Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Dirac distributions related to sums of independent nonidentically uniform random variables Youssef Lazar and Bander Almutairi
Geometric Generated Family of Distributions: A Review Sandeep Kumar Maurya, Teena Goyal, and Saralees Nadarajah
A Monte Carlo Integration Approach to Estimating Drift and Minorization Coefficients for Metropolis-Hastings Samplers David Spade
Inferring association from reliability functions: An approach based on copulas B. Vineshkumar and N. Unnikrishnan Nair
A Central Limit Theorem for incomplete U-statistics over triangular arrays Matthias Löwe and Sara Terveer
Testing of Poisson mean with under-reported counts Debjit Sengupta, Surupa Roy, and Tathagata Banerjee
Nonparametric Bayesian estimation of a concave distribution function with mixed interval censored data Lixue Pang, Geurt Jongbloed, and Frank van der Meulen
Inference in a linear functional relationships with replications Manuel Galea, Pedro Morettin, Heleno Bolfarine, and Julio Hokama
Behavior of Fréchet mean and Central Limit Theorems on spheres Do Van Tran
The Diameter of Continuum Long-Range Percolation Augmented by Poisson Points Ercan Sönmez
Partitioning Some Multivariate Distributions Joseph B. Kadane
Hypotheses tests on the skewness parameter in a multivariate generalized hyperbolic distribution Manuel Galea, Filidor Vilca, and Camila Zeller