Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues


A stochastic Gronwall inequality and applications to moments, strong completeness, strong local Lipschitz continuity, and perturbations Anselm Hudde, Martin Hutzenthaler, and Sara Mazzonetto
The mean-field quantum Heisenberg ferromagnet via representation theory Gil Alon and Gady Kozma
New Lower Bounds for Trace Reconstruction Zachary Chase
The spectral gap of sparse random digraphs Simon Coste
Two-temperatures overlap distribution for the 2D discrete Gaussian free field Michel Pain and Olivier Zindy
Stochastic optimal transport with free end time Samer Dweik
Stochastic approximation of quasi-stationary distributions for diffusion processes in a bounded domain Michel Benaim, Nicolas Champagnat, and Denis Villemonais
Total variation estimates in the Breuer-Major theorem David Nualart and Hongjuan Zhou
Fractional moments of the Stochastic Heat Equation Sayan Das and Li-Cheng Tsai
The Schelling model on ℤ Maria Deijfen and Timo Vilkas
Asymptotics of maximum likelihood estimators based on Markov chain Monte Carlo methods Błażej Miasojedow, Wojciech Niemiro, and Wojciech Rejchel
Limit Law for the Cover Time of a Random Walk on a Binary Tree Amir Dembo, Ofer Zeitouni, and Jay Rosen
Conditional measures for Pfaffian point processes: conditioning on a bounded domain Alexander I. Bufetov, Fabio Deelan Cunden, and Yanqi Qiu
Gaussian fluctuations for the directed polymer partition function in dimension d ≥ 3 and in the whole L2-region Clément Cosco and Shuta Nakajima
A Reverse Aldous/Broder Algorithm Russell Lyons, Yiping Hu, and Pengfei Tang
Total variation distance for discretely observed Lévy processes: a Gaussian approximation of the small jumps Alexandra Carpentier, Céline Duval, and Ester Mariucci
Brownian motion on stable looptrees Eleanor Archer
Scaling limits and fluctuations for random growth under capacity rescaling George Liddle and Amanda Turner
Conformal covariance of the Liouville quantum gravity metric for γ ∈ (0,2) Ewain Gwynne and Jason Miller
McKean–Vlasov SDEs under Measure Dependent Lyapunov Conditions William Hammersley, David Siska, and Lukasz Szpruch
Random interlacements for vertex-reinforced jump processes Franz Merkl, Silke Rolles, and Pierre Tarrès
Directed Polymer in γ-Stable random Environments Roberto Viveros
Rare event process and entry times distribution for arbitrary null sets on compact manifolds Fan Yang
On conditioning a  self-similar growth-fragmentation  by its  intrinsic area Jean Bertoin, Nicolas Curien, and Igor Kortchemski
Quantitative homogenization of differential forms Paul Dario
μ-bootstrap percolation: critical probability, exponential decay and applications Ivailo Hartarsky
On a Stochastic Representation Theorem for Meyer-measurable Processes and its Applications in Stochastic Optimal Control and Optimal Stopping Peter Bank and David Besslich
Persistence exponents in Markov chains Frank Aurzada, Sumit Mukherjee, and Ofer Zeitouni
Strongly vertex-reinforced jump process on a complete graph Olivier Raimond and Tuan-Minh Nguyen
Conformal welding for critical Liouville quantum gravity Nina Holden and Ellen Powell
The TAZRP speed process Ofer Busani, Gideon Amir, Patricia Goncalves, and James Martin
Incompressible viscous fluids in ℝ2 and SPDEs on graphs, in presence of  fast advection and non smooth noise Sandra Cerrai and Guangyu Xi
Uniform spanning forests on biased Euclidean lattices Zhan Shi, Vladas Sidoravicius, He Song, Longmin Wang, and Kainan Xiang
Testing Degree Corrections In Stochastic Block Models Rajarshi Mukherjee and Subhabrata Sen
Non-uniqueness for reflected rough differential equations Paul Gassiat
Probabilistic potential theory and induction of dynamical systems Damien Thomine and Françoise Pène
Exponential ergodicity for SDEs and McKean-Vlasov processes with Lévy noise Mingjie Liang, Mateusz B. Majka, and Jian Wang
Stochastic processes on surfaces in three-dimensional contact sub-Riemannian manifolds Davide Barilari, Ugo Boscain, Daniele Cannarsa, and Karen Habermann
Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes and their invariant measure Alain Durmus, Arnaud Guillin, and Pierre Monmarché
On consistent and rate optimal estimation of the missing mass Fadhel Ayed, Marco Battiston, Federico Camerlenghi, and Stefano Favaro
Cutoff for polymer pinning dynamics in the repulsive phase Shangjie Yang
Adaptive regression with Brownian path covariate Karine Bertin and Nicolas Klutchnikoff
Asymptotics of PDE in random environment by paracontrolled calculus Tadahisa Funaki, Masato Hoshino, Sunder Sethuraman, and Bin Xie
Longest common substring for random subshifts of finite type Jerome Rousseau
Derivative martingale of the branching Brownian motion in dimension d ≥ 1 Roman Stasiński, Julien Berestycki, and Bastien Mallein
Spike and slab Polya tree posterior densities: adaptive inference Ismaël Castillo and Romain Mismer
A family of fractional diffusion equations derived from stochastic harmonic chains with long-range interactions Hayate Suda
Coexistence of competing first passage percolation on hyperbolic graphs Elisabetta Candellero and Alexandre Stauffer
Almost square permutations are typically square Jacopo Borga, Erik Slivken, and Enrica Duchi
Infinite-dimensional regularization of McKean-Vlasov equation with a Wasserstein diffusion Victor Marx
Fluctuations for the partition function of Ising models on Erdös-Rényi random graphs Zakhar Kabluchko, Matthias Löwe, and Kristina Schiubert
N-player games and mean-field games with smooth dependence on past absorptions Luciano Campi, Maddalena Ghio, and Giulia Livieri
Porous media equations with multiplicative space-time white noise Konstantinos Dareiotis, Máté Gerencsér, and Benjamin Gess
Mean-Field Langevin Dynamics and Energy Landscape of Neural Networks  Kaitong Hu, Zhenjie Ren, David Siska, and Lukasz Szpruch
Barak-Erdős graphs and the infinite-bin model Bastien Mallein and Sanjay Ramassamy
Russo-Seymour-Welsh Estimates for the Kostlan Ensemble of Random Polynomials Dmitry Beliaev, Stephen Muirhead, and Igor Wigman
Stable Lévy processes in a cone Andreas Kyprianou, Victor Rivero, and Weerapat Satitkanitkul
Concentration of scalar ergodic diffusions and some statistical implications Cathrine Aeckerle-Willems and Claudia Strauch
The elliptic stochastic quantization of some two dimensional Euclidean QFTs Sergio Albeverio, Francesco Carlo De Vecchi, and Massimiliano Gubinelli
Constant payoff in zero-sum stochastic games Bruno Ziliotto, Miquel Oliu-Barton, and Olivier Catoni
Multicolour Poisson Matching Gideon Amir, Omer Angel, and Alexander E. Holroyd
Asymptotics of the density of  parabolic Anderson random fields Yaozhong Hu and Khoa Le
Stopping explosion by penalising transmission to hubs in scale-free spatial random graphs Júlia Komjáthy, John Lapinskas, and Johannes Lengler
Quenched invariance principle for long range random walks in  balanced random environments Xin Chen, Zhen-Qing Chen, Takashi Kumagai, and Jian Wang
Once reinforced random walk on Z × Γ Daniel Kious, Bruno Schapira, and Arvind Singh
Extreme eigenvalue statistics of m-dependent heavy-tailed matrices Johannes Heiny, Bojan Basrak, Yeonok Cho, and Paul Jung
An upper bound on the two-arms exponent for critical percolation on Z^d Jacob van den Berg and Diederik G.P. van Engelenburg
Concentration for integrable polymer models Philippe Sosoe and Christian Noack
Excursions away from the Lipschitz minorant of a Lévy process Steven N. Evans and Mehdi Ouaki
Annealed Ising Model on Configuration Models Van Hao Can, Cristian Giardina’, Claudio Giberti, Remco Van der Hofstad
On Testing for Parameters in Ising Models Gourab Ray and Rajarshi Mukherjee
Path Dependent Feynman-Kac Formula for Forward Backward Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations Hanxiao Wang, Jiongmin Yong, and Jianfeng Zhang
Minkowski content of Brownian cut points Nina Holden, Gregory F. Lawler, Xinyi Li, and Xin Sun
Natural parametrization of percolation interface and pivotal points Nina Holden, Xinyi Li, and Xin Sun
Stochastic heat equation with general rough noise Xiong Wang and Yaozhong Hu
GUE corners process in boundary-weighed six-vertex models Evgeni Simeonov Dimitrov, and Mark Rychnovsky
Orthogonal polynomial duality of boundary driven particle systems and non-equilibrium correlations Simone Floreani, Frank Redig, and Federico Sau
Metastability for systems of interacting neurons Pierre Monmarché and Eva Löcherbach
Fluctuations of Brownian Motions 𝔾𝕃N Guillaume Cébron and Todd Kemp
A simple convergence proof for the lace expansion Gordon Slade
A central limit theorem for descents of a Mallows permutation and its inverse Jimmy He
Testing uniformity on high-dimensional spheres: the non-null behaviour of the Bingham test Christine Cutting, Davy Paindaveine, and Thomas Verdebout
Local limit theorem in deterministic systems Zemer Kosloff and Dalibor Volny
Time-reversal of Multiple-force-point SLEκ(ρ) with All Force Points Lying on the Same Side Dapeng Zhan
Limiting one-point distribution of periodic TASEP Jinho Baik, Zhipeng Liu, and Guilherme Lima Ferreira da Silva
Last passage percolation in an exponential environment with discontinuous rates Nicos Georgiou and Federico Ciech
Edwards-Wilkinson fluctuations for the directed polymer in the full L2-regime for dimensions d ≥ 3 Nikos Zygouras and Dimitris Lygkonis
Spectral gap and cutoff phenomenon for the Gibbs sampler of ∇φ interfaces with convex potential Pietro Caputo, Cyril Labbé, and Hubert Lacoin
Universality Classes for General Random Matrix Flows Jacek Małecki and José Luis Pérez
Equilibrium Fluctuations for Diffusive Symmetric Exclusion with Long Jumps and Infinitely Extended Reservoirs Cedric Bernardin, Patricia Gonçalves, Milton Jara, and Stefano Scotta
Renormalisation from non-geometric to geometric rough paths Yvain Bruned
Nonlinear predictable representation and 𝕃1-solutions of backward SDEs and second-order backward SDEs Zhenjie Ren, Nizar Touzi, and Junjian Yang
Renormalisation from non-geometric to geometric rough paths Yvain Bruned
The Brownian disk viewed from a boundary point Jean-Francois Le Gall
The density of the (α,β)-superprocess and singular solutions to a non-linear fractional PDE Thomas Hughes
Two-dimensional Lorentz process for magnetotransport: Boltzmann-Grad limit Alessia Nota, Chiara Saffirio, and Sergio Simonella
Rates of convergence in the central limit theorem for martingales in the non stationary setting Jérôme Dedecker, Florence Merlevède, and Emmanuel Rio
Hamilton-Jacobi equations for inference of matrix tensor products Jiaming Xia and Hong-Bin Chen
Random walk in cooling random environment: recurrence versus transience and mixed fluctuations Luca Avena, Conrado Freitas Paulo da Costa, Frank den Hollander, and Yuki Chino
Intrinsic area near the origin for self-similar growth-fragmentations and related random surfaces François Gaston Ged
Transience and recurrence of sets for branching random walk via non-standard stochastic orders Tom Hutchcroft
Pathwise vs. Path-by-Path Uniqueness Alexander Shaposhnikov and Lukas Wresch
Spectral analysis of the zigzag process Joris Bierkens and Sjoerd M. Verduyn Lunel
Central limit theorems for parabolic stochastic partial differential equations Le Chen, Davar Khoshnevisan, David Nualart, and Fei Pu