Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Nonparametric discrimination of areal functional data Ahmad Younso
An introduction to Bent Jorgensen’s ideas Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro, Rodrigo Labouriau, and Denise Aparecida Botter
The random deterioration rate model with measurement error based on the inverse Gaussian distribution Lia Hanna Martins Morita, Vera Lúcia Damasceno Tomazella, Pedro Luiz Ramos, Paulo Henrique Ferreira da Silva, and Francisco Louzada Neto
Confidence intervals of the index Cpk for normally distributed quality characteristics using classical and Bayesian methods of estimation Mahendra Saha, Sanku Dey, Abhimanyu Singh Yadav, and Sajid Ali
Sample size for estimating organism concentration in ballast water: a Bayesian approach Eliardo G Costa, Carlos Daniel Paulino, and Julio M Singer
Yang and Prentice model with piecewise exponential baseline distribution for modeling lifetime data with crossing survival curves Fabio Nogueira Demarqui and Vinícius Diniz Mayrink
The local principle of large deviations for compound Poisson process with catastrophes Artem Logachov, Olga Logachova, and Anatoly Yambartsev
Modeling Z-valued time series based on new versions of the Skellam INGARCH model Yan Cui, Qi Li, and Fukang Zhu
A switch convergence for a small perturbation of a linear recurrence equation Gerardo Barrera Vargas and Shuo Liu
Finite-Memory Elephant Random Walk and the Central Limit Theorem for Additive Functionals Iddo Ben-Ari, Hugo Panzo, Jonah Green, Xiaoran Tan, and Taylor Meredith
Estimation of Semiparametric Models with Errors Following a Scale Mixture of Gaussian Distributions Marcelo M Taddeo and Pedro A Morettin
On a transform for modeling skewness Stephen Graham Walker, Li Kang, and Paul Damien
On multivariate selection scale-mixtures of normal distributions Roohollah Roozegar, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Andriette Bekker, and Ahad Jamalizadeh
Angle distribution of two random chords in the disc: A sine law Erick Treviño-Aguilar, Paulo Cesar Manrique-Miron, and Jesus Igor Heberto Barahona-Torres
The minimal observable clade size of exchangeable coalescents Fabian Freund and Arno Siri-Jégousse
Efficient Estimation of the Odds using Judgment Post Stratification Mozhgan Alirezaei dizicheh, Ehsan Zamanzade, and Nasrollah Iranpanah
Bayesian estimation of a decreasing density Geurt Jongbloed, Frank van der Meulen, and Lixue Pang
A Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation to Entropy Luai Al-Labadi, Vishakh Patel, Kasra Vakiloroayaei, and Clement Wan
Dirac distributions related to sums of independent nonidentically uniform random variables Youssef Lazar and Bander Almutairi
Geometric Generated Family of Distributions: A Review Sandeep Kumar Maurya, Teena Goyal, and Saralees Nadarajah
A Monte Carlo Integration Approach to Estimating Drift and Minorization Coefficients for Metropolis-Hastings Samplers David Spade
Self-organized criticality of aggregated animals  attributed to Tweedie convergence Wayne Stan Kendal
Regression models for change point data in extremes Fernando Ferraz do Nascimento, and Alan da Silva Assunção
A general expression for second-order covariance matrices – an application to dispersion models Tiago M. Magalhaes, Denise A. Botter, and Monica C. Sandoval
A bivariate fatigue-life regression model and its application to fracture of metallic tools Vera Lucia Damasceno Tomazella
Inferring association from reliability functions: An approach based on copulas B. Vineshkumar and N. Unnikrishnan Nair
A Central Limit Theorem for incomplete U-statistics over triangular arrays Matthias Löwe and Sara Terveer
Testing of Poisson mean with under-reported counts Debjit Sengupta, Surupa Roy, and Tathagata Banerjee