Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Unit level model for small area estimation with count data under square root transformation Kelly Cristina Mota Gonçalves and Malay Ghosh
Phase transitions for the Boolean model of continuum percolation for Cox point processes Benedikt Jahnel, András József Tóbiás, and Elie Cali
Large Deviations in the Supremum Norm for a Reaction-Diffusion System Tertuliano Franco, Luana Amaral Gurgel, and Bernardo Nunes Borges de Lima
Fast feature selection via streamwise procedure for massive data Bingqing Lin, Zhen Pang, Jun Zhang, and Cuiqing Chen
The discrete renewal equation with nonsummable inhomogeneous term Mikhail Sergeyevich Sgibnev
Neyman’s Truncation Test for Two-sample Means under High Dimensional Setting Ping Dong, Lu Lin
A functional limit theorem for moving averages with weakly dependent heavy-tailed innovations Danijel Krizmanic
Valid properties of truncated Student-t distribution with applications in the analysis of censored data Chi Zhang, Tao Li, Guo-Liang Tian, Xiao Ke, Man-Lai Tang
Integrals of incomplete beta functions, with applications to order statistics, random walks and string enumeration Stephen Connor and Christopher Fewster
A robust partial least squares approach for function-on-function regression Ufuk Beyaztas and Han Lin Shang
Exponential Squared Loss based Robust Variable Selection of AR Models Yaxin Wu, Yunquan Song, Xijun Liang, and Yujie Gai
Model selection for functional linear regression with hierarchical structure Sanying Feng, Xinyu Zhang, Hui Liang, and Lifang Pei
An alternative class of models to position social network groups in latent spaces Izabel Nolau and Gustavo da Silva Ferreira
A General Restricted Estimator in Binary Logistic Regression in the presence of Multicollinearity Gargi Tyagi and Shalini Chandra
Convergence of partial sum processes to stable processes with application for aggregation of branching processes Mátyás Barczy, Fanni K. Nedényi, and Gyula Pap
Approximations Related to the Sums of m-dependent Random Variables Amit Naresh Kumar, Neelesh S. Upadhye, and Palaniappan Vellaisamy
Consistency of Nearest Neighbor Estimator of Density Function for m-END Samples Wei Wang and Yi Wu