This workshop is dedicated to geometric and statistical modeling in biomedical image analysis. The workshop is a result of our desire to bring together researchers from biomedical image analysis, who have an interest in the underlying mathematical constructions, along with mathematicians who have an interest in the underlying practical problems.

Invited speakers: Alfred Bruckstein, Technion – Israel Institute of Technolog; James Damon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Herbert Edelsbrunner, Duke University and Institute of Science and Technology Austria; Stephan Huckemann, Universität Göttingen; Sarang Joshi, University of Uta; Steve Marron, University of North Carolina; Peter W. Michor, Universität Wien; Ezra Miller, Duke University; David Mumford, Brown University; Megan Owen, University of Waterlo; Xavier Pennec, INRIA Sophia Antipolis; Steven W. Zucker, Yale University.