Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

The Illusion of the Illusion of Sparsity: An exercise in prior sensitivity Bruno Fava and Hedibert Lopes
Matrix-variate Lindley distributions Mariem Tounsi and Mouna Zitouni
Bayesian inference for zero-and/or-one augmented rectangular beta regression models Ana Roberta dos Santos Silva, Caio Lucidius Naberezny Azevedo, Jorge Luis Bazan, and Juvêncio Santos Nobre
Model-assisted SCAD Calibration For Non-probability Samples Zhan Liu, Chaofeng Tu, and Yingli Pan
A note on the Nielsen distribution Diego Ignacio Gallardo and Marcelo Bourguignon
Absolute continuity of the Super-Brownian motion with infinite mean Leonid Mytnik and Rustam Mamin
A changepoint approach for the identication of nancial extreme regimes Chiara Lattanzi and Manuele Leonelli
Some preservation properties of Shifted Stochastic Orders Sameen Naqvi, Neeraj Misra, and P.S. Chan
Beta rectangular regression models to longitudinal  data Vinícius Osterne Ribeiro, Juvêncio Santos Nobre, José Roberto Silva dos Santos, and Caio Lucidius N. Azevedo
On variable selection in joint modeling of mean and dispersion Edmilson Rodrigues Pinto and Leandro Alves Pereira