IMS Monographs

IMS Monographs are concise research monographs of high quality on any branch of statistics or probability of sufficient interest to warrant publication as books. Some will concern relatively traditional topics in need of up-to-date assessment. Others will be on emerging themes. In all cases the objective will be to provide a balanced view of the field.

IMS Textbooks

IMS Textbooks give introductory accounts of topics of current concern suitable for advanced courses at master’s level, for doctoral students and for individual study. They will be shorter than a fully developed textbook. Lengths of 100–290 pages are envisaged. The books will typically contain exercises.



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Editorial Board



Mark Handcock, Coordinating Editor (2022-2025)
Ramon van Handel, Probability (2018-2025)
Arnaud Doucet, Algorithms (2020-2023)
John Aston, Statistics (2021-2024)

Past Editors

Past Editors from previous years