Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Community Detection on Mixture Multi-Layer Networks Via Regularized Tensor Decomposition Bing-Yi Jing, Ting Li, Zhongyuan Lyu, and Dong Xia
Correction to: Asymptotic genealogies of interacting particle systems with an application to sequential Monte Carlo Jere Koskela, Paul A Jenkins, Adam M Johansen, and Dario Spano
Conditional Calibration for False Discovery Rate Control Under Dependence William Fithian and Lihua Lei
Grouped Variable Selection with Discrete Optimization: Computational and Statistical Perspectives Hussein Hazimeh, Rahul Mazumder, and Peter Radchenko
A No-Free-Lunch Theorem for Multitask Learning Steve Hanneke and Samory Kpotufe
Characterizing the SLOPE Trade-off: A Variational Perspective and the Donoho-Tanner Limit Zhiqi Bu, Jason Matthew Klusowski, Cynthia Rush, and Weijie J Su
Graphical models for nonstationary time series Sumanta Basu and Suhasini Subba Rao
Optimal estimation of high-dimensional Gaussian mixtures Natalie Doss, Pengkun Yang, Yihong Wu, and Harrison Zhou
Optimization Hierarchy for Fair Statistical Decision Problems Anil Aswani and Matt Olfat
Half-Trek Criterion for Identifiability of Latent Variable Models Rina Foygel Barber, Mathias Drton, Nils Sturma, and Luca Weihs
On resampling schemes for particle filters with weakly informative observations Nicolas Chopin, Sumeetpal S. Singh, Tomás Soto, and Matti Vihola
High Dimensional Latent Panel Quantile Regression with an Application to Asset Pricing Oscar Hernan Madrid Padilla, Alexandre Belloni, Mingli Chen, Zixuan (Kevin) Wang
Towards Theoretical Understandings of Robust Markov Decision Processes: Sample Complexity and Asymptotics Wenhao Yang, Liangyu Zhang, and Zhihua Zhang
Limiting distributions for eigenvalues of sample correlation matrices from  heavy-tailed populations Johannes Heiny and Jianfeng Yao
The Right Complexity Measure in Locally Private Estimation: It is not the Fisher Information John Duchi and Feng Ruan
The Completion of Covariance Kernels Kartik Govind Waghmare and Victor Michael Panaretos
Likelihood estimation of sparse topic distributions in topic models and its  applications to  Wasserstein document distance calculations Florentina Bunea, Xin Bing, Seth Strimas-Mackey, and Marten H. Wegkamp
Bayesian Fixed-domain Asymptotics for Covariance Parameters in a Gaussian Process Model Cheng Li
Batch Policy Learning in Average Reward Markov Decision Processes Peng Liao, Zhengling Qi, Runzhe Wan, Predrag Klasnja, and Susan A. Murphy
ScreeNOT: Exact MSE-Optimal Singular Value Thresholding in Correlated Noise David Donoho, Matan Gavish, and Elad Romanov
Local permutation tests for conditional independence Ilmun Kim, Matey Neykov, Sivaraman Balakrishnan, and Larry Wasserman
Asymptotic Properties of High-Dimensional Random Forests Chien-Ming Chi, Patrick Vossler, Yingying Fan, and Jinchi Lv
Rerandomization with Diminishing Covariate Imbalance and Diverging Number of Covariates Yuhao Wang and Xinran Li
Choosing between persistent and stationary volatility Liudas Giraitis, Ilias Chronopoulos, and George Kapetanios
Sup-norm adaptive drift estimation for multivariate nonreversible diffusions Cathrine Aeckerle-Willems and Claudia Strauch
Testing for the Rank of a Covariance Operator Anirvan Chakraborty and Victor Michael Panaretos
Covariance Estimation under One-bit Quantization Sjoerd Dirksen, Johannes Maly, and Holger Rauhut
The integrated copula spectrum Yuichi Goto, Tobias Kley, Ria Van Hecke, Stanislav Volgushev, Holger Dette, and Marc Hallin
Comparison of Markov chains via weak Poincaré inequalities with application to pseudo-marginal MCMC Christophe Andrieu, Anthony Lee, Sam Power, and Andi Wang
On Optimal Block Resampling for Gaussian-Subordinated Long-Range Dependent Processes Qihao Zhang, Soumendra N. Lahiri, and Daniel J. Nordman
De-biasing convex regularized estimators and interval estimation in linear models Pierre C. Bellec and Cun-Hui Zhang
Testing for Outliers with Conformal p-values Stephen Bates, Emmanuel Candes, Lihua Lei, Yaniv Romano, and Matteo Sesia
The Stein Effect for Fréchet Means Andrew R McCormack and Peter D Hoff