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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

A Hermite-Gaussian Based Exoplanet Radial Velocity Estimation Method Parker H. Holzer, Jessi Cisewski-Kehe, Debra Fischer, and Lily Zhao
A Continuous-Time Semi-Markov Model for Animal Movement in a Dynamic Environment Devin Johnson, Noel Pelland, and Jeremy Sterling
Joint and individual analysis of breast cancer histologic images and genomic covariates Iain Carmichael, Benjamin C. Calhoun, Katherine A. Hoadley, Melissa A. Troester, Joseph Geradts, Heather D Couture, Linnea Olsson, Charles M. Perou, Marc Niethammer, Jan Hannig, and J.S. Marron
A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Super-Resolution Single-Molecule Localization Mariano Ignacio Gabitto, Herve Marie-Nelly, Ari Pakman, Andras Pataki, Xavier Darzacq, and Michael Jordan
Zero-inflated quantile rank-score based test (ZIQRank) with application to scRNA-seq differential gene expression analysis Wodan Ling, Wenfei Zhang, Bin Cheng, and Ying Wei
Sparse matrix linear models for structured high-throughput data Jane W Liang and Saunak Sen
Markov Random Field Models for Vector-Based Representations of Landscapes Patrizia Zamberletti, Julien Papaïx, Edith Gabriel, and Thomas Opitz
The Information in Covariate Imbalance in Studies of Hormone Replacement Therapy Dylan Small, Ruoqi Yu, and Paul Rosenbaum
Information content of high-order associations of the human gut microbiota network Weston D Viles, Juliette C Madan, Hongzhe Li, Margaret R Karagas, and Anne G Hoen
Analysing the causal effect of London cycle superhighways on traffic congestion Prajamitra Bhuyan, Emma J. McCoy, Haojie Haojie Li, and Daniel J. Graham
Spatial voting models in circular spaces Xingchen Yu and Abel Rodríguez
Bayesian Multi-study Factor Analysis for High-throughput Biological Data Roberta De Vito, Ruggero Bellio, Lorenzo Trippa, and Giovanni Parmigiani
RADIOHEAD: Radiogenomic Analysis Incorporating Tumor Heterogeneity in Imaging Through Densities Shariq Mohammed, Karthik Bharath, Sebastian Kurtek, Arvind Rao, and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani
Clustering on the torus by conformal prediction Sungkyu Jung, Kiho Park, and Byungwon Kim
Assessing the Reliability of Wind Power Operations under a Changing Climate with a Non-Gaussian Bias Correction Jiachen Zhang, Paola Crippa, Marc Genton, and Stefano Castruccio
Modelled approximations to the ideal filter with application to GDP and its Components Thomas M Trimbur and Tucker McElroy
Predicting competitions by combining conditional logistic regression and subjective Bayes: An Academy Awards case study Christopher T Franck and Christopher E Wilson
Mediation analysis for associations of categorical variables: The role of education in social class mobility in Britain Jouni Kuha, Erzsebet Bukodi, and John H Goldthorpe
Subgroup Identification and Variable Selection for Treatment Decision Making Baqun Zhang and Min Zhang
Bridging randomized controlled trials and single-arm trials using commensurate priors in arm-based network meta-analysis Zhenxun Wang, Lifeng Lin, Thomas Murray, James S. Hodges, and Haitao Chu
Pan-disease clustering analysis of the trend of period prevalence Sneha Jadhav, Chenjin Ma, Yefei Jiang, Benchang Shia, and Shuangge Ma
Improving Exoplanet Detection Power: Multivariate Gaussian Process Models for Stellar Activity David Edward Jones, David C Stenning, Eric B Ford, Robert L Wolpert, Thomas J Loredo, Christian Gilbertson, and Xavier Dumusque
Estimating animal utilization distributions from multiple data types: a joint spatio-temporal point process framework Joe Watson, Ruth Joy, Dominic Tollit, Sheila J Thornton, and Marie Auger-Méthé
Space-time smoothing models for sub-national measles routine immunization coverage estimation with complex survey data Tracy Qi Dong and Jon Wakefield
Bounding the local average treatment effect in an instrumental variable analysis of engagement with a mobile intervention Andrew Justin Spieker, Robert Greevy, Lyndsay Nelson, and Lindsay Mayberry
A functional-data approach to the Argo data Drew Yarger, Stilian Stoev, and Tailen Hsing
Inferring food intake from multiple biomarkers using a latent variable model Silvia D’Angelo, Lorraine Brennan, and Isobel Claire Gormley
Model-based distance embedding with applications to chromosomal conformation biology Yuping Zhang, Disheng Mao, and Zhengqing Ouyang
Manifold valued data analysis of samples of networks, with applications in corpus linguistics Katie Severn, Ian L. Dryden, and Simon P. Preston
Modeling the Social Media Relationships of Irish Politicians Using a Generalized Latent Space Stochastic Blockmodel Tin Lok James Ng, Thomas Brendan Murphy, Ted Westling, Tyler H. McCormick, and Bailey Fosdick
Uncertainty Quantification of a Computer Model for Binary Black Hole Formation Luyao Lin, Derek Bingham, Floor Broekgaarden, and Ilya Mandel
A Bayesian Model of Dose-Response for Cancer Drug Studies Wesley Tansey, Christopher Tosh, and David Blei
Integrating geostatistical maps and infectious disease transmission models using adaptive multiple importance sampling Renata Retkute, Panayiota Touloupou, Maria-Gloria Basanez, Deirdre T Hollingsworth, and Simon EF Spencer
Inference in Bayesian Additive Vector Autoregressive Tree Models Florian Huber and Luca Rossini
A flexible Bayesian framework to estimate age- and cause-specific child mortality over time from sample registration data Austin Edward Schumacher, Tyler H McCormick, Jon Wakefield, Yue Chu, Jamie Perin, Francisco Villavicencio, Noah Simon, and Li Liu
Nonparametric Importance Sampling for Wind Turbine Reliability Analysis with Stochastic Computer Models Shuoran Li, Young Myoung Ko, and Eunshin Byon
VCSEL: Prioritizing SNP-Set by Penalized Variance Component Selection Juhyun Kim, Judong Shen, Anran Wang, Devan V Mehrotra, Seyoon Ko, Jin J Zhou, and Hua Zhou
BAGEL: A Bayesian Graphical Model for Inferring Drug Effect Longitudinally on Depression in People with HIV Yuliang Li, Yang Ni, Leah H. Rubin, Amanda B. Spence, and Yanxun Xu
Robust Causal Inference for Incremental Return on Ad Spend with Randomized Paired Geo Experiments Aiyou Chen and Tim Au
Bayesian Nonparametric Multivariate Spatial Mixture Mixed Effects Models with Application to American Community Survey Special Tabulations Ryan Janicki, Andrew Raim, Scott H. Holan, and Jerry Maples
Bidimensional Linked Matrix Factorization for Pan-Omics Pan-Cancer Analysis Eric F Lock, Jun Young Park, and Katherine A. Hoadley
Multivariate mixed membership modeling: Inferring domain-specific risk profiles Massimiliano Russo
Fast inference for time-varying quantiles via flexible  dynamic models with application to the characterization of atmospheric rivers Raquel Barata, Raquel Prado, and Bruno Sanso
Estimating the effectiveness of permanent price reductions for competing products using multivariate Bayesian structural time series models Fiammetta Menchetti and Iavor Bojinov
Bayesian adjustment for preferential testing in estimating infection fatality rates, as motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic Harlan Campbell, Perry de Valpine, Lauren Maxwell, Valentijn M.T. de Jong, Thomas P.A. Debray, Thomas Jaenisch, and Paul Gustafson
The assessment of replication success based on relative effect size Leonhard Held, Charlotte Micheloud, and Samuel Pawel
Subgroup-Effects Models for the Analysis of Personal Treatment Effects Ling Zhou, Shiquan Sun, Haoda Fu, and Peter X.K. Song
Modeling Non-Stationary Temperature Maxima Based on Extremal Dependence Changing with Event Magnitude Peng Zhong, Raphael Huser, and Thomas Opitz
Sequential Modeling, Monitoring and Forecasting of Streaming Web Traffic Data Kaoru Irie, Christopher Glynn, and Tevfik Aktekin
The role of intrinsic dimension in high-resolution player tracking data – Insights in basketball Edgar Santos Fernandez, Francesco Denti, Kerrie Mengersen, and Antonietta Mira
Pre-electoral polls variability: a hierarchical Bayesian model to assess the role of house effects with application to Italian elections Domenico De Stefano, Francesco Pauli, and Nicola Torelli
Scalable changepoint and anomaly detection in cross-correlated data with an application to condition monitoring Martin Tveten, Idris Eckley, and Paul Fearnhead
Detecting and modeling changes in a time series of proportions Thomas J Fisher, Jing Zhang, Stephen Colegate, and Michael J Vanni
Prediction of Hereditary Cancers Using Neural Networks Zoe Guan, Giovanni Parmigiani, Danielle Braun, and Lorenzo Trippa
Identifying intergenerational patterns of correlated methylation sites Xichen Mou, Hongmei Zhang, and Hasan Arshad
Adaptive design for Gaussian process regression under censoring Jialei Chen, Simon Mak, V Roshan Joseph, and Chuck Zhang
Ordinal Probit Functional Outcome Regression with Application to Computer-Use Behavior in Rhesus Monkeys Mark J Meyer, Jeffrey S Morris, Regina Paxton Gazes, and Brent A Coull
In-game Win Probabilities for the National Rugby League Tianyu Guan, Robert Nguyen, Jiguo Cao, and Tim Swartz
Composite mixture of log-linear models with application to psychiatric studies Emanuele Aliverti and David Dunson
Partitioning Around Medoids Clustering and Random Forest Classification for GIS-Informed Imputation of Fluoride Concentration Data Yu Gu, John Preisser, Donglin Zeng, Poojan Shrestha, Molina Shah, Miguel Simancas-Pallares, Jeannie Ginnis, and Kimon Divaris
Bayesian mitigation of spatial coarsening for a fairly flexible spatiotemporal Hawkes model Andrew James Holbrook, Xiang Ji, and Marc A Suchard
Accounting for drop-out using inverse probability censoring weights in longitudinal clustered data with informative cluster size Aya A Mitani, Elizabeth K Kaye, and Kerrie P Nelson
Inhomogeneous spatio-temporal point processes on linear networks for visitors’ stops data Nicoletta D’Angelo, Giada Adelfio, Antonino Abbruzzo, and Jorge Mateu
Likelihood-based bacterial identification approach for bimicrobial mass spectrometry data So Young Ryu
Batch-sequential design and heteroskedastic surrogate modeling for delta smelt conservation Boya Zhang, Robert B. Gramacy, Leah Johnson, Kenneth A. Rose, and Eric Smith
Intensity Estimation on Geometric Networks with Penalized Splines Marc Schneble and Göran Kauermann
Sparse Block Signal Detection and Identification for  Shared Cross-Trait Association Analysis Jianqiao Wang, Wanjie Wang, and Hongzhe Li
Computationally Efficient Bayesian Unit-Level Models for Non-Gaussian Data Under Informative Sampling Paul A. Parker, Scott H. Holan, and Ryan Janicki
Approximate Bayesian inference for analysis of spatio-temporal flood frequency data Árni V. Jóhannesson, Stefan Siegert, Raphael Huser, Haakon Bakka, and Birgir Hrafnkelsson
Permutation tests under a rotating sampling plan with clustered data Jiahua Chen, Yukun Liu, Carolyn Taylor, and James Zidak
Inference for stochastic kinetic models from multiple data sources for joint estimation of infection dynamics from aggregate reports and virological data Oksana A. Chkrebtii, Yury E. Garcia, Marcos A. Capistran, and Daniel E. Noyola
Multi-state capture-recapture models for irregularly sampled data Sina Mews, Roland Langrock, Ruth King, and Nicola Quick
Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Collective Animal Movement Toryn L. J. Schafer, Christopher K. Wikle, and Mevin B. Hooten
A flexible sensitivity analysis approach for unmeasured confounding with multiple treatments and a binary outcome with applications to SEER-Medicare lung cancer data Liangyuan Hu, Jungang Zou, Chenyang Gu, Jiayi Ji, Michael Lopez, and Minal Kale
Robust Bayesian Inference for Big Data: Combining Sensor-based Records with Traditional Survey Data Ali Rafei, Carol A.C. Flannagan, Brady T West, and Michael Elliott
A sparse negative binomial classifier with covariate adjustment for RNA-seq data Tanbin Rahman, Hsin-En Huang, Yujia Li, An-shun Tai, Wen-Ping Hsieh, and George C Tseng
Kernel Machine and Distributed Lag Models for Assessing Windows of Susceptibility to Environmental Mixtures in Children’s Health Studies Ander Wilson, Hsiao-Hsien Leon Hsu, Yueh-Hsiu Mathilda Chiu, Robert O Wright, Rosalind J Wright, and Brent A Coull
Contrastive latent variable modeling with application to case-control sequencing experiments Andrew Jones, F William Townes, Didong Li, and Barbara E Engelhardt
Detecting Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Instrumental Variables and Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment Michael William Johnson, Jiongyi Cao, and Hyunseung Kang
Statistical Shape Analysis of Brain Arterial Networks (BAN) Xiaoyang Guo, Aditi Basu Bal, Tom Needham, and Anuj Srivastava
B-scaling: A Novel Nonparametric Data Fusion Method Yiwen Liu, Xiaoxiao Sun, Wenxuan Zhong, and Bing Li
Spatial-Temporal-Textual Point Processes for Crime Linkage Detection Shixiang Zhu, Yao Xie
Markov-Modulated Hawkes Processes for Modeling Sporadic and Bursty Event Occurrences in Social Interactions Jing Wu, Owen Ward, James Curley, and Tian Zheng
Graph link prediction in computer networks using Poisson matrix factorisation Francesco Sanna Passino, Melissa J. M. Turcotte, and Nicholas A. Heard
Matrix Completion Methods for the Total Electron Content Video Reconstruction Hu Sun, Zhijun Hua, Jiaen Ren, Shasha Zou, Yuekai Sun, and Yang Chen
Conditional Functional Clustering for Longitudinal Data with Heterogeneous Nonlinear Patterns Tianhao Wang, Lei Yu, Sue E. Leurgans, Robert S. Wilson, David A. Bennett, and Patricia A. Boyle
Impact Evaluation of the LAPD Community Safety Partnership Sydney Kahmann, Erin Hartman, Jorja Leap, and P. Jeffrey Brantingham
Higher Criticism for Discriminating Word-Frequency Tables and Authorship Attribution Alon Kipnis
The causal effect of a timeout at stopping an opposing run in the NBA Connor Pierce Gibbs, Ryan Elmore, and Bailey Kathryn Fosdick
Bayesian semiparametric long memory models for discretized event data Antik Chakraborty, Otso Ovaskainen, and David Dunson
C0-Clustering of Multivariate Functional Data for the Analysis of Air Pollution in the South of France Charles Bouveyron, Julien Jacques, Amandine Schmutz, Fanny Simoes, and Silvia Bottini
Integrated Quantile RAnk Test (iQRAT) for gene-level associations in sequencing studies Tianying Wang, Iuliana Ionita-Laza, and Ying Wei
A Novel Framework to Estimate Multi-dimensional Minimum Effective Doses using Asymmetric Posterior Gain and ε-tapering Ying Kuen Cheung, Thevaa Chandereng, and Keith M. Diaz
A Bayesian Precision Medicine Framework for Calibrating Individualized Therapeutic Indices in Cancer Abhisek Saha, Min Jin Ha, and Veera Baladandayuthapani
Bayesian Local False Discovery Rate for sparse count data with application to the discovery of hotspots in protein domains Iris Ivy M. Gauran, Junyong Park, Ilia Rattsev, Thomas A Peterson, Maricel G Kann, and DoHwan Park
Dirichlet-tree multinomial mixtures for clustering microbiome compositions Jialiang Mao and Li Ma
Semiparametric point process modeling of blinking artifacts in PALM Louis Gammelgaard Jensen, David John Williamson, and Ute Hahn
Semiparametric Bayesian Forecasting of Spatio-Temporal Earthquake Occurrences Gordon J. Ross and Aleksandar A. Kolev
Improved inference on risk measures for univariate extremes Léo Raymond Belzile and Anthony Christopher Davison
A Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach to combining multiple data sources: A case study in size estimation Jacob Lee Parsons, Xiaoyue Maggie Niu, and Le Bao
Estimating mode effects from a sequential mixed-mode experiment using structural moment models Paul Clarke and Yanchun Bao
Measuring performance for end-of-life care Sebastien Haneuse, Deborah Schrag, Francesca Dominici, Sharon-Lise Normand, and Kyu Ha Lee