After your paper is accepted for publication, you should perform the following tasks. If you experience problems in steps 1-6, jump to step 7.

  1. Download ejpecp.clssample.tex and sample.pdf available on GitHub.
  2. Read sample.pdf.
  3. Copy sample.tex to yourpaper.tex.
  4. Edit the preamble of yourpaper.tex and update the metadata (title, authors, etc).
  5. Copy the main body of the latex file of your accepted article to the main body of yourpaper.tex.
  6. Compile yourpaper.tex to generate yourpaper.pdf with a pdflatex program and check the result. We prefer that no separate macro, bibtex or .sty files are used except for ejpecp.cls (and possibly figures in pdf, eps, jpg, or png format. Please check that equations and figures do not overfull. You may use the BatchMRef online service to make your bibliography clickable. This step is also your last chance to polish the presentation of your article.
  7. Send yourpaper.pdf, yourpaper.tex and any other files (figures, etc) needed for compilation as supplementary files to and recall clearly in your email the manuscript number (example: EJP#1112).

We need the LaTeX source file to prepare the paper for publication, but this file will not be made available to the general public.