Program Chair’s Role

The Program Chair’s main responsibility is the invited session program. For this meeting, there can be one program chair or two co-chairs one in probability and one in statistics.

Contributed Papers Chair

The IMS Program Secretary will appoint a Contributed Papers Chair. Suggestions from the Program Chair(s) for this role are welcome.

Program Committee

The Program Chair(s) will appoint the program committee.  The program committee shall include a representative who is a new researcher (within 10 years of graduation).


The sessions should include the following:

  • Medallion lectures (2-4 sessions),
  • Wald lectures (2-3 sessions),
  • rotating Named lecture – Rietz, LeCam, Blackwell or Neyman (1 session),
  • AOS lecture (1 session),
  • Brown Awardee Session (1 session)
  • IMS New Researcher Invited Session – features new researchers as the majority of the speakers and/or discussants (1 session) and
  • Presidential Address (1 session).

The invited sessions shall be assigned to different fields as follows:

  • statistics and data science 70%
  • probability 30%

The Program Committee shall treat these percentages as guidelines, with the ability to classify sessions into different categories and adjust the percentages as appropriate.

Competition and Call for submissions

Approximately half of the invited sessions should be competitive. The Program Chair(s) should specifically invite proposals from IMS Groups and IMS China.  The IMS Program Chair(s) shall also form a “subcommittee to select the competitive invited sessions” of 5 members to call for, evaluate and select proposals for invited sessions. This subcommittee shall include someone who is a new researcher.

Abstract submission

All abstracts must be submitted to the Program Chair (if it is an invited paper) or to the Contributed Papers Chair (if it is a contributed paper).

Money for Speakers

Medallion and Named Lecturers are reimbursed for $2000 for travel expenses plus the cost of registration. Allowable reimbursable expenses for the Medallion, Wald, Rietz, and Neyman lecturers also include services needed to produce a virtual presentation.

For all other invited speakers, there is no IMS money regardless of the circumstances. When the meetings are joint sometimes the joint partnership has money. It does not hurt to ask.

Medallion and Named Lectures (Wald, Blackwell, Neyman, Rietz, LeCam)

The IMS Program Chair(s) appoints a chair for each Medallion Lecture plus an optional 5-10 minute introduction by an expert. We recommend asking the speakers for suggestions. You can have two Medallion lecturers in one session, but not more than two.


The Program Chair(s) should schedule each session while thinking about what should be concurrent and what should stand alone along with appropriate room size for a speaker.


The program chair is encouraged to work with the IMS New Researchers Group to promote the conference to new researchers and motivate them to participate.