Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Brownian motion in attenuated or renormalized inverse-square Poisson potential Peter Nelson and Renato Soares dos Santos
Nonparametric density estimation from observations with multiplicative measurement errors Denis Belomestny and Alexander Goldenshluger
Exponentially slow mixing in the mean-field Swendsen–Wang dynamics Reza Gheissari, Eyal Lubetzky, and Yuval Peres
On the thin-shell conjecture for the Schatten classes Jordan Radke and Beatrice-Helen Vritsiou
Spectral statistics of Erdos-Renyi graph Laplacians Benjamin Landon and Jiaoyang Huang
Markovian Integral Equations Alexander Kalinin
Ergodicity of stochastic differential equations with jumps and singular coefficients Longjie Xie and Xicheng Zhang
Statistical limits of spiked tensor models Amelia Perry, Alexander S. Wein, and Afonso S. Bandeira
On laws of large numbers in L2 for supercritical branching Markov processes beyond λ-positivity Matthieu Jonckheere and Santiago Saglietti
Some properties of the free stable distributions Takahiro Hasebe, Thomas Simon, and Min Wang
Existence of densities for the dynamic Φ43 model Paul Gassiat and Cyril Labbé
The Asymptotic Equivalence of the Sample Trispectrum and the Nodal Length for Random Spherical Harmonics Domenico Marinucci, Maurizia Rossi, and Igor Wigman
Internal diffusion-limited aggregation with uniform starting points Itai Benjamini, Hugo Duminil-Copin, Gady Kozma, and Cyrille Lucas
Empirical Risk Minimization as Parameter Choice Rule for General Linear Regularization Methods Housen Li and Frank Werner
Nonconventional moderate deviations theorems and exponential concentration inequalities
Yeor Hafouta
Renewal theorems and mixing for non Markov flows with infinite measure Dalia Terhesiu and Ian Melbourne
On a non-linear 2D fractional wave equation Aurelien Deya
Scaling limits of discrete snakes with stable branching Cyril Marzouk
Quasi-static Large Deviations Anna De Masi and Stefano Olla
Couplings in Lp distance of two Brownian motions and their Lévy area Michel Bonnefont and Nicolas Juillet
Bounds on the Poincaré constant for convolution measures Thomas Courtade
A growth-fragmentation model related to Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type processes Quan Shi
Gradient bounds for Kolmogorov type diffusions Maria Gordina, Fabrice Baudoin, and Phanuel Mariano
A Central Limit Theorem for Fleming-Viot Particle Systems Frédéric Cérou, Bernard Delyon, Arnaud Guyader, and Mathias Rousset
Hydrodynamic limit for a facilitated exclusion process Oriane Blondel, Clément Erignoux, Makiko Sasada, and Marielle Simon
The existence phase transition for scale invariant  Poisson random fractal models Erik Ivar Broman
Recurrence of Markov chain traces Itai Benjamini and Jonathan Hermon
Heavy-tailed configuration models at criticality Souvik Dhara, Remco van der Hofstad, Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden, and Sanchayan Sen
Path-space moderate deviations for a Curie-Weiss model of self-organized criticality: the Gaussian case Richard C. Kraaij, Francesca Collet, and Matthias Gorny
Divergence of shape fluctuation for general distributions in First Passage Percolation Shuta Nakajima
Parabolic Anderson model  with  a fractional Gaussian noise that is rough in time Xia Chen
Stable matchings in high dimensions via the Poisson-weighted infinite tree Alexander E. Holroyd, James B. Martin, and Yuval Peres
Non-asymptotic Gaussian Estimates for the Recursive Approximation of the Invariant Measure of a Diffusion Igor Honoré, Stéphane Menozzi, and Gilles Pagès
Infinite rate symbiotic branching on the real line: The tired frogs model Achim Klenke and Leonid Mytnik
A perturbation analysis of stochastic matrix Riccati diffusions Adrian Bishop, Pierre Del Moral, and Angèle Niclas
Indistinguishability of collections of trees in the uniform spanning forest Tom Hutchcroft
Sanov-type large deviations in Schatten classes Zakhar Kabluchko, Joscha Prochno, and Christoph Thäle
A Central Limit Theorem for Wasserstein type distances between two different laws Philippe Berthet, Jean-Claude Fort, and Thierry Klein
On the mixing time of the Diaconis–Gangolli random walk on contingency tables over ℤ/q Evita Nestoridi and Oanh Nguyen
Weak Uniqueness and Density Estimates for SDEs with Coefficients Depending on Some Path-Functionals Noufel Frikha and Libo Li
On a toy network of neurons interacting through their dendrites Nicolas Fournier, Etienne Tanre, and Romain Veltz
Asymptotics of free fermions in a quadratic well at finite temperature and the Moshe–Neuberger–Shapiro random matrix model Karl Liechty and Dong Wang
Non-equilibrium fluctuations for the SSEP with a slow bond Dirk Erhard, Tertuliano Franco, Adriana Neumann, Patrícia Gonçalves, and Mariana Tavares
Infinite geodesics in hyperbolic random triangulations Thomas Budzinski
On the performance of the Euler-Maruyama scheme  for  SDEs with discontinuous drift coefficient Larisa Yaroslavtseva and Thomas Müller-Gronbach
Absence of percolation for Poisson outdegree-one graphs David Coupier, David Dereudre, and Simon Le Stum
Trees within trees II: Nested Fragmentations Jean-Jil Duchamps
Stochastic Hölder continuity of random fields governed by a system of stochastic PDEs Kai Du, Jiakun Liu, and Fu Zhang
Hua-Pickrell Diffusions and Feller Processes on the Boundary of the Graph of Spectra Theodoros Assiotis
Outliers in the spectrum for products of independent random matrices Natalie Coston, Sead O’Rourke, and Philip Matchett Wood
Interacting self-avoiding polygons Volker Betz, Helge Schäfer, and Lorenzo Taggi
Lower bounds for fluctuations in first-passage percolation for general distributions Michael Damron, Jack Hanson, Christian Houdré, and Chen Xu
The sharp phase transition for level set percolation of smooth planar Gaussian fields Stephen Muirhead and Hugo Vanneuville
Parameter recovery in two-component contamination mixtures: the L2 strategy Sébastien Gadat, Jonas Kahn, Clément Marteau, and Cathy Maugis-Rabusseau
Size of a minimal cutset in supercritical first passage percolation Barbara Dembin and Marie Théret
Local densities for a class of degenerate diffusions Alberto Lanconelli, Stefano Pagliarani, and Andrea Pascucci
Exponential weights in multivariate regression and a low-rankness favoring prior Arnak Dalalyan
Stein’s method for functions of multivariate normal random variables Robert Edward Gaunt
The Skorokhod embedding problem for inhomogeneous diffusions Stefan Ankirchner, Stefan Engelhardt, Alexander Fromm, and Goncalo dos Reis
Global Universality of Macdonald Plane Partitions Andrew Ahn
Sampling of probability measures in the convex order by Wasserstein projection Aurélien Alfonsi, Jacopo Corbetta, and Benjamin Jourdain
Discrete rough paths and limit theorems Yanghui Liu and Samy Tindel
Existence, uniqueness and coalescence of directed planar geodesics: proof via the  increment-stationary growth process Timo Seppalainen
On temporal regularity of stochastic convolutions in 2-smooth Banach spaces Martin Ondreját and Mark Veraar
Superdiffusions with Large Mass Creation — Construction and Growth Estimates Janos Englander and Zhen-Qing Chen
The Green’s function on the double cover of the grid and application to the uniform spanning tree trunk Richard W. Kenyon and David B. Wilson
Thresholds for Vanishing of ‘Isolated’ Faces in Random Čech and Vietoris-Rips Complexes Srikanth Krishnan Iyer and D Yogeshwaran
Spread of an infection on the zero range process Rangel Baldasso and Augusto Teixeira
Hypothesis Testing via Euclidean Separation Vincent Guigues, Anatoli B. Juditsky, and Arkadi S. Nemirovski
Stability and Mean-Field Limits of Age Dependent Hawkes Process Mads Bonde Raad, Susanne Ditlevsen, and Eva Löcherbach
Self-avoiding walk on Z^2 with Yang–Baxter weights: universality of critical fugacity and 2-point function Alexander Glazman and Ioan Manolescu
Random permutations with logarithmic cycle weights Dirk Zeindler, and Nicolas Robles
Exceptional graphs for the random walk Juhan Aru, Carla Groenland, Tom Johnston, Bhargav Narayanan, Alex Roberts, and Alex Scott
On boundary detection Catherine Aaron and Alejandro Cholaquidis
On stiff problems via Dirichlet forms Liping Li and Wenjie Sun
Bayesian linear inverse problems in regularity scales Shota Gugushvili, Aad van der Vaart, and Dong Yan
On principal curves with a length constraint Aurélie Fischer and Sylvain Delattre
The uniform measure on a Galton-Watson tree without the XlogX condition Elie Aidekon
Sparse Random  matrices have simple spectrum Kyle Luh and Van Vu
Spectral radii of sparse random matrices Florent Benaych-Georges, Charles Bordenave, and Antti Knowles
Faster rates for policy learning Alexander R Luedtke and Antoine Chambaz
Diffusive scaling of the Kob-Andersen model in ℤd Fabio Martinelli, Assaf Shapira, and Cristina Toninelli
An entropic interpolation problem for incompressible viscid fluids Ana Bela Cruzeiro, Marc Arnaudon, Christian Léonard, and Jean-Claude Zambrini
Noise reinforcement for Lévy processes Jean Bertoin
Stability of the logarithmic Sobolev inequality via the Föllmer Process Ronen Eldan, Joseph Lehec, and Yair Shenfeld
Concentration of Markov chains with bounded moments Assaf Naor, Shravas Rao, and Oded Regev
Hard-edge asymptotics of the Jacobi growth process Mark Cerenzia and Jeffrey Kuan
Hanson-Wright Inequality in Banach Spaces Radosław Adamczak, Rafał Latała, and Rafał Meller
Sparse space-time models: Concentration Inequalities and Lasso Guilherme Ost and Patricia Reynaud-Bouret
Fluctuation lower bounds in planar random growth models Erik Bates and Sourav Chatterjee
Entropy and expansion Endre Csóka, Viktor Harangi, and Bálint Virág
Errata for Perturbation by Non-Local Operators Jie-Ming Wang and Zhen-Qing Chen
Fluctuations of Biggins’ martingales at complex parameters Alexander Iksanov, Konrad Kolesko, and Matthias Meiners
A natural extension of Markov processes and applications to singular SDEs Lucian Beznea, Iulian Cîmpean, and Michael Röckner