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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Fitting a deeply-nested hierarchical model to a large book review dataset using a moment-based estimator Ningshan Zhang, Kyle Schmaus, and Patrick O. Perry
Bayesian factor models for probabilistic cause of death assessment with verbal autopsies Tsuyoshi Kunihama, Zehang Li, Samuel Clark, and Tyler McCormick
A Latent Discrete Markov Random Field Approach To Identifying and Classifying Historical Forest Communities Based on Spatial Multivariate Tree Species Counts Stephen Berg, Jun Zhu, Murray K. Clayton, Monika E. Shea, and David J. Mladenoff
A nonparametric spatial test to identify factors that shape a microbiome Susheela P. Singh, Ana-Maria Staicu, Robert R. Dunn, Noah Fierer, and Brian J. Reich
Estimating the rate constant from biosensor data via an adaptive variational Bayesian approach Ye Zhang, Zhigang Yao, Patrik Forssen, and Torgny Fornstedt
Estimating abundance from multiple sampling capture-recapture data via a multi-state multi-period stopover model Hannah Worthington, Rachel McCrea, Ruth King, and Richard Griffiths
SHOPPER: A probabilistic model of consumer choice with substitutes and complements Francisco J. R. Ruiz, Susan Athey, and David M. Blei
A hierarchical curve-based approach to the analysis of manifold data Liberty Vittert, Adrian W Bowman, and Stanislav Katina
BART with targeted smoothing: An analysis of patient-specific stillbirth risk Jennifer E. Starling, Jared S. Murray, Carlos M. Carvalho, Radek K. Bukowski, and James G. Scott
Robust elastic net estimators for variable selection and identification of proteomic biomarkers Gabriela V. Cohen Freue, David Kepplinger, Matias Salibian-Barrera, and Ezequiel Smucler
Empirical Bayes analysis of RNA sequencing experiments with auxiliary information Kun Liang
Bayesian indicator variable selection to incorporate hierarchical overlapping group structure in multi-omics applications Li Zhu, Zhiguang Huo, Tianzhou Ma, Steffi Oesterreich, and George C. Tseng
Statistical inference in partially observed stochastic compartmental models with application to cell lineage tracking of in vivo hematopoiesis Jason Xu, Samson Koelle, Peter Guttorp, Chuanfeng Wu, Cynthia Dunbar, Janis Abkowitz, and Vladimir Minin
Fire seasonality identification with multimodality tests Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso, Akli Benali, Rosa M. Crujeiras, Alberto Rodríguez-Casal, and José M. C. Pereira
Joint Model of Accelerated Failure Time and Mechanistic Nonlinear Model for Censored Covariates, with application in HIV/AIDS Hongbin Zhang and Lang Wu
Objective Bayes model selection of Gaussian interventional essential graphs for the identification of signaling pathways Federico Castelletti and Guido Consonni
Prediction of small area quantiles for the Conservation Effects Assessment Project using a mixed effects quantile regression model Emily Berg and Danhyang Lee
Principal nested shape space analysis of molecular dynamics data Ian L. Dryden, Kwang-Rae Kim, Charles A. Laughton, and Huiling Le
Efficient real-time monitoring of an emerging influenza pandemic: How feasible? Paul Jeffrey Birrell, Lorenz Wernisch, Brian D. M. Tom, Leonhard Held, Gareth O. Roberts, Richard G. Pebody, Daniela De Angelis
Microsimulation model calibration using Incremental Mixture Approximate Bayesian Computation Carolyn M. Rutter, Jonathan Ozik, Maria DeYoreo, and Nicholson Collier
Spatial Modeling of Trends in Crime over Time in Philadelphia Cecilia Balocchi and Shane Jensen
Predicting Paleoclimate from Compositional Data using Multivariate Gaussian Process Inverse Prediction John Tipton, Mevin Hooten, Connor Nolan, Robert Booth, and Jason McLachlan
Propensity score weighting for causal inference with multiple treatments Fan Li and Fan Li
Modeling microbial abundances and dysbiosis with beta-binomial regression Bryan D Martin, Daniela Witten, and Amy Willis
Scalable high-resolution forecasting of sparse spatiotemporal events with kernel methods: A winning solution to the NIJ “Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge” Seth Flaxman, Michael Chirico, Pau Pereira, and Charles Loeffler
Outline analyses of the called strike zone in Major League baseball Dale Zimmerman, Jun Tang, and Rui Huang
On Bayesian New Edge Prediction and Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks Silvia Metelli and Nicholas Heard
Integrative survival analysis with uncertain event times in application to a suicide risk study Weijie Wang, Robert Aseltine, Kun Chen, and Jun Yan
A general theory for preferential sampling in environmental networks Joe Watson, James Zidek, and Gavin Shaddick
New formulation of the Logistic-Gaussian process to analyze trajectory tracking data Gianluca Mastrantonio, Clara Grazian, Sara Mancinelli, and Enrico Bibbona
A Statistical Analysis of Noisy Crowdsourced Weather Data Arnab Chakraborty, Soumendra Nath Lahiri, and Alyson Wilson
A simple, consistent estimator of heritability for genome-wide association studies Armin Schwartzman, Andrew J. Schork, Rong Zablocki, and Wesley K. Thompson
Hierarchical infinite factor models for improving the prediction of surgical complications for geriatric patients Elizabeth Lorenzi, Ricardo Henao, and Katherine Heller
The stratified micro-randomized trial design: Sample size considerations for testing nested causal effects of time-varying treatments Walter Dempsey, Peng Liao, Santosh Kumar, and Susan Murphy
Accounting For Uncertainty About Past Values In Probabilistic Projections Of The Total Fertility Rate For All Countries Peiran Liu and Adrian Elmes Raftery
Bayesian Mixed Effects Models for Zero-inflated Compositions in Microbiome Data Analysis Boyu Ren, Sergio Bacallado, Stefano Favaro, Tommi Vatanen, Curtis Huttenhower, and Lorenzo Trippa
A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Predicting Ecological Interactions Using Scaled Evolutionary Relationships Mohamad Elmasri, Maxwell Jenner Farrell, T. Jonathan Davies, and David Alan Stephens
Surface temperature monitoring in liver procurement via functional variance change point analysis Zhenguo Gao, Pang Du, Ran Jin, and John L. Robertson
An Efficient and Computationally Robust Statistical Method for Analyzing Case-Control Mother-Offspring Pair Genetic Association Studies Hong Zhang, Bhramar Mukherjee, Victoria Arthur, Gang Hu, Hagit Hochner, and Jinbo Chen
Regression for copula-linked compound distributions with applications in modeling aggregate insurance claims Peng Shi and Zifeng Zhao
Torus Graphs for Multivariate Phase Coupling Analysis Natalie Klein, Josue Orellana, Scott Brincat, Earl K Miller, and Robert E Kass
Modifying the Chi-square and the CMH test for population genetic inference: adapting to over-dispersion Kerstin Spitzer, Marta Pelizzola, and Andreas Futschik
TFisher: A powerful truncation and weighting procedure for combining P-values Hong Zhang, Tiejun Tong, John Landers, and Zheyang Wu
Optimal Asset Allocation with Multivariate Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models Jared Dale Fisher, Davide Pettenuzzo, and Carlos M Carvalho
Assessing wage status transition  and stagnation using quantile  transition regression Chih-Yuan Hsu, Yi-Hau Chen, Ruoh-Rong Yu, and Tsung-Wei Hung
A Fast Particle-Based Approach for Calibrating a 3-D Model of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Ben Seiyon Lee, Murali Haran, Robert William Fuller, David Pollard, and Klaus Keller
Estimating and forecasting the smoking-attributable mortality fraction for both genders jointly in over 60 countries Yicheng Li and Adrian E. Raftery
Estimating the health effects of environmental mixtures using Bayesian semiparametric regression and sparsity inducing priors Joseph Antonelli, Maitreyi Mazumdar, David Bellinger, David Christiani, Robert Wright, and Brent Coull
Estimation of Dyadic Characteristics of Family Networks using Sample Survey Data Chris Skinner and Fiona Steele
Modeling Wildfire Ignition Origins in Southern California Using Linear Network Point Processes Medha Uppala and Mark Stephen Handcock
Feature selection for generalized varying coefficient mixed-effect models with application to obesity GWAS Wanghuan Chu, Runze Li, Jingyuan Liu, and Matthew Reimherr
Measuring Human Activity Spaces from GPS Data with Density Ranking and Summary Curves Yen-Chi Chen and Adrian Dobra