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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

When papers are accepted for publication, they will appear below. Any changes that are made during the production process will only appear in the final version. Papers listed here are not updated during the production process and are removed once an issue is published.

A Marginal Structural Model for Partial Compliance in SMARTs William Jeremy Artman, Ashkan Ertefaie, Kevin G Lynch, James R McKay, and Brent A Johnson
Estimating Causal Effects of HIV Prevention Interventions with Interference in Network-based Studies among People who Inject Drugs TingFang Lee, Ashley Buchanan, Natiallia Katenka, Laura Forastiere, M.  Elizabeth Halloran, Samuel Friedman, and Georgios Nikolopoulos
A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Treatment Effects Evaluation in Two-sided Markets Chengchun Shi, Runzhe Wan, Ge Song, Shikai Luo, Rui Song, and Hongtu Zhu
A High-dimensional Approach to Measure Connectivity in the Financial Sector Sumanta Basu, George Michailidis, Sreyoshi Das, and Amiyatosh Purnanandam
Modeling racial/ethnic differences in COVID-19 incidence with covariates subject to non-random missingness Rob Trangucci, Yang Chen, and Jon Zelner
Model-Independent Detection of New Physics Signals Using Interpretable Semi-Supervised Classifier Tests Purvasha Chakravarti, Mikael Kuusela, Jing Lei, and Larry Wasserman
Predictive inference for travel time on transportation networks Mohamad Elmasri, Aurelie Labbe, Denis Larocque, and Laurent Charlin
A Framework for Covariate-Specific ROC Curve Estimation, with Application to Biometric Recognition Xiaochen Zhu, Martin Slawski, and Liansheng Tang
Varying impacts of letters of recommendation on college admissions Eli Ben-Michael, Avi Feller, and Jesse Rothstein
Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Physical Activity Trajectories Using Actigraph Data Pierfrancesco Alaimo Di Loro, Marco Mingione, Jonah Lipsitt, Christina Batteate, Michael B Jerrett, and Sudipto Banerjee
Bayesian learning of COVID-19 Vaccine safety while incorporating Adverse Events ontology Bangyao Zhao, Yuan Zhong, Jian Kang, and Lili Zhao
Statistical paradoxes in coronavirus case-counts: selection bias, measurement error, and the COVID-19 pandemic
Walter Dempsey
Pairwise Nonlinear Dependence Analysis of Genomic Data Siqi Xiang, Wan Zhang, Siyao Liu, Katherine A Hoadley, Charles M. Perou, Kai Zhang, and J.S. Marron
Generalized Matrix Decomposition Regression: Estimation and Inference for Two-Way Structured Data Yue Wang, Ali Shojaie, Timothy Randolph, Parker Knight, and Jing Ma
Targeting Underrepresented Populations in Precision Medicine: A Federated Transfer Learning Approach Sai Li, Tianxi Cai, and Rui Duan
Building a Dose Toxo-Equivalence Model From a Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Published Clinical Trials Elizabeth Anne Sigworth, Samuel Rubinstein, Jeremy Warner, Yong Chen, and Qingxia Chen
A Bayesian group selection with compositional responses for analysis of radiologic tumor proportions and their genomic determinants Thierry Chekouo, Francesco C. Stingo, Shariq Mohammed, Arvind Rao, and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani
A Bayesian Decision Framework for Optimizing Sequential Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in People with HIV Wei Jin, Yang Ni, Jane O’Halloran, Amanda Spence, Leah Rubin, and Yanxun Xu
A dynamic spatial filtering approach to mitigate underestimation bias in field calibrated low-cost sensor air-pollution data Claire Heffernan, Roger D Peng, Drew Gentner, Kirsten Koehler, and Abhirup Datta
Data-driven chimney fire risk prediction using machine learning and point process tools Changqing Lu, Marie-Colette van Lieshout, Maurits de Graaf, and Paul Visscher
When Ecological Individual Heterogeneity Models and Large Data Collide: An Importance Sampling Approach Ruth King, Blanca Sarzo, and Victor Elvira
Design-based mapping of land use/land cover classes with bootstrap estimation of precision by nearest-neighbour interpolation Agnese Marcelli, Rosa Maria Di Biase, Piermaria Corona, Stephen V. Stehman, and Lorenzo Fattorini
Identifying boundaries in spatially continuous risk surfaces from spatially aggregated disease count data Duncan Paul Lee
Stochastic declustering of earthquakes with the spatiotemporal RETAS model Tom Stindl and Feng Chen
Optimal Sampling Designs for Multi-dimensional Streaming Time Series with Application to Power Grid Sensor Data Rui Xie, Shuyang Bai, and Ping Ma
A Riemann Manifold Model Framework for Longitudinal Changes in Physical Activity Patterns Jingjing Zou, Tuo Lin, Chongzhi Di, John Bellettiere, Marta M. Jankowska, Sheri J. Hartman, Dorothy D. Sears, Andrea Z. LaCroix, Cheryl L. Rock, and Loki Natarajan
A penalized complexity prior for deep Bayesian transfer learning with application to materials informatics Mohamed Abba, Jonathan Williams, and Brian James Reich
A general framework for penalized mixed-effects multitask learning with applications on DNA methylation surrogate biomarkers creation Andrea Cappozzo, Francesca Ieva, and Giovanni Fiorito
RZiMM-scRNA: A regularized zero-inflated mixture model framework for single-cell RNA-seq data Xinlei Mi, William Bekerman, Peter A. Sims, Peter D. Canoll, and Jianhua Hu
A Dynamic Additive and Multiplicative Effects Network Model with Application to the United Nations Voting Behaviors Xiaoyue Maggie Niu, Bomin Kim, David Hunter, and Xun Cao
Sequential Monte Carlo for Sampling Balanced and Compact Redistricting Plans Cory McCartan and Kosuke Imai
Estimating COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Rates via Dynamic Epidemiological Models–A Study of Ten Countries Yuru Zhu, Jia Gu, Yumou Qiu, and Song X Chen
Estimating Covid-19 Transmission Time Using Hawkes Point Processes Frederic Schoenberg
Joint stochastic simulation of extreme coastal and offshore significant wave heights Juliette Legrand, Pierre Ailliot, Philippe Naveau, and Nicolas Raillard
A reluctant additive model framework for interpretable nonlinear individualized treatment rules Jacob M. Maronge, Jared D. Huling, and Guanhua Chen
Multi-model Ensemble Analysis with Neural Network Gaussian Processes Trevor Harris and Bo Li, Ryan Sriver
Binned multinomial logistic regression for integrative cell type annotation Keshav Motwani, Rhonda Bacher, and Aaron J. Molstad
Sensitivity Analysis of Wind Energy Resources with Bayesian non-Gaussian and nonstationary Functional ANOVA Jiachen Zhang, Paola Crippa, Marc Georges Genton, and Stefano Castruccio
Compressed spectral screening for large-scale differential correlation analysis with application in selecting Glioblastoma gene modules Tianxi Li, Xiwei Tang, and Ajay Chatrath
A Statistical Approach to Estimating Adsorption-Isotherm Parameters in Gradient-Elution Preparative Liquid Chromatography Jiaji Su, Zhigang Yao, Cheng Li, and Ye Zhang
Accounting for Seasonality in Extreme Sea Level Estimation Eleanor D’Arcy
Association and Causation:  Attributes and Effects of Judges in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Litigation Outcomes Michael Edward Sobel, Gregory John Wawro, and Sean Farhang
De-biased lasso for stratified Cox models with application to the national kidney transplant data Lu Xia, Bin Nan, and Yi Li
Continuous-time modelling of behavioural responses in animal movement Théo Michelot, Richard Glennie, Len Thomas, Nicola Quick, and Catriona Harris
On the Fair Comparison of Optimization Algorithms in Different Machines Etor Arza, Josu Ceberio, Ekhiñe Irurozki, and Aritz Pérez
Distributed Proportional Likelihood Ratio Model with Application to Data Integration Across Clinical Sites Chongliang Luo, Rui Duan, Mackenzie Edmondson, Jiasheng Shi, Mitchell Maltenfort, Jeffrey S. Morris, Christopher Forrest, Rebecca Hubbard, and Yong Chen
Bayesian Multiple Instance Classification Based on Hierarchical Probit Regression Danyi Xiong, Seongoh Park, Johan Lim, Tao Wang, and Xinlei Wang
Estimating Fiber Orientation Distribution with Application to Study Brain Lateralization Using HCP D-MRI Data Seungyong Hwang, Jie Peng, Thomas Lee, and Debashis Paul
Using simultaneous regression calibration to study the effect of multiple error-prone exposures on disease risk utilizing biomarkers developed from a controlled feeding study Yiwen Zhang, Ran Dai, Ying Huang, Ross Prentice, and Cheng Zheng
A quantitative linguistic analysis of a cancer online health community with a smooth latent space model Mengque Liu, Xinyan Fan, and Shuangge Ma
Generative machine learning methods for multivariate ensemble post-processing Jieyu Chen, Sebastian Lerch, Tim Janke, and Florian Steinke
Applied Regression Analysis of Correlations for Correlated Data Jie Hu, Yu Chen, Chenlei Leng, and Cheng Yong Tang
A Behavioral Approach to Repeated Bayesian Security Games William Caballero, Jake Cooley, David Banks, and Phillip Jenkins
Non-Negative Tensor Completion for Dynamic Counterfactual Prediction on Covid-19 Pandemic Yaoming Zhen and Junhui Wang
Dynamic Risk Prediction for Cervical Precancer Screening with Continuous and Binary Longitudinal Biomarkers Siddharth Roy, Anindya Roy, Megan Clarke, Ana Gradissimo, Robert Burk, Nicolas Wentzensen, Paul Albert, and Danping Liu
Bayesian model-based clustering for multiple network data Anastasia Mantziou, Simon Lunagomez, and Robin Mitra
Inferring changes to the global carbon cycle with WOMBAT v2.0, a hierarchical flux-inversion framework Michael Bertolacci, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Andrew Schuh, Beata Bukosa, Jenny A. Fisher, Yi Cao, Aleya Kaushik, and Noel Cressie
ANOPOW for Replicated Nonstationary Time Series In Experiments Zeda Li, Yu Yue, and Scott Alan Bruce
A Bayesian Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Heterogeneous Survivor Causal Effects: Applications to a Critical Care Trial Xinyuan Chen, Michael Oscar Harhay, Guangyu Tong, and Fan Li
Bayesian Projections of Total Fertility Rate Conditional on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Daphne Hong-Hsiao Liu and Adrian Elmes Raftery
A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Level Set Dynamic Model and Application to Fire Front Propagation Myungsoo Yoo and Christopher K. Wikle
Network-level Traffic Flow Prediction: Functional Time Series vs. Functional Neural Network Approach Tao Ma, Fang Yao, and Zhou Zhou
Selective Inference for Sparse Multitask Regression with Applications in Neuroimaging Snigdha Panigrahi, Natasha Stewart, Chandra Sripada, and Elizaveta Levina
Latent Subgroup Identification in Image-on-scalar Regression Zikai Lin, Yajuan Si, and Jian Kang
Retrospective varying coefficient association analysis of longitudinal binary traits: application to the identification of genetic loci associated with hypertension Gang Xu, Amei Amei, Weimiao Wu, Yunqing Liu, Linchuan Shen, Edwin C. Oh, and Zuoheng Wang
What Makes Forest-Based Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimators Work? Torsten Hothorn
A non-separable first-order spatio-temporal intensity for events on linear networks: an application to ambulance interventions Andrea Gilardi, Riccardo Borgoni, and Jorge Mateu
Change point detection in dynamic Gaussian graphical models: the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the US stock market Beatrice Franzolini, Alexandros Beskos, Maria De Iorio, Warrick Poklewski Koziell, and Karolina Grzeszkiewicz
 A Novel Estimator of Earth’s Curvature (Allowing For Inference As Well) David Richard Bell, Olivier Ledoit, and Michael Wolf
Online Monitoring of Air Quality Using PCA-Based Sequential Learning Xiulin Xie, Nicole Qian, and Peihua Qiu
Tensor Mixture Discriminant Analysis with Applications to Sensor Array Data Analysis Xuesong Hou, Qing Mai, and Hui Zou
Bayesian adaptive and interpretable functional regression for exposure profiles Yunan Gao and Daniel Kowal
Quantifying Replicability of Multiple Studies in a Meta-Analysis Mengli Xiao, Haitao Chu, James S. Hodges, and Lifeng Lin
Modeling the Visibility Distribution for Respondent-Driven Sampling with Application to Population Size Estimation Katherine R McLaughlin, Lisa G Johnston, Xhevat Jakupi, Dafina Gexha-Bunjaku, Edona Deva, and Mark S Handcock
A Partially Functional Linear Regression Framework for Integrating  Genetic, Imaging, and  Clinical Data Ting Li, Yang Yu, Steven Marron, and Hongtu Zhu
Composite Scores for Transplant Center Evaluation: A New Individualized Empirical Null Method Nicholas Hartman, Joseph M. Messana, Jian Kang, Abhijit S. Naik, Tempie H. Shearon, and Kevin He
A continuous multiple hypothesis testing framework for optimal exoplanet detection Nathan Charles Hara, Thibault de Poyferré, Jean-Baptiste Delisle, and Marc Hoffmann
Bayesian hierarchical modelling of sparse count processes in retail analytics Gordon Ross, James Pitkin, and Ioanna Manolopoulou
Density-based Matching Rule: Optimality, Estimation, and Application in Forensic Problems Hana Lee, Yumou Qiu, Alicia Carriquiry, and Danica Ommen
Land-Use Filtering for Nonstationary Spatial Prediction of Collective Efficacy in an Urban Environment Jeffrey Brandon Carter, Christopher R. Browning, Bethany Boettner, Nicolo Pinchak, and Catherine A. Calder
Testing for the Causal Mediation Effects of Multiple Mediators Using the Kernel Machine Difference Method in Genome-Wide Epigenetic Studies Jincheng Shen and Xihong Lin
Weak Signal Inclusion Under Dependence and Applications in Genome-wide Association Study X. Jessie Jeng, Yifei Hu, Quan Sun, and Yun Li
Latent Mixture Model for Heterogeneous Causal Mechanisms in Mendelian Randomization Daniel Iong, Qingyuan Zhao, and Yang Chen
A Simple and Flexible Test of Sample Exchangeability with Applications to Statistical Genomics Alan J Aw, Jeffrey P Spence, and Yun S Song
Learning Healthcare Delivery Network with Longitudinal Electronic Health Records Data Jiehuan Sun, Katherine P. Liao, and Tianxi Cai
Identification of Influencing Factors on Self-Reported Count Data with Multiple Potential Inflated Values Yang Li, Mingcong Wu, Mengyun Wu, and Shuangge Ma
Readability prediction: How many features are necessary? Florian Schwendinger, Laura Vana, and Kurt Hornik
Information-Incorporated Clustering Analysis of Disease Prevalence Trends Shuangge Ma
Functional Partial Least Squares with Censored Outcomes: Prediction of Breast Cancer Risk with Mammogram Shu Jiang, Jiguo Cao, and Graham A. Colditz
Efficient and Effective Calibration of Numerical Model Outputs Using Hierarchical Dynamic Models Yewen Chen, Xiaohui Chang, Bohai Zhang, and Hui Huang
Network method for voxel-pair-level brain connectivity analysis under spatial-contiguity constraints Tong Lu, Yuan Zhang, Peter Kochunov, Elliot Hong, and Shuo Chen
A Population-Aware Retrospective Regression to Detect Genome-Wide Variants with Sex Difference in Allele Frequency Zhong Wang, Andrew D. Paterson, and Lei Sun
Bayesian nested latent class models for cause-of-death assignment using verbal autopsies across multiple domains Zehang Richard Li, Zhenke Wu, Irena Chen, and Samuel J. Clark
Filtrated Common Functional Principal Component Analysis of Multi-group Functional data Shuhao Jiao, Ron Frostig, and Hernando Ombao
Multi-scale Poisson process approaches for detecting and estimating differences from high-throughput sequencing assays Heejung Shim, Zhengrong Xing, Ester Pantaleo, Francesca Luca, Roger Pique-Regi, and Matthew Stephens
Accurate estimation of rare cell type fractions from tissue omics data via hierarchical deconvolution Penghui Huang, Manqi Cai, Xinghua Lu, Chris McKennan, and Jiebiao Wang
Tensor Regression for Incomplete Observations with Application to Longitudinal Studies Tianchen Xu, Kun Chen, and Gen Li
Learning common structures in a collection of networks. An application to food webs Saint-Clair Chabert-Liddell, Pierre Barbillon, and Sophie Donnet
Athlete rating in multi-competitor games with scored outcomes via monotone transformations Jonathan Che and Mark Glickman