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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

The stratified micro-randomized trial design: Sample size considerations for testing nested causal effects of time-varying treatments Walter Dempsey, Peng Liao, Santosh Kumar, and Susan Murphy
Accounting For Uncertainty About Past Values In Probabilistic Projections Of The Total Fertility Rate For All Countries Peiran Liu and Adrian Elmes Raftery
An Efficient and Computationally Robust Statistical Method for Analyzing Case-Control Mother-Offspring Pair Genetic Association Studies Hong Zhang, Bhramar Mukherjee, Victoria Arthur, Gang Hu, Hagit Hochner, and Jinbo Chen
Torus Graphs for Multivariate Phase Coupling Analysis Natalie Klein, Josue Orellana, Scott Brincat, Earl K Miller, and Robert E Kass
A Fast Particle-Based Approach for Calibrating a 3-D Model of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Ben Seiyon Lee, Murali Haran, Robert William Fuller, David Pollard, and Klaus Keller
Estimation of Dyadic Characteristics of Family Networks using Sample Survey Data Chris Skinner and Fiona Steele
Sequential Importance Sampling for Multi-Resolution Kingman-Tajima Coalescent Counting Lorenzo Cappello and Julia A. Palacios
Causal Inference from Observational Studies with Clustered Interference, with Application to a Cholera Vaccine Study Brian G Barkley, Michael G Hudgens, John D Clemens, Mohammad Ali, and Michael E Emch
Multi-view cluster aggregation and splitting, with an application to multi-omic breast cancer data Antoine Godichon-Baggioni, Cathy Maugis-Rabusseau, and Andrea Rau
Baseline Drift Estimation for Air Quality Data Using Quantile Trend Filtering Halley L. Brantley, Joseph Guinness, and Eric C. Chi
Function-on-Scalar Quantile Regression with Application to Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Data Yusha Liu, Meng Li, and Jeffrey S Morris
Quantifying Time-Varying Sources in Magnetoencephalography– A Discrete Approach Zhigang Yao, Zengyan Fan, Masahito Hayashi, and William Eddy
Active Matrix Factorization for Surveys Chelsea Zhang, Sean J Taylor, Curtiss Cobb, and Jasjeet Sekhon
Semiparametric Bayesian Markov Analysis of Personalized Benefit-Risk Assessment Dongyan Yan, Subharup Guha, Chul Ahn, and Ram Tiwari
Optimal EMG Placement for a Robotic Prosthesis Controller with Sequential, Adaptive Functional Estimation Jonathan Stallrich, Md Nazmul Islam, Ana-Maria Staicu, Dustin Crouch, Lizhi Pan, and He Huang
Bayesian variable selection for survival data using inverse moment priors Amir Nikooienejad, Wenyi Wang, and Valen Johnson
Early Prediction of a Rockslide Location Via a Spatially-Aided Gaussian Mixture Model Shuo Zhou, Howard Bondell, Antoinette Tordesillas, Benjamin Rubinstein, and James Bailey
Size Estimation of Key Populations in the HIV Epidemic in Eswatini Using Incomplete and Misaligned Capture-Recapture Data Abhirup Datta, Andrew Pita, Amrita Rao, Bhekie Sithole, Zandile Mnisi, and Stefan Baral
Estimation and inference in metabolomics with non-random missing data and latent factors Chris Gordon McKennan, Carole Ober, and Dan Nicolae
Evidence factors in a case-control study with application to the effect of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening on colorectal cancer Bikram Karmakar, Chyke A. Doubeni, and Dylan S. Small
A causal exposure response function with local adjustment for confounding: Estimating health effects of exposure to low levels of ambient fine particulate matter Georgia Papadogeorgou and Francesca Dominici
Focused model selection for linear mixed models, with an application to whale ecology Céline Cunen, Lars Walløe, and Nils Lid Hjort
A global-local approach for detecting hotspots in multiple-response regression Hélène Ruffieux, Anthony C. Davison, Jörg Hager, Jamie Inshaw, Benjamin P. Fairfax, Sylvia Richardson, and Leonardo Bottolo
Seasonal Warranty Prediction Based on Recurrent Event Data Qianqian Shan, Yili Hong, and William Meeker
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Evaluating Forensic Footwear Evidence Neil A Spencer and Jared S Murray
Generalized accelerated recurrence time model in the presence of a dependent  terminal event Bo Wei, Zhumin Zhang, HuiChuan Lai, and Limin Peng
Statistical Methods for Replicability Assessment Kenneth Hung and William Fithian
Statistical Methods for Analysis of Combined Categorical Biomarker Data from Multiple Studies Chao Cheng and Molin Wang
Does Terrorism Trigger Online Hate Speech? On the Association of Events and Time Series Erik Scharwächter and Emmanuel Müller
A random effects stochastic block model for joint community detection in multiple networks with applications to neuroimaging Subhadeep Paul and Yuguo Chen
Compression of Climate Simulations with a Nonstationary Global Spatio-Temporal SPDE Model Geir-Arne Fuglstad and Stefano Castruccio
A Semiparametric Mixture Method for Local False Discovery Rate Estimation from Multiple Studies Seok-Oh Jeng, Dongseok Choi, and Woncheol Jang
Analyses of Preventive Care Measures with Incomplete Historical Data in Electronic Medical Records:  An Example From Colorectal Cancer Screening Yingye Zheng, Douglas A Corley, Chyke Doubeni, Ethan Halm, Susan Shortreed, William Barlow, Ann Zauber, Tor Devin Tosteson, and Chubak Jessica
Accounting for dependent errors in predictors and time-to-event outcomes using electronic health records, validation samples, and multiple imputation Mark J. Giganti, Pamela A. Shaw, Guanhua Chen, Sally S. Bebawy, Megan M. Turner, Timothy R. Sterling, and Bryan E. Shepherd
Mining Events with Declassified Diplomatic Documents Yuanjun Gao, Jack Goetz, Matthew Connelly, and Rahul Mazumder
A novel change point approach for the detection of gas emission sources using remotely contained concentration data Idris Eckley, Claudia Kirch, and Silke Weber
PTEM: A Popularity-based Topical Expertise Model for Community Question Answering Hohyun Jung, Jae-Gil Lee, Namgil Lee, and Sung-Ho Kim
Spatio-Temporal Probabilistic Wind Vector Forecasting over Saudi Arabia Amanda Lenzi and Marc G. Genton
Markov Decision Processes with Dynamic Transition Probabilities: An Analysis of Shooting Strategies in Basketball Nathan Sandholtz and Luke Bornn
The Jensen Effect and Functional Single Index Models: Estimating the Ecological Implications of Nonlinear Reaction Norms Zi Ye, Giles Hooker and Stephen P. Ellner
Efficiency in lung transplant allocation strategies Jingjing Zou, David J Lederer, Daniel Rabinowitz
Monotonic Effects of Characteristics on Returns Jared Dale Fisher, David Walker Puelz, and Carlos Marinho Carvalho
Hawkes binomial topic model with applications to coupled conflict-Twitter data George Mohler, Erin McGrath, Cody Buntain, and Gary LaFree
Effective Model Calibration via Sensible Variable Identification and Adjustment, with Application to Composite Fuselage Simulation Yan Wang, Xiaowei Yue, Rui Tuo, Jeffrey Hunt, and Jianjun Shi
A Bayesian model of microbiome data for simultaneous identification of covariate associations and prediction of phenotypic outcomes Matthew Koslovsky, Kristi L. Hoffman, Carrie R. Daniel, and Marina Vannucci
Climate extreme event attribution using multivariate peaks-over-thresholds modeling and counterfactual theory Anna Kiriliouk and Philippe Naveau
Doubly robust treatment effect estimation with missing attributes Imke Mayer, Erik Sverdrup, Tobias Gauss, Jean-Denis Moyer, Stefan Wager, and Julie Josse
Log-Contrast Regression with Functional Compositional Predictors: Linking Preterm Infant’s Gut Microbiome Trajectories to Neurobehavioral Outcome Zhe Sun, Wanli Xu, Xiaomei Cong, Gen Li, and Kun Chen