Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

When papers are accepted for publication, they will appear below. Any changes that are made during the production process will only appear in the final version. Papers listed here are not updated during the production process and are removed once an issue is published.

Multiplicative errors-in-variables beta regression Jalmar M. F. Carrasco, Silvia L.P. Ferrari, and Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle
Beyond the Lognormal Distribution with Properties and Applications Emilio Gómez-Déniz, Osvaldo Venegas, and Héctor W. Gómez
A Survival Model for Lifetime with Long-Term Survivors and Unobserved Heterogeneity Ana Paula Jorge do Espirito Santo, Vicente Garibay Cancho, Francisco Louzada, and Edwin Moises Marcos Ortega
Regression Modeling of Censored Data based on Compound Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions Luis Enrique Benites Sanchez, Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, Heleno Bolfarine, and Camila Borelli Zeller
Bayesian modeling for a new cure rate model based on the Nielsen distribution Manoel Santos-Neto, Yolanda Magaly Gómez, Diego Ignacio Gallardo, and Eliardo G Costa
Revisiting the Samejima-Bolfarine-Bazán  IRT models: New features and Extensions Jorge Luis Bazan, Sandra Elizabeth Flores Ari, Caio L. N. Azevedo, and Dipak K. Dey
Multivariate Birnbaum-Saunders distribution based on a skewed distribution and associated EM-estimation Filidor Vilca, Camila Borelli Zeller, and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
A New Class of Bivariate Sushila Distributions in Presence of Right-Censored and Cure Fraction Ricardo Puziol Oliveira, Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Peres, Jorge Alberto Achcar, and Edson Z. Martinez
Expansions for posterior distributions Christopher S Withers and Saralees Nadarajah
Componentwise Equivariant Estimation of Order Restricted Location and Scale Parameters In Bivariate Models: A Unified Study Naresh Garg and Neeraj Misra
A new distance-based distribution: Detecting concentration in directional data Abraão Nascimento, Saul Souza, and Getúlio Amaral
Exact and asymptotic goodness-of-fit tests based on the maximum and its location of the empirical process Dietmar Ferger