Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Errata to “Distance Covariance in Metric Spaces” Russell Lyons
TAP free energy, spin glasses, and variational inference Zhou Fan, Song Mei, and Andrea Montanari
Fractal geometry of Airy2 processes coupled via the Airy sheet Riddhipratim Basu, Shirshendu Ganguly, and Alan Hammond
Local laws and rigidity for Coulomb gases at any temperature Scott Armstrong and Sylvia Serfaty
2D Anisotropic KPZ at stationarity: scaling, tightness and non triviality Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Dirk Erhard, and Philipp Schönbauer
Freeness over the Diagonal for Large Random Matrices Benson Au, Guillaume Cébron, Antoine Dahlqvist, Franck Gabriel, and Camille Male
The Overlap Gap Property and Approximate Message Passing Algorithms for P-spin models David Gamarnik and Aukosh Jagannath
Distribution of the random walk conditioned on survival among quenched Bernoulli obstacles Jian Ding, Ryoki Fukushima, Rongfeng Sun, and Changji Xu
Survival and extinction of epidemics on random graphs with general degree Shankar Bhamidi, Danny Nam, Oanh Nguyen, and Allan Sly
Gravitational allocation for uniform points on the sphere Nina Holden, Yuval Peres, and Alex Zhai
Modified log-Sobolev inequalities for strongly log-concave distributions Mary Cryan, Heng Guo, and Giorgos Mousa
Weak Existence and Uniqueness for McKean-Vlasov SDEs with Common Noise William Richard Philip Hammersley, Lukasz Szpruch, and David Siska
Quantitative homogenization of the parabolic and elliptic Green’s functions on percolation clusters Paul Dario and Chenlin Gu
The Derrida–Retaux conjecture on recursive models Xinxing Chen, Victor Dagard, Bernard Derrida, Yueyun Hu, Mikhail Lifshits, and Zhan Shi
Cut-off for sandpiles on tiling graphs Robert Hough and Hyojeong Son
Tightness and tails of the maximum in 3D Ising interfaces Reza Gheissari and Eyal Lubetzky
Diffusions on a space of interval partitions: Poisson-Dirichlet stationary distributions Noah Mills Forman, Soumik Pal, Douglas Rizzolo, and Matthias Winkel
KPZ equation correlations in time Alan Hammond, Ivan Corwin, and Promit Ghosal
A solution to the Monge transport problem for Brownian martingales Nassif Ghoussoub, Young-Heon Kim, and Aaron Zeff Palmer
Color-position symmetry in interacting particle systems Alexei Borodin and Alexey Bufetov
A rough super-Brownian motion Nicolas Perkowski and Tommaso Cornelis Rosati
Propagation of chaos for mean field rough differential equations Ismael Bailleul, Remi Catellier, and Francois Delarue
The Tutte embedding of the mated-CRT map converges to Liouville quantum gravity Ewain Gwynne, Jason Miller, Scott Sheffield
Small gaps of circular β-ensemble Renjie Feng and Dongyi Wei
A generalisation of the honeycomb dimer model to higher dimensions Piet Lammers
Persistence of Gaussian stationary processes: a spectral perspective Naomi Dvora Feldheim, Ohad Noy Feldheim, and Shahaf Nitzan
Random walk on random planar maps: spectral dimension, resistance, and displacement Ewain Gwynne and Jason Miller
Scaling limit of dynamical percolation on critical Erdös-Rényi random graphs Raphaël Rossignol
Rates of Convergence to Equilibrium for Potlatch and Smoothing Processes Sayan Banerjee and Krzysztof Burdzy
On the derivative martingale in a branching random walk Dariusz Buraczewski, Alexander Iksanov, and Bastien Mallein
Diffusion approximation for fully coupled stochastic differential equations Michael Röckner and Longjie Xie
A shape theorem for the orthant model Mark Holmes and Thomas S Salisbury
On the Uniqueness of Global Multiple SLEs Vincent Beffara, Eveliina Peltola, and Hao Wu
The 2d-directed spanning forest converges to the Brownian web David Coupier, Kumarjit Saha, Anish Sarkar, and Viet Chi Tran
Atypical exit events near a repelling equilibrium Yuri Bakhtin and Hong-Bin Chen
Conformal growth rates and spectral geometry on distributional limits of graphs James R. Lee
The smallest singular value of inhomogeneous square random matrices Galina Livshyts, Konstantin Tikhomirov, and Roman Vershynin
An optimal regularity result for Kolmogorov equations and weak uniqueness for some critical SPDEs Enrico Priola
Extremal eigenvalues of critical Erdős-Rényi graphs Johannes Alt, Raphael Ducatez, and Antti Knowles
Global well-posedness of the two-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equation on an unbounded domain Leonardo Tolomeo
A nonamenable “factor” of a Euclidean space Adam Timar
External diffusion-limited aggregation on a spanning-tree-weighted random planar map Ewain Gwynne and Joshua Pfeffer
The Tutte embedding of the mated-CRT map converges to Liouville quantum gravity Ewain Gwynne, Jason Miller, and Scott Sheffield
Additive functionals as rough paths Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Tal Orenshtein, and Nicolas Perkowski
The contact process on random hyperbolic graphs: metastability and critical exponents Amitai Linker, Dieter Mitsche, Bruno Schapira, and Daniel Valesin
Anticoncentration for subgraph counts in random graphs Jacob Fox, Matthew Kwan, and Lisa Sauermann
Brownian absolute continuity of the KPZ fixed point with arbitrary initial condition Sourav Sarkar and Balint Virag
Bulk properties of the Airy line ensemble Duncan Dauvergne and Balint Virag
Eigenvector statistics of Lévy matrices Amol Aggarwal, Patrick Lopatto, and Jake Marcinek
The annealed spectral sample of Voronoi percolation Hugo Vanneuville
Spectral Edge in Sparse Random Graphs: Upper and Lower Tail Large Deviations Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sohom Bhattacharya, and Shirshendu Ganguly