Supplement Instructions for Accepted Papers

To prevent a delay in the production process, please follow the three steps below if your paper has been accepted and the supplemental material has also been approved by the Editor.  The paper and supplement must be separate files.  We do not edit or typeset the supplemental material; it is posted as provided. Do not include cross-references in the paper to cite objects from the supplement.  If there is a need to make a change during the proof stage, please be sure to correct the supplemental files and send with the changes for the paper.

Note, it is the journal policy to post ALL supplemental files with the paper when it is published on Euclid.  This includes data, code or any other type of file.  While it is acceptable to post code/data on other platforms (e.g., GitHub), these files must also be provided along with the files for the paper.

For each supplemental file, please provide a title and a brief description.  Each supplemental file will be assigned an individual DOI by the typesetter. Please add a section titled “Supplementary Material” before the reference list.  It is recommended that you use the journal template found at which contains this section.

Depending on the nature of the material, if there are multiple files you may provide either a Zip file containing all files or individual files. The supplemental files should be cited in text and an entry must be added to the reference list.

1. Cite the supplementary material in text

Add author(s) and year of publication.

Explicit formulas for these quantities are provided in Section 4 of the Supplementary Material (Smith (2019)).

Do not use\ref{}in the main paper to cite something in the supplement. Any direct citation of something in the supplement will result in (??) since the supplement is not typeset.

2. Add an entry to reference list

(author(s), year, Supplement to “Title of paper”. The DOI will be added by the typesetter.)

Smith, M. (2019). Supplement to “A Bayesian analysis of some nonparametric problems.” DOI: 10.1214/[provided by typesetter].

3. Provide a title and description for each supplemental file connected to the paper.

(A zip file counts as one file and should contain an overall description.) This section should be added prior to the reference list. Please see the template at Note the DOI and link will be filled in during production.



%% Supplementary Material, if any, should                                                                        %%

%% be provided in {supplement} environment                                                                   %%

%% with title and short description.                                                                                   %%



\stitle{Title of Supplement A}

\sdescription{Short description of Supplement A.}



\stitle{Title of Supplement B}

\sdescription{Short description of Supplement B.}