Meetings Announcements will be placed on the web site and in the IMS Bulletin. Please submit announcements at There is no charge for this service. Meeting listings are updated on the web site daily, and will be included in the next available printed IMS Bulletin.

For more details on size and run limitations for announcements in the IMS Bulletin, please see below.

Announce Early

As soon as the meeting name, dates, location, and web page are set for the meeting submit this information at We will place it immediately into the web ( and Bulletin ( calendars. This will help people put it on their radar screen. The sooner, the better for this: we can place this information months to years in advance.

Print Advertisements

IMS publishes meeting advertisements as a service to its members and the statistical community. There is no charge to run a meeting advertisement. All advertisements are subject to editorial approval and may be edited.

Advertisements should be limited to 200 words or 1/3 page. Meetings that are not IMS sponsored/co-sponsored are limited to one advertisement, though the meeting will remain in the Bulletin’s Calendar until it happens. IMS sponsored and co-sponsored meetings are not limited in the number of advertisements: these can be re-written as new information becomes available, to keep them fresh.

Advertisements should be submitted at least 6-9 months prior to the meeting. Special consideration should be given to deadlines when placing advertisements. You want to ensure people have a chance to see the ad in time to make your deadlines. Mail dates for the Bulletin can be found here. Most members will receive the Bulletin by 3-4 weeks after the mail date, and it is available free online 1-2 weeks before the mail date.

Advertisements should include:

  • Meeting name, dates and location
  • Meeting web address
  • Important deadlines (abstract submission, registration)
  • Titles of plenary sessions and speakers
  • Other items to entice attendees. This may vary from meeting to meeting (locations, speakers, etc).
  • If you have a suitable print quality image of the location, you can include this. Must be at least 300dpi tiff, jpeg, etc.
  • Overall the goal of the ad is grab readers’ attention; they then should be directed to the web site to get more information and register. Advertisements should not include general items that can be found on the web site, i.e. registration forms, local information, abstracts.