The Annals of Probability publishes research papers in modern probability theory, its relations to other areas of mathematics, and its applications in the physical and biological sciences. Emphasis is on importance, interest, and originality – formal novelty and correctness are not sufficient for publication. The Annals will also publish authoritative review papers  and surveys of areas in vigorous development.

Editorial Board


Christophe Garban & Alice Guionnet (2021-2023)

Associate Editors

Roland Bauerschmidt
Nathanael Berestycki
Jean Bertoin
Charles Bordenave
Paul Bourgade
Jian Ding
Julien Dubedat
Ronen Eldan
Patricia Goncalves
Vadim Gorin
Takashi Kumagai
Jean-Christophe Mourrat
Asaf Nachmias
Nicolas Perkowski
Kavita Ramanan
Nike Sun
Wendelin Werner

Managing Editor

Dan Nordman

Production Editor

Patrick Kelly

Past Editors

Past Editors from previous years