Undergraduate Students

Not long ago, programs in statistics at the undergraduate level were small and the opportunities for graduating students were few. Today, larger institutions may boast over a hundred or more statistics majors and classes at every level of statistics are often filled to capacity. This surge in undergraduates seeking a deeper education is statistics is fueled by more and more jobs requiring training in statistics being posted every day while news headlines about new statistical accomplishments and failures abound.

Undergraduates looking for a career in statistics must consider a variety of options including

  • choosing a major and what to study,
  • what to do with summers,
  • ways to jump into research before you graduate,
  • applying and choosing a graduate school, and
  • job opportunities.

On this page we plan to discuss these issues (and more).

Choosing a Major and Courses

Taking Advantage of Summer Break

Looking ahead to Graduate School

Getting Started on Research

Research in statistics or applied research using statistics is frequently possible for upper level undergraduates. Computer programming skills are especially useful and valued by researchers in all areas. An ability to find, use, and decipher tools to solve problems is key. Reading papers will give you a sense for the state of the field and prepare you well for life as a graduate student.

Job Opportunities