1. March: discuss with ENAR program chairs the number of sessions allocated to the IMS scientific program including Medallion lecture if there is one that year [they are usually scheduled on even years]. The IMS program secretary will provide contact info for the selected Medallion lecturer.

2. April­‐May: send out invitations to potential session organizers. Session details are due to the IMS program chair on May 30.

3. May 30: invited sessions details due to IMS program chair. These include:

  • Title of the Session
  • Organizer’s name & affiliation
  • Chair’s name & affiliation
  • Speakers (name, affiliation and contact information)
  • Title of talks/abstracts
    *For the Medallion lecture – all of the above, but also biography and photo (.jpg) Note: This speaker for this session is selected by the IMS Committee on Special Lectures. You will be notified of the speaker by IMS Executive Director, Elyse Gustafson.


  • A session chair should not be a speaker in the session
  • Identify any potential conflicts (dates for talks)

4. June 15: Send IMS scientific program to ENAR program co-­chairs.

5. Early September: ENAR’s website opens for abstract submission. Contact session organizers to notify speakers.

6. October 1: Email session organizers to remind speakers of the deadline for abstract submission

7. October 15: abstracts due

  • It is very important that all speakers submit their abstract since the abstract book is prepared automatically from the submitted versions.
  • Remind the speakers/organizers that they need to register when the site opens. This can be done at the time of abstract submission deadline.

The ENAR program co-­‐chairs will contact IMS program chair at different occasions to:

  • Share preliminary scientific program for review and comments;
  • Share tentative schedule for scientific sessions;
  • Share final schedule of the ENAR program.

IMS program chair must review all the documents and share relevant information with session organizers. Should issues arise, for example, with the schedule of a session, they must be communicated on a timely manner to the ENAR program co-­chairs.