Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Mean-field reflected backward stochastic differential equations Romuald Elie, Boualem Djehiche, and Said Hamadène
Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games: II — The Finite Horizon Case Rene Carmona and Mathieu Lauriere
Optimal Bounds in Normal Approximation for Many Interacting Worlds Louis H. Y. Chen, Lê Văn Thành
Tracy-Widom at each edge of real covariance and MANOVA estimators Zhou Fan and Iain M. Johnstone
On the minimal drift for recurrence in the frog model on d-ary trees Chengkun Guo, Si Tang, and Ningxi Wei
Risk-sensitive control for a class of diffusions with jumps Ari Arapostathis and Anup Biswas
Weak and strong error analysis for mean-field rank based particle approximations of one dimensional viscous scalar conservation laws Oumaima Bencheikh and Benjamin Jourdain
Large-scale behaviour and hydrodynamic limit of beta coalescents Helmut Pitters and Luke Miller
Continuum models of directed polymers on disordered diamond fractals in the critical case Jeremy Clark
Scaling Properties of a Moving Polymer Carl Mueller and Eyal Nueman
Testing correlation of unlabeled random graphs Yihong Wu, Jiaming Xu, and Sophie H. Yu
Crossover times in bipartite networks with activity constraints and time-varying switching rates Sem Borst, Frank den Hollander, Francesca Nardi, and Siamak Taati
On Cramér-von Mises statistic for the spectral distribution of random matrices Zhigang Bao and Yukun He
Distance evolutions in growing preferential attachment graphs Joost Jorritsma and Júlia Komjáthy
Quenched law of large numbers and quenched central limit theorem for multi-player leagues with ergodic strengths Jacopo Borga and Benedetta Cavalli
The distributions under two species-tree models of the number of root ancestral configurations for matching gene trees and species trees Filippo Disanto, Michael Fuchs, Ariel Paningpatan, and Noah Rosenberg
Coexistence in competing first passage percolation with conversion Thomas Finn and Alexandre Stauffer
The stochastic Airy operator at large temperature Laure Dumaz and Cyril Labbé
A dynamic analytic method for risk-aware controlled martingale problems Jukka Isohatala and William Haskell
First-order behavior of the time constant in Bernoulli first-passage percolation Anne-Laure Basdevant, Jean-Baptiste Gouéré, and Marie Théret
The Microstructure of Stochastic Volatility Models with Self-Exciting Jump Dynamics Ulrich Horst and Wei Xu
Large Deviations for Markov jump processes in periodic and locally periodic environments Andrey Piatnitski, Sergey Pirogov, and Elena Zhizhina
Dimension Results for the Spectral Measure of the Circular Beta Ensemble Tom Alberts and Raoul Normand
Species tree estimation under joint modeling of coalescence and duplication: sample complexity of quartet methods Max Hill, Brandon Legried, and Sebastien Rochl
Convergence of Persistence Diagram in the Sparse Regime Takashi Owada
A Concentration of Measure and Random Matrix Approach to Large Dimensional Robust Statistics Cosme Louart and Romain Couillet
Properties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large dimensional sample correlation matrices Yanyuan Ma and Yanqing Yin
Asymptotic Optimality of the Binomial-Exhaustive Policy for Polling Systems with Large Switchover Times Yue Hu, Jing Dong and Ohad Perry
Deposition, diffusion, and nucleation on an interval Nicholas Georgiou and Andrew R. Wade
An impossibility result for phylogeny reconstruction from k-mer counts Wai-Tong Louis Fan, Brandon Legried, and Sebastien Roch
Approximation Bounds for Random Neural Networks and Reservoir Systems Lukas Gonon, Lyudmila Grigoryeva, and Juan-Pablo Ortega
Convergence in Wasserstein Distance for Empirical Measures of Semilinear SPDEs Feng-Yu Wang
Universality of the time constant in 2D critical first-passage percolation Michael Damron, Jack Hanson, and Wai-Kit Lam
The size of t-cores and hook lengths of random cells in random partitions Arvind Ayyer and Shubham Sinha
Transitive closure in a polluted environment Janko Gravner and Brett Kolesnik
Invariance principles for integrated random walks conditioned to stay positive Jetlir Duraj, Michael Bär, and Vitali Wachtel
Asymptotically linear iterated function systems on the real line Gerold Alsmeyer, Sara Brofferio, and Dariusz Buraczewski
On a nonlinear SPDE derived from a hydrodynamic limit in a Sinai-type random environment Claudio Landim, Carlos G. Pacheco, Sunder Sethuraman, and Jianfei Xue
Optimal stopping with signatures Christian Bayer, Paul Hager, Sebastian Riedel, and John Schoenmakers
Convergence of a time-stepping scheme to the free boundary in the supercooled Stefan problem Vadim Kaushansky, Christoph Reisinger, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, and Zhuo Qun Song
Spread of premalignant mutant clones and cancer initiation in multilayered tissue Jasmine Foo, Einar Bjarki Gunnarsson, Kevin Leder, and Kathleen Storey
Darwinian evolution as Brownian motion on the simplex: A geometric perspective on stochastic replicator dynamics Tobias Lehmann
Dimension-free local convergence and perturbations for reflected Brownian motions Brendan Brown and Sayan Banerjee
Spiking and collapsing in large noise limits of SDEs Cédric Bernardin, Raphaël Chetrite, Reda Chhaibi, Joseph Najnudel, and Clément Pellegrini
Functional Central Limit Theorems for Wigner Matrices Giorgio Cipolloni, László Erdős, and Dominik Schroöder
Directed Polymer for Very Heavy Tailed Random Walks Roberto Viveros
Rates of multivariate normal approximation for statistics in geometric probability Matthias Schulte and Joseph E Yukich
Strong approximation of Gaussian beta ensemble characteristic polynomials: the hyperbolic regime Gaultier Lambert and Elliot Paquette
Extended L-ensembles: a new representation for Determinantal Point Processes Nicolas Tremblay, Simon Barthelmé, Konstantin Usevich, and Pierre-Olivier Amblard
Cutoff for Rewiring Dynamics on Perfect Matchings Sam Olesker-Taylor
Convergence rate to the Tracy–Widom laws for the largest eigenvalue of sample covariance matrices Kevin Schnelli and Yuanyuan Xu
Unajusted Langevin Algorithm with multiplicative noise: Total variation and Wasserstein bounds Gilles Pagès and Fabien Paloup
Stochastic Approximation with Discontinuous Dynamics, Differential Inclusions, and Applications Nhu Nguyen and George Yin
Local weak convergence for sparse networks of interacting processes Daniel Lacker, Kavita Ramanan, and Ruoyu Wu
Stochastic Differential Games with Random Coefficients and Stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs Equations Jing Zhang and Jinniao Qiu
Probabilistic and Analytical Properties of the Last Passage Percolation Constant in a Weighted Random Directed Graph Sergey Foss, Takis Konstantopoulos, and Artem Pyatkin
Global-in-time mean-field convergence for singular Riesz-type diffusive flows Matthew Rosenzweig and Sylvia Serfaty
Sequential importance sampling for estimating expectations over the space of perfect matchings Yeganeh Alimohammadi, Persi Diaconis, Mohammad Roghani, and Amin Saberi
Mean Field Games with Branching Julien Claisse, Zhenjie Ren, and Xiaolu Tan
Parking on the integers Michał Przykucki, Alexander Roberts, and Alex Scott
Sharp lower error bounds for strong approximation of SDEs with discontinuous drift coefficient by coupling of noise Larisa Yaroslavtseva and Thomas Müller-Gronbach
Mixing of the Averaging process and its discrete dual on finite-dimensional geometries Matteo Quattropani and Federico Sau
Mixing times for the simple exclusion process with open boundaries Nina Gantert, Evita Nestoridi, and Dominik Schmid
A Kesten-Stigum type theorem for a supercritical multi-type branching process in a random environment Ion Grama, Quansheng Liu, and Erwan Pin
Computer-assisted proof of shear-induced chaos in stochastically perturbed Hopf systems Maxime Breden and Maximilian Engel
Optimal cleaning for singular values of cross-covariance matrices Florent Benaych-Georges, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, and Marc Potters
A theoretical analysis of one-dimensional discrete generation ensemble Kalman particle filters Pierre Del Moral and Emma Horton
Convergence of the thermodynamic limit for random-field random surfaces Paul Dario
Me, myself and I: a general theory of non-Markovian time-inconsistent stochastic control for sophisticated agents Camilo Hernández and Dylan Possamaï
Complexity Results for MCMC Derived from Quantitative Bounds Jun Yang and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Modified log-Sobolev inequalities for strong-Rayleigh measures Justin Salez and Jonathan Hermon
The maximum of branching Brownian motion in R^d Yujin Kim, Eyal Lubetzky, and Ofer Zeitouni
Nonparametric learning for impulse control problems – Exploration vs. Exploitation Soeren Christensen and Claudia Strauch
Propagation of minimality in the supercooled Stefan problem Christa Cuchiero, Stefan Rigger, and Sara Svaluto-Ferro
The mean-field Zero-Range process with unbounded monotone rates: mixing time, cutoff, and Poincaré constant Hong-Quan Tran
Large Deviations of Kac’s Conservative Particle System and Energy Non-Conserving Solutions to the Boltzmann Equation: A Counterexample to the Predicted Rate Function Daniel Heydecker
A probability approximation framework: Markov process approach Peng Chen, Qi-Man Shao, and Lihu Xu
Spectral Gaps and Error Estimates for Infinite-Dimensional Metropolis-Hastings with Non-Gaussian Priors Bamdad Hosseini and James E Johndrow
Robust one-bit compressed sensing with partial circulant matrices Sjoerd Dirksen and Shahar Mendelson
Simplest random walk for approximating Robin boundary value problems and ergodic limits of reflected diffusions Benedict Leimkuhler, Akash Sharma, and Michael Tretyakov
Fluctuations in Mean-Field Ising models Nabarun Deb and Sumit Mukherjee
A General Conditional McKean-Vlasov Stochastic Differential Equation Rainer Buckdahn, Juan Li, and Jin Ma
The scaling limit of a critical random directed graph Christina Goldschmidt and Robin Stephenson
Scaling Limit of Moderately Interacting Particle Systems with Singular Interaction and Environmental Noise Shuchen Guo and Dejun Luo
A variational formula for large deviations in First-passage percolation under tail estimates Shuta Nakajima
Adapted Topologies and Higher Rank Signatures Patric Bonnier, Chong Liu, and Harald Oberhauser
Hellinger distance in approximating Lévy driven SDEs and application to asymptotic equivalence of statistical experiments Emmanuelle Clément
Quenched and averaged large deviations for random walks in random environments: the impact of disorder Rodrigo Bazaes, Chiranjib Mukherjee, Alejandro Francisco Ramírez, and Santiago Saglietti
IDLA models with infinitely many sources and the directed IDLA forest Nicolas Chenavier, David Coupier, and Arnaud Rousselle
The stochastic heat equation as the limit of a stirring dynamics perturbed by a voter model Claudio Landim and Milton Jara
Quantifying a convergence theorem of  Gyöngy and Krylov Konstantinos Dareiotis, Mate Gerencser, and Khoa Le
Minimax formula for the replica symmetric free energy of deep restricted Boltzmann machines Giuseppe Genovese
(Un-)bounded transition fronts for the parabolic Anderson model and the randomized F-KPP equation Jiří Černý, Alexander Drewitz, and Lars Schmitz
Nearly optimal central limit theorem and bootstrap approximations in high dimensions Victor Chernozhukov, Denis Chetverikov, and Yuta Koike
The spatial Lambda-Fleming-Viot process in a random environment Aleksander Klimek and Tommaso Cornelis Rosati
Large-scale regularity in stochastic homogenization with divergence-free drift Benjamin Fehrman
An SPDE approach to perturbation theory of Φ42: asymptoticity and short distance behavior Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu, and Xiangchan Zhu
The TAP free energy for high-dimensional linear regression Jiaze Qiu and Subhabrata Sen
Erratum to “On many-server queues in heavy traffic” Anatolii Puhalskii and Josh Reed
Closed-loop convergence for mean field games with common noise Daniel Lacker and Luc Le Flem
Well-posedness and wave-breaking for the stochastic rotation-two-component Camassa-Holm system Gao Hongjun, Yong Chen, and Jinqiao Duan
A unified approach to linear-quadratic-Gaussian mean-field team: homogeneity, heterogeneity and quasi-exchangeability Xinwei Feng, Ying Hu, and Jianhui Huang
Mean Field Games of Controls: on the convergence of Nash equilibria Mao Fabrice Djete
Optimal control of path-dependent McKean-Vlasov SDEs in infinite dimension Andrea Cosso, Fausto Gozzi, Idris Kharroubi, Huyên Pham, and Mauro Rosestolato
Fluctuation Bounds for Continuous Time Branching Processes and Evolution of Growing Networks Under Change Point Shankar Bhamidi, Sayan Bannerjee,  and Iain Carmichael
Local Laws for Multiplication of Random Matrices Xiucai Ding and Hong Chang Ji
Existence of gradient Gibbs measures on regular trees which are not translation invariant Florian Henning and Christof Kuelske
Neural network approximation and estimation of classifiers with classification boundary in a Barron class Philipp Christian Petersen
Cyclic Cellular Automata and Greenberg–Hastings Models on Regular Trees Jason Bello and David Sivakoff
Randomly coupled differential equations with correlations László Erdös, Torben Krüger, and David Thomas Renfrew
Phase transition for percolation on a randomly stretched square lattice Marcelo Richard Hilario
Crossing Probabilities of Multiple Ising Interfaces Eveliina Peltola and Hao Wu
Dense multigraphon-valued stochastic processes and edge-changing dynamics in the configuration model Adrian Röllin and Zhuo-Song Zhang
On the generating function of the Pearcey process Christophe Charlier and Philippe Moreillon
Multitype Λ-coalescents Samuel George Goring Johnston, Tim Rogers, and Andreas Kyprianou
A sample-path large deviation principle for dynamic Erdős-Rényi random graphs Peter Braunsteins, Frank den Hollander, and Michel Mandjes
Optimal Gaussian concentration bounds for stochastic chains of unbounded memory Jean-René Chazottes, Sandro Gallo, and Daniel Takahashi
Construction of Boltzmann and McKean Vlasov type flows (the sewing lemma approach) Aurélien Alfonsi and Vlad Bally
The trunks of CLE(4) explorations Matthis Lehmkuehler
Set-valued backward stochastic differential equations Çağın Ararat, Jin Ma, and Wenqian Wu
Vector-valued statistics of binomial processes: Berry-Esseen bounds in the convex distance Mikolaj Jakub Kasprzak and Giovanni Peccati
Hydrodynamic limit for the Kob-Andersen model Assaf Shapira
Geometry of Random Cayley Graphs of Abelian Groups Jonathan Hermon and Sam Olesker-Taylor
Strong error bounds for the convergence to its mean field limit  for systems of interacting neurons in a diffusive scaling Eva Loecherbach, Xavier Erny, and Dasha Loukianova
Graphon Mean Field Systems Erhan Bayraktar, Suman Chakraborty, and Ruoyu Wu
General diffusions as limits of time-space Markov chains Alexis Anagnostakis, Antoine Lejay, and Denis Villemonais
Stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equations in the defocusing mass and energy critical cases Deng Zhang
A spatial measure-valued model for chemical reaction networks in heterogeneous systems Lea Popovic and Amandine Veber
Kyle-Back models with risk aversion and non-Gaussian beliefs Ibrahim Ekren and Shreya Bose
Large deviation Local Limit Theorems and limits of biconditioned Trees and Maps Igor Kortchemski and Cyril Marzouk
A potential-based construction of the increasing supermartingale coupling Erhan Bayraktar, Shuoqing Deng, and Dominykas Norgilas
Stein’s method, Gaussian processes and Palm measures, with applications to queueing Andrew David Barbour, Nathan Ross, and Guangqu Zheng
On mean-field super-Brownian motions Yaozhong Hu, Michael A. Kouritzin, Panqiu Xia, and Jiayu Zheng
Quantitative Universality for the Largest Eigenvalue of Sample Covariance Matrices Haoyu Wang
Low-temperature Ising dynamics with random initializations Reza Gheissari and Alistair Sinclair
Functional Central Limit Theorems for Local Statistics of Spatial Birth-Death Processes in the Thermodynamic Regime Efe Onaran, Omer Bobrowski, and Robert J. Adler
Multiparameter Bernoulli Factories Renato Paes Leme, and Jon Schneider
Large deviation principle for geometric and topological functionals and associated point processes Christian Hirsch and Takashi Owada
Anomalous scaling regime for one-dimensional Mott variable-range hopping David A. Croydon, Ryoki Fukushima, and Stefan Junk
Disagreement coupling of  Gibbs processes with an application to Poisson approximation Guenter Last and Moritz Otto
Contiguity under high dimensional Gaussianity with applications to covariance testing Qiyang Han, Tiefeng Jiang, and Yandi Shen
Utility maximization with ratchet and drawdown constraints on consumption in incomplete semimartingale markets Anastasiya Tanana
A discrete complement of Lyapunov’s inequality and its information theoretic consequences James Melbourne and Gerardo Palafox-Castillo
One-dependent colorings of the star graph Wenpin Tang and Thomas M. Liggett
Ranking based rich-get-richer processes Alexandros Gelastopoulos, Pantelis P. Analytis, and Hrvoje Stojic
Generalized Wasserstein barycenters between probability measures living on different subspaces Julie Delon, Nathael Gozlan, and Alexandre Saint-Dizier
On the Stability of Positive Semigroups Pierre Del Moral, Emma Horton, and Ajay Jasra
Functional Convex Order for the Scaled McKean-Vlasov Processes Yating LIU and Gilles Pagès
Evolving genealogies for branching populations under selection and competition Airam Blancas, Stephan Gufler, Sandra Kliem, Viet Chi Tran, and Anton Wakolbinger
Dynamical Gibbs Variational Principles for Irreversible Interacting Particle Systems with Applications to Attractor Properties Benedikt Jahnel and Jonas Köppl
Coupling by reflection for controlled diffusion processes: turnpike property and large time behavior of Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations Giovanni Conforti