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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Mining Events with Declassified Diplomatic Documents Yuanjun Gao, Jack Goetz, Matthew Connelly, and Rahul Mazumder
Monotonic Effects of Characteristics on Returns Jared Dale Fisher, David Walker Puelz, and Carlos Marinho Carvalho
Hawkes binomial topic model with applications to coupled conflict-Twitter data George Mohler, Erin McGrath, Cody Buntain, and Gary LaFree
Effective Model Calibration via Sensible Variable Identification and Adjustment, with Application to Composite Fuselage Simulation Yan Wang, Xiaowei Yue, Rui Tuo, Jeffrey Hunt, and Jianjun Shi
The Statistical Performance of Matching-Adjusted Indirect Comparisons David Cheng, Rajeev Ayyagari, and James Signorovitch
A Nearest-Neighbor Based Nonparametric Test for Viral Remodeling in Heterogeneous Single Cell Proteomic Data Trambak Banerjee, Bhaswar Bhattacharya, and Gourab Mukherjee
Identifying main effects and interactions among exposures using Gaussian processes Federico Ferrari
Integrative statistical methods for exposure mixtures and health Brian James Reich, Yawen Guan, Denis Fourches, Joshua L Warren, Stefanie E Sarnat, and Howard H Change
Measuring Timeliness of Annual Reports Filing by Jump Additive Models Yicheng Kang
Bayesian inference for multi-strain epidemics with application to Escherichia coli O157:H7 in feedlot cattle Panayiota Touloupou, Barbel Finkenstadt, Thomas E. Besser, Nigel P. French, and Simon E.F. Spencer
Late 19th-Century Navigational Uncertainties and Their Influence on Sea Surface Temperature Estimates Chenguang Dai, Duo Chan, Peter Huybers, and Natesh Pillai
RNDClone: Tumor Subclone Reconstruction Based on Integrating DNA and RNA Sequence Data Tianjian Zhou, Subhajit Sengupta, Peter Müller, and Yuan Ji
Incorporating Compositional Heterogeneity into Lie Markov Models for Phylogenetic Inference Naomi Elizabeth Hannaford, Sarah Elizabeth Heaps, Tom Matthew William Nye, Tom Anthony Williams, and T. Martin Embley
Nonparametric Bayesian multi-armed bandits for single cell experiment design Federico Camerlenghi, Bianca Dumitrascu, Federico Ferrari, Barbara Engelhardt, and Stefano Favaro
Data fusion model for speciated nitrogen to identify environmental drivers and improve estimation of nitrogen in lakes Erin M Schliep, Sarah M Collins, Shirley Rojas-Salazar, Noah R Lottig, and Emily H Stanley
Discovering Interactions Using Covariate Informed Random Partition Models Garritt L. Page, Fernando A Quintana, and Gary L. Rosner
Estimating Scale Discrepancy in Bayesian Model Calibration for ChemCam on the Mars Curiosity Rover K. Sham Bhat, Kary Myers, Earl Lawrence, James Colgan, and Elizabeth Judge
Region-Referenced Spectral Power Dynamics of EEG Signals: A Hierarchical Modeling Approach Donatello Telesca, Qian Li, Damla Senturk, Catherine Sugar, Charlotte DiStefano, Shafali Jeste, and John Shamshoian
Mixture of Hidden Markov Models for Accelerometer Data Fabien Navarro, Marie Du Roy de Chaumaray, and Matthieu Marbac
BayICE: A Bayesian hierarchical model for semi-reference-based deconvolution of bulk transcriptomic data An-Shun Tai, George Chien-Cheng Tseng, and Wen-Ping Hsieh
Mitigating Unobserved Spatial Confounding when Estimating the Effect of Supermarket Access on Cardiovascular Disease Deaths Patrick Schnell and Georgia Papadogeorgou
Bayesian Profiling Multiple Imputation for Missing Hemoglobin Values in Electronic Health Records Yajuan Si, Mari Palta, and Maureen Smith
Modelling the sound production of narwhals using a point process framework with memory effects Aleksander Søltoft-Jensen, Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen, and Susanne Ditlevsen
Model Free Estimation of Graphical Model using Gene Expression Data Jenny Yang, Yang Liu, Yufeng Liu, and Wei Sun
Accounting for Smoking in Forecasting Mortality and Life Expectancy Yicheng Li and Adrian E. Raftery
Integrative Network Learning for Multi-modality Biomarker Data Shanghong Xie, Donglin Zeng, and Yuanjia Wang
Analyzing second order stochasticity of neural spiking under stimuli-bundle exposure Christopher D Glynn, Surya T Tokdar, Azeem Zaman, Valeria C Caruso, Jeffrey T Mohl, Shawn M Willett, and Jennifer M Groh
Point process modeling of drug overdoses with heterogeneous and missing data Xueying Liu, Jeremy Carter, Brad Ray, and George Mohler
Spike-and-Slab Lasso Biclustering Gemma Moran, Veronika Rockova, and Edward George
Robust inference when combining inverse-probability weighting and multiple imputation to address missing data with application to an electronic health records-based study of bariatric surgery Tanayott Thaweethai, David E Arterburn, Karen J Coleman, and Sebastien Haneuse
An Evaluation of Statistical Methods for Aggregate Patterns of Replication Failure Jacob M Schauer, Kaitlyn G Fitzgerald, Sarah Peko-Spicer, Mena Whalen, Rrita Zejnullahi, and Larry V Hedges
An Approximate Best Prediction Approach to Small Area Estimation for Sheet and Rill Erosion under Informative Sampling Emily Berg and Jae-Kwang Kim
Feature Selection for Data Integration with Mixed Multi-view Data Yulia Baker, Tiffany M. Tang, and Genevera I. Allen
Random-effects meta-analysis of Phase I dose-finding studies using stochastic process priors Moreno Ursino, Christian Röver, Sarah Zohar, and Tim Friede
Hierarchical Multidimensional Scaling for the Comparison of Musical Performance Styles Anna K Yanchenko and Peter D Hoff
Two-phase sampling strategies for design-based mapping of continuous spatial populations in environmental surveys Lorenzo Fattorini, Sara Franceschi, Marzia Marcheselli, Caterina Pisani, and Luca Pratelli
Monitoring vaccine safety by studying temporal variation of adverse events using Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Jing Huang, Yi Cai, Jingcheng Du, Ruosha Li, Susan Ellenberg, Sean Hennessy, Cui Tao, and Yong Chen
Large-scale inference of correlation among mixed-type biological traits with phylogenetic multivariate probit models Zhenyu Zhang, Akihiko Nishimura, Paul Bastide, Xiang Ji, Rebecca P. Payne, Philip Goulder, Philippe Lemey, and Marc A. Suchard
The Role of Scale in the Estimation of Cell-type Proportions Gregory J. Hunt and Johann A. Gagnon-Bartsch
A regression discontinuity design for ordinal running variable: Evaluating Central Bank purchases of corporate bonds Fan Li, Andrea Mercatanti, Taneli Makinen, and Andrea Silvestrini
A Multiple Imputation Procedure for Record Linkage and Causal Inference to Estimate the Effects of Home-delivered Meals Mingyang Shan, Kali Thomas, and Roee Gutman
High-fidelity hurricane surge forecasting using emulation and sequential experiments Matthew Plumlee, Taylor G. Asher, Won Chang, and Matthew V. Bilskie
Spatial Distributed Lag Data Fusion for Estimating Ambient Air Pollution Joshua L. Warren, Marie Lynn Miranda, Joshua L. Tootoo, Claire E. Osgood, and Michelle L. Bell
Estimation of cell lineage trees by maximum likelihood phylogenetics Jean Feng, William DeWitt, Aaron McKenna, Noah Simon, Amy Willis, and Frederick Matsen
BETS: The dangers of selection bias in early analyses of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic Qingyuan Zhao, Nianqiao Ju, Sergio Bacallado, and Rajen D Shah
A Bayesian Time- Varying Effect Model for Behavioral mHealth Data Matthew Koslovsky, Emily Hebert, Michael Businelle, and Marina Vannucci
An Empirical Bayes Change Point Model for Transcriptome Time Course Data Tian Tian, Ruihua Cheng, and Zhi Wei
Classification from Only Positive and Unlabeled Functional Data Yoshikazu Terada, Issei Ogasawara, and Ken Nakata
Probabilistic Forecasting of the Arctic Sea Ice Edge with Contour Modeling Hannah Director, Adrian Raftery, and Cecilia Bitz
A Hermite-Gaussian Based Exoplanet Radial Velocity Estimation Method Parker H. Holzer, Jessi Cisewski-Kehe, Debra Fischer, and Lily Zhao
Model-based Feature Selection and Clustering of RNA-seq Data for Unsupervised Subtype Discovery David K Lim, Naim U Rashid, and Joseph G Ibrahim
A Continuous-Time Semi-Markov Model for Animal Movement in a Dynamic Environment Devin Johnson, Noel Pelland, and Jeremy Sterling
Prediction of the NASH through penalized mixture of logistic regression models Marie Morvan, Émilie Devijver, Madison Giacofci, and Valérie Monbet
Fitting a folded normal distribution without EM Iain L MacDonald
Response to “Fitting a folded normal distribution without EM” Sungkyu Jung, Mark Foskey, and J. S. Marron
Fitting a folded normal distribution without EM (response) Iain L MacDonald
Inference of Large Modified Poisson-type Graphical Models: Application to RNA-seq Data in Childhood Atopic Asthma Studies Rong Zhang, Zhao Ren, Juan C. Celedón, and Wei Chen
Inflection points in community-level homeless rates Christopher Glynn, Thomas H. Byrne, and Dennis P. Culhane