Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Asymptotics of the density of  parabolic Anderson random fields Yaozhong Hu and Khoa Le
An upper bound on the two-arms exponent for critical percolation on Z^d Jacob van den Berg and Diederik G.P. van Engelenburg
Concentration for integrable polymer models Philippe Sosoe and Christian Noack
Excursions away from the Lipschitz minorant of a Lévy process Steven N. Evans and Mehdi Ouaki
Annealed Ising Model on Configuration Models Van Hao Can, Cristian Giardina’, Claudio Giberti, Remco Van der Hofstad
On Testing for Parameters in Ising Models Gourab Ray and Rajarshi Mukherjee
Path Dependent Feynman-Kac Formula for Forward Backward Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations Hanxiao Wang, Jiongmin Yong, and Jianfeng Zhang
Minkowski content of Brownian cut points Nina Holden, Gregory F. Lawler, Xinyi Li, and Xin Sun
Natural parametrization of percolation interface and pivotal points Nina Holden, Xinyi Li, and Xin Sun
Stochastic heat equation with general rough noise Xiong Wang and Yaozhong Hu
GUE corners process in boundary-weighed six-vertex models Evgeni Simeonov Dimitrov, and Mark Rychnovsky
Orthogonal polynomial duality of boundary driven particle systems and non-equilibrium correlations Simone Floreani, Frank Redig, and Federico Sau
Metastability for systems of interacting neurons Pierre Monmarché and Eva Löcherbach
Fluctuations of Brownian Motions 𝔾𝕃N Guillaume Cébron and Todd Kemp
A simple convergence proof for the lace expansion Gordon Slade
A central limit theorem for descents of a Mallows permutation and its inverse Jimmy He
Testing uniformity on high-dimensional spheres: the non-null behaviour of the Bingham test Christine Cutting, Davy Paindaveine, and Thomas Verdebout
Local limit theorem in deterministic systems Zemer Kosloff and Dalibor Volny
Time-reversal of Multiple-force-point SLEκ(ρ) with All Force Points Lying on the Same Side Dapeng Zhan
Limiting one-point distribution of periodic TASEP Jinho Baik, Zhipeng Liu, and Guilherme Lima Ferreira da Silva
Edwards-Wilkinson fluctuations for the directed polymer in the full L2-regime for dimensions d ≥ 3 Nikos Zygouras and Dimitris Lygkonis
Spectral gap and cutoff phenomenon for the Gibbs sampler of ∇φ interfaces with convex potential Pietro Caputo, Cyril Labbé, and Hubert Lacoin
Universality Classes for General Random Matrix Flows Jacek Małecki and José Luis Pérez
Equilibrium Fluctuations for Diffusive Symmetric Exclusion with Long Jumps and Infinitely Extended Reservoirs Cedric Bernardin, Patricia Gonçalves, Milton Jara, and Stefano Scotta
Renormalisation from non-geometric to geometric rough paths Yvain Bruned
Nonlinear predictable representation and 𝕃1-solutions of backward SDEs and second-order backward SDEs Zhenjie Ren, Nizar Touzi, and Junjian Yang
Renormalisation from non-geometric to geometric rough paths Yvain Bruned
The Brownian disk viewed from a boundary point Jean-Francois Le Gall
The density of the (α, d, β)-superprocess and singular solutions to a fractional non-linear PDE Thomas Hughes
Two-dimensional Lorentz process for magnetotransport: Boltzmann-Grad limit Alessia Nota, Chiara Saffirio, and Sergio Simonella
Rates of convergence in the central limit theorem for martingales in the non stationary setting Jérôme Dedecker, Florence Merlevède, and Emmanuel Rio
Hamilton-Jacobi equations for inference of matrix tensor products Jiaming Xia and Hong-Bin Chen
Random walk in cooling random environment: recurrence versus transience and mixed fluctuations Luca Avena, Conrado Freitas Paulo da Costa, Frank den Hollander, and Yuki Chino
Intrinsic area near the origin for self-similar growth-fragmentations and related random surfaces François Gaston Ged
Transience and recurrence of sets for branching random walk via non-standard stochastic orders Tom Hutchcroft
Pathwise vs. Path-by-Path Uniqueness Alexander Shaposhnikov and Lukas Wresch
Spectral analysis of the zigzag process Joris Bierkens and Sjoerd M. Verduyn Lunel
Central limit theorems for parabolic stochastic partial differential equations Le Chen, Davar Khoshnevisan, David Nualart, and Fei Pu
Iterated invariance principle for slowly mixing dynamical systems Matt Galton and Ian Melbourne
On the explosion of the number of fragments in the simple exchangeable fragmentation-coalescence processes Clément Foucart and Xiaowen Zhou
Asymptotic expansion of correlation functions for ℤd covers of hyperbolic flows Dmitry Dolgopyat, Peter Nandori, and Francoise Pene
Lower bounds for invariant statistical models with applications to principal component analysis Martin Wahl
Zero kinetic undercooling limit in the supercooled Stefan problem Graeme Baker and Mykhaylo Shkolnikov
Geometric convergence bounds for Markov chains in Wasserstein distance based on generalized drift and contraction conditions Qian Qin and James P. Hobert
A microscopic derivation of coupled SPDE’s with a KPZ flavor Ragaa Ahmed, Cédric Bernardin, Patricia Gonçalves, and Marielle Simon
Couplings for Andersen Dynamics Nawaf Bou-Rabee and Andreas Eberle
Topological expansion in isomorphisms with random walks for matrix valued fields Titus Lupu
On the Itô-Alekseev-Gröbner formula for stochastic differential equations Anselm Hudde, Martin Hutzenthaler, Arnulf Jentzen, and Sara Mazzonetto
A shape theorem and a variational formula for the quenched Lyapunov exponent of random walk in a random potential Christopher Janjigian, Sergazy Nurbavliyev, and Firas Rassoul-Agha
Weak convergence of the intersection point process of Poisson hyperplanes Anastas Baci, Gilles Bonnet, and Christoph Thäle
Deterministic homogenization under optimal moment assumptions for fast-slow systems.  Part 1. Alexey Korepanov, Zemer Kosloff, and Ian Melbourne
Deterministic homogenization under optimal moment assumptions for fast-slow systems.  Part 2. Ilya Chevyrev, Peter Friz, Alexey Korepanov, Ian Melbourne, and Huilin Zhang
Crossing estimates from metric graph and discrete GFF Hao Wu, Jian Ding, and Mateo Wirth
Fluctuations of the overlap at low temperature in the 2-spin spherical SK model Benjamin Landon and Philippe Sosoe
Random trigonometric polynomials: universality and non-universality of the variance for the number of real roots Hoi Nguyen, Yen Do, and Oanh Nguyen
Exact asymptotics of the stochastic wave equation with time-independent noise Raluca Madalina Balan, Le Chen, and Xia Chen
Intersection times for critical branching random walk Jonathan Hermon
Pairwise Near-maximal Grand Coupling of Brownian Motions Cheuk Ting Li and Venkat Anantharam
The Erdős-Rényi-Shepp law of large numbers for ballistic random walk in random environment Darcy Camargo, Yuri Kifer, and Ofer Zeitouni
Momenta spacing distributions in anharmonic oscillators and the higher order finite temperature Airy kernel Thomas Bothner, Mattia Cafasso, and Sofia Tarricone
A simple backward construction of Branching Brownian motion with large displacement and applications Julien Berestycki, Eric Brunet, Aser Cortines, and Bastien Mallein
Logarithmic correction to resistance Antal A Jarai and Dante Mata Lopez
On the threshold of spread-out contact process percolation Daniel Valesin and Balázs Ráth
Longtime asymptotics of the two-dimensional parabolic Anderson model with white-noise potential Willem van Zuijlen, Wolfgang König, and Nicolas Perkowski
Weyl law for the Anderson Hamiltonian on a two-dimensional manifold Antoine Mouzard
SLE scaling limits for a Laplacian random growth model Frankie Higgs
Short cycles in high genus unicellular maps Svante Janson and Baptiste Louf
Maximum of Branching Brownian motion in a periodic environment Eyal Lubetzky, Chris Thornett, and Ofer Zeitouni
Longest increasing paths with Lipschitz constraints Anne-Laure Basdevant and Lucas Gerin
A zero-one law for invariant measures and a local limit theorem for coefficients of  random walks on the general linear group Ion Grama, Jean-François Quint, and Hui Xiao
Continuity of the time constant in a continuous model of first passage percolation Jean-Baptiste Gouéré and Marie Théret
Precise large deviation estimates for branching process in random environment Dariusz Buraczewski and Piotr Dyszewski
Concentration of Markov Chains Indexed by Trees Christopher Shriver
Spectrum and pseudospectrum for quadratic polynomials in Ginibre matrices Jonathan Husson, Alice Guionnet, and Nicholas Cook
Eigenvalues for the Minors of Wigner Matrices Jiaoyang Huang
Wilson loops in finite Abelian lattice gauge theories Malin Palö Forsström, Fredrik Viklund, and Jonatan Lenells
Variance linearity for real Gaussian zeros Raphael Lachieze-Rey
Airy process with wanderers, KPZ fluctuations, and a deformation of the Tracy-Widom GOE distribution Karl Liechty, Gia Bao Nguyen, and Daniel Remenik
Lévy area without approximation Isao Sauzedde
Constrained-degree percolation in random environment Rémy Sanchis, Diogo dos Santos, and Roger Silva
Sharp threshold for two-dimensional majority dynamics percolation Caio Alves and Rangel Baldasso
Typicality and entropy of processes on infinite trees Agnes Backhausz, Charles Bordenave, and Balazs Szegedy
Counter Examples to Invariant Circle Packing Ali Khezeli
Adaptive invariant density estimation for continuous-time mixing Markov processes under sup-norm risk Niklas Dexheimer, Claudia Strauch, and Lukas Trottner
Negative correlation of adjacent Busemann increments Ian Michael Alevy
Rate of estimation for the stationary distribution of stochastic damping Hamiltonian systems with continuous observations Sylvain Delattre, Arnaud Gloter, and Nakahiro Yoshida
Fluctuations for matrix-valued Gaussian processes Arturo Jaramillo, Mario Diaz, and Juan Carlos Pardo
On Mean Estimation for Heteroscedastic Random Variables Luc Devroye, Silvio Lattanzi, Gabor Lugosi, and Nikita Zhivotovskiy
Trees, forests, and impurity-based variable importance Erwan Scornet
Noise effects in some stochastic evolution equations: global existence and dependence on initial data Hao Tang and Anita Yang
Dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions in Widom-Rowlinson models on trees Christof Kuelske, Sebastian Bergmann, and Sascha Kissel
Scaling limit for random walk on the range of random walk in four dimensions David Alexander Croydon and Daisuke Shiraishi
Large deviation principle for the intersection measure of Brownian motions on unbounded domains Takahiro Mori
Busemann process and semi-infinite geodesics in Brownian last-passage percolation Evan Sorensen and Timo Seppäläinen
A functional stable limit theorem for Gibbs-Markov maps Roland Zweimueller, Fabian Puehringer, and David Kocheim
A simplified second-order Gaussian Poincaré inequality in discrete setting with applications Peter W.H. Eichelsbacher, Benedikt Rednoß, Christoph Thäle, and Guangqu Zheng