For more information on how to choose an appropriate nominee, please read our IMS Bulletin article How to Nominate a Fellow.

Qualifications for Fellowship

The candidate shall have demonstrated distinction in research in statistics or probability, by publication of independent work of merit. This qualification may be partly or wholly waived in the case of

(1) a candidate of well-established leadership whose contributions to the field of statistics or probability other than original research shall be judged of equal value; or

(2) a candidate of well-established leadership in the application of statistics or probability, whose work has contributed greatly to the utility of and the appreciation of these areas.

Candidates for fellowship should be members of IMS while nominated. You are welcome to email to confirm that your nominee meets the membership requirement.

Submission process

Electronic submission is required. Please use online form for item 1. All other items should be sent as ONE PDF via email to Include in the following subject: FELLOW NOMINATION: <Last name of nominee>.

Beginning with the 2019 nominations, fellow nomination packets will be submitted for a three-year cycle. Nominations for candidates who are not selected will be automatically resubmitted, with no action required by the nominator, for a total of three years. The nominators retain the right to update any nomination materials or withdraw the nomination. After three years have passed, a nominee cannot be renominated until two years have passed.

Nomination Materials

1. Nomination form – which includes the following required information

  • Name of Nominee
  • Date of birth
  • A list of not more than five publications or other reasons for the nomination
  • Present position(s)
  • Draft citation that might accompany the election to Fellowship
  • Gender
  • Field of work
  • Nominator contact information

Send the following via email to include subject line FELLOW NOMINATION: <Last name of nominee>. All items should be packaged together by the nominator and should be sent as ONE PDF attachment.  Please do not send five pdf files or a zip file. 

2. Letter from nominator.

3. Recent CV (not older than 2 years). The CV should include a list of publications, all degrees and significant positions held.

4. Three supporting letters (in addition to the nominator’s letter). Letters are expected to explicitly address the above IMS criteria for fellowship. Only three letters will be accepted. IMPORTANT: For those submitting letters of recommendation, each letter writer may only submit letters of recommendation for TWO fellow nominees each year. Please be sure to pass this information to letter writers as you request letters of recommendation.

  • (NOTE:  There is no limit on nominations and nominations do not count towards letter limitations. The letter limitation only applies in the initial year of nomination and does not carry forward when nominations are automatically resubmitted for three years.)

All items are required for the nomination to be considered.


All nominations must be received by January 31.