The central purpose of Statistical Science is to convey the richness, breadth and unity of the field by presenting the full range of contemporary statistical thought at a moderate technical level, accessible to the wide community of practitioners, researchers and students of statistics and probability.

Editorial Board (2020 – 2023)



Sonia Petrone

Associate Editors

Shankar Bhamidi
Jay Breidt
Peter Buhlmann
John Chambers
Michael J. Daniels
Philip Dawid
Robin Evans
Stefano Favaro
Alan Gelfand
Peter Green
Chris Holmes
Susan Holmes
Tailen Hsing
Michael I. Jordan
Nicole Lazar
Ian McKeague
Peter Mueller
Luc Pronzato
Nancy Reid
Jason Roy
Chiara Sabatti
Richard J. Samworth
Bodhisattva Sen
Glenn Shafer
Yuekai Sun
Lorenzo Trippa
Jon Wellner
Bin Yu
Giacomo Zanella
Cun-Hui Zhang

Managing Editor

Robert Keener

Production Editor

Patrick Kelly

Past Editors

Cun-Hui Zhang (2017 – 2020)
Past Editors from previous years