coupled via the Airy sheet Riddhipratim Basu, Shirshendu Ganguly, and Alan Hammond
Local laws and rigidity for Coulomb gases at any temperature Scott Armstrong and Sylvia Serfaty
2D Anisotropic KPZ at stationarity: scaling, tightness and non triviality Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Dirk Erhard, and Philipp Schönbauer
Freeness over the Diagonal for Large Random Matrices Benson Au, Guillaume Cébron, Antoine Dahlqvist, Franck Gabriel, and Camille Male
The Overlap Gap Property and Approximate Message Passing Algorithms for P-spin models David Gamarnik and Aukosh Jagannath
Well-Posedness,   Stability, and Sensitivities  for Stochastic Delay Equations: A Generalized Coupling Approach Alexei M. Kulik and Michael Scheutzow
Distribution of the random walk conditioned on survival among quenched Bernoulli obstacles Jian Ding, Ryoki Fukushima, Rongfeng Sun, and Changji Xu
Survival and extinction of epidemics on random graphs with general degree Shankar Bhamidi, Danny Nam, Oanh Nguyen, and Allan Sly
Gravitational allocation for uniform points on the sphere Nina Holden, Yuval Peres, and Alex Zhai
Modified log-Sobolev inequalities for strongly log-concave distributions Mary Cryan, Heng Guo, and Giorgos Mousa
Weak Existence and Uniqueness for McKean-Vlasov SDEs with Common Noise William Richard Philip Hammersley, Lukasz Szpruch, and David Siska
The exclusion process mixes (almost) faster than independent particles Jonathan Hermon and Richard Pymar