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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Probabilistic Forecasting of the Arctic Sea Ice Edge with Contour Modeling Hannah Director, Adrian Raftery, and Cecilia Bitz
A Hermite-Gaussian Based Exoplanet Radial Velocity Estimation Method Parker H. Holzer, Jessi Cisewski-Kehe, Debra Fischer, and Lily Zhao
A Continuous-Time Semi-Markov Model for Animal Movement in a Dynamic Environment Devin Johnson, Noel Pelland, and Jeremy Sterling
Prediction of the NASH through penalized mixture of logistic regression models Marie Morvan, Émilie Devijver, Madison Giacofci, and Valérie Monbet
Inference of Large Modified Poisson-type Graphical Models: Application to RNA-seq Data in Childhood Atopic Asthma Studies Rong Zhang, Zhao Ren, Juan C. Celedón, and Wei Chen
Inflection points in community-level homeless rates Christopher Glynn, Thomas H. Byrne, and Dennis P. Culhane
A Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Change Point Model of Opioid Overdose Deaths in Ohio Staci A Hepler, Lance Waller, and David Kline
Two-way sparsity for time-varying networks, with applications in genomics Thomas E Bartlett
Additive Stacking for Disaggregate Electricity Demand Forecasting Christian Capezza, Biagio Palumbo, Yannig Goude, Simon N. Wood, and Matteo Fasiolo
Estimating high-resolution Red Sea surface temperature hotspots, using a low-rank semiparametric spatial model Arnab Hazra and Raphael Huser
Efficient Bayesian Inference of General Gaussian Models on Large Phylogenetic Trees Paul Bastide, Lam Si Tung Ho, Guy Baele, Philippe Lemey, and Marc A Suchard
Tensor-Variate Finite Mixture Modeling for the Analysis of University Professor Remuneration Shuchismita Sarkar, Volodymyr Melnykov, and Xuwen Zhu
A Bayesian Semiparametric Jolly-Seber Model with Individual Heterogeneity: An Application to Migratory Mallards at Stopover Guohui Wu, Scott Holan, Alexis Avril, and Jonas Waldenström
Scalable penalized spatiotemporal land-use regression for ground-level nitrogen dioxide Kyle P Messier and Matthias Katzfuss
A Compositional Model to Assess Expression Changes from Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Xiuyu Ma, Keegan Korthauer, Christina Kendziorski, and Michael A. Newton
Unsupervised streaming anomaly detection for instrumented infrastructure Henrique Helfer Hoeltgebaum, Niall Adams, and Din-Houn Lau
Function-on-Function Regression for the Identification of Epigenetic Regions Exhibiting Windows of Susceptibility to Environmental Exposures Michele Zemplenyi, Mark J. Meyer, Andres Cardenas, Marie-France Hivert, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Heike Gibson, Itai Kloog, Joel Schwartz, Emily Oken, Dawn L. DeMeo, Diane R. Gold, and Brent A. Coull
Rapid Design of Metamaterials via Multi-target Bayesian Optimization Yang Yang, Chunlin Ji, and Ke Deng
Causal Mediation Analysis for Sparse and Irregular Longitudinal Data Shuxi Zeng, Stacy Rosenbaum, Susan C. Alberts, Elizabeth A. Archie, and Fan Li
Length-biased semi-competing risks models for cross-sectional data: an application to current duration of pregnancy attempt data Alexander McLain, Siyuan Guo, Marie Thoma, and Jiajia Zhang
Two-stage Circular-circular Regression with Zero-inflation: Application to Medical Sciences Jayant Jha and Prajamitra Bhuyan
A Statistical Pipeline for Identifying Physical Features that Differentiate Classes of 3D Shapes Bruce Wang, Timothy Sudijono, Henry Kirveslahti, Tingran Gao, Douglas M Boyer, Sayan Mukherjee, and Lorin Crawford
Large scale multiple inference of collective dependence with applications to protein function Wen Zhou, Zhao Ren, Robert Jernigan, and Kejue Jia
A covariance-enhanced approach to multi-tissue joint eQTL mapping with application to transcriptome-wide association studies Aaron J. Molstad, Wei Sun, and Li Hsu
Joint and individual analysis of breast cancer histologic images and genomic covariates Iain Carmichael, Benjamin C. Calhoun, Katherine A. Hoadley, Melissa A. Troester, Joseph Geradts, Heather D Couture, Linnea Olsson, Charles M. Perou, Marc Niethammer, Jan Hannig, and J.S. Marron
A Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Inferring Subclonal Populations from Structured DNA Sequencing Data Shai He, Aaron Schein, Vishal Sarsani, and Patrick Flaherty
Perturbed factor analysis: Accounting for group differences in exposure profiles Arkaprava Roy, Isaac Lavine, Amy H Herring, and David B Dunson
Global estimation and scenario-based projections of sex ratio at birth and missing female births using a Bayesian hierarchical time series mixture model Fengqing Chao, Patrick Gerland, Alex R. Cook, and Leontine Alkema
A Bridging Model to Reconcile Statistics Based on Data from Multiple Surveys Andreea Luisa Erciulescu
Targeted Smooth Bayesian Causal Forests: An analysis of heterogeneous treatment effects for simultaneous versus interval medical abortion regimens over gestation Jennifer E Starling, Jared S Murray, Patricia A Lohr, Abigail RA Aiken, Carlos M Carvalho, and James G Scott
Partial-Mastery Cognitive Diagnosis Models Zhuoran Shang, Elena A Erosheva, and Gongjun Xu
Simultaneous inference of periods and period-luminosity relations for Mira variable stars Shiyuan He, Zhenfeng Lin, Wenlong Yuan, Lucas M. Macri, and Jianhua Z. Huang
A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Super-Resolution Single-Molecule Localization Mariano Ignacio Gabitto, Herve Marie-Nelly, Ari Pakman, Andras Pataki, Xavier Darzacq, and Michael Jordan
Zero-inflated quantile rank-score based test (ZIQRank) with application to scRNA-seq differential gene expression analysis Wodan Ling, Wenfei Zhang, Bin Cheng, and Ying Wei
Hierarchical Integrated Spatial Process Modeling of Monotone West Antarctic Snow Density Curves Philip A White, Durban G Keeler, and Summer Rupper
Sparse matrix linear models for structured high-throughput data Jane W Liang and Saunak Sen
Modeling past event feedback through biomarker dynamics in the multi-state event analysis for cardiovascular disease data Chuoxin Ma, Hongsheng Dai, and Jianxin Pan
Estrogen receptor expression on breast cancer patients’ survival under shape restricted Cox regression model Jing Qin, Geng Deng, Jing Ning, Ao Yuan, Yu Shen
Markov Random Field Models for Vector-Based Representations of Landscapes Patrizia Zamberletti, Julien Papaïx, Edith Gabriel, and Thomas Opitz
The Information in Covariate Imbalance in Studies of Hormone Replacement Therapy Dylan Small, Ruoqi Yu, and Paul Rosenbaum
Information content of high-order associations of the human gut microbiota network Weston D Viles, Juliette C Madan, Hongzhe Li, Margaret R Karagas, and Anne G Hoen
Analysing the causal effect of London cycle superhighways on traffic congestion Prajamitra Bhuyan, Emma J. McCoy, Haojie Haojie Li, and Daniel J. Graham
Learning excursion sets of vector-valued Gaussian random fields for autonomous ocean sampling Trygve Olav Fossum, Cédric Travelletti, Jo Eidsvik, David Ginsbourger, and Kanna Rajan
Aggregated Pairwise Classification of Elastic Planar Shapes Min Ho Cho, Sebastian Kurtek, and Steven Neil MacEachern
Assessing Selection Bias in Regression Coefficients Estimated from Non-Probability Samples, with Applications to Genetics and Demographic Surveys Brady Thomas West, Roderick J. A. Little, Rebecca R. Andridge, Philip S. Boonstra, Erin B. Ware, Anita Pandit, and Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton
Spatial voting models in circular spaces Xingchen Yu and Abel Rodríguez
Identifying the Recurrence of Sleep Apnea Using a Harmonic Hidden Markov Model Beniamino Hadj-Amar, Bärbel Finkenstädt, Mark Fiecas, and Robert Huckstepp
Bayesian Multi-study Factor Analysis for High-throughput Biological Data Roberta De Vito, Ruggero Bellio, Lorenzo Trippa, and Giovanni Parmigiani
Markov-Switching State Space Models for Uncovering Musical Interpretation Daniel J. McDonald, Michael McBride, Yupeng Gu, and Christopher Raphael
RADIOHEAD: Radiogenomic Analysis Incorporating Tumor Heterogeneity in Imaging Through Densities Shariq Mohammed, Karthik Bharath, Sebastian Kurtek, Arvind Rao, and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani
Clustering on the torus by conformal prediction Sungkyu Jung, Kiho Park, and Byungwon Kim
Assessing the Reliability of Wind Power Operations under a Changing Climate with a Non-Gaussian Bias Correction Jiachen Zhang, Paola Crippa, Marc Genton, and Stefano Castruccio
Bayesian joint modeling of chemical structure and dose response curves Kelly R. Moran, David Dunson, Matthew W. Wheeler, and Amy H. Herring
Orthogonal Subsampling for Big Data Linear Regression Lin Wang
Modelled approximations to the ideal filter with application to GDP and its Components Thomas M Trimbur and Tucker McElroy
Predicting competitions by combining conditional logistic regression and subjective Bayes: An Academy Awards case study Christopher T Franck and Christopher E Wilson
Qini-Based Uplift Regression Mouloud Belbahri, Alejandro Murua, Olivier Gandouet, and Vahid Partovi Nia
Simultaneous Non-Gaussian Component Analysis (SING) for Data Integration in Neuroimaging Benjamin B Risk and Irina Gaynanova
Mediation analysis for associations of categorical variables: The role of education in social class mobility in Britain Jouni Kuha, Erzsebet Bukodi, and John H Goldthorpe
Subgroup Identification and Variable Selection for Treatment Decision Making Baqun Zhang and Min Zhang
Bridging randomized controlled trials and single-arm trials using commensurate priors in arm-based network meta-analysis Zhenxun Wang, Lifeng Lin, Thomas Murray, James S. Hodges, and Haitao Chu
Pan-disease clustering analysis of the trend of period prevalence Sneha Jadhav, Chenjin Ma, Yefei Jiang, Benchang Shia, and Shuangge Ma
Improving Exoplanet Detection Power: Multivariate Gaussian Process Models for Stellar Activity David Edward Jones, David C Stenning, Eric B Ford, Robert L Wolpert, Thomas J Loredo, Christian Gilbertson, and Xavier Dumusque