The purpose of the first meeting of y-BIS (Young Business and Industrial Statisticians of the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics) jointly with the first meeting of jSPE (Section of Young Statisticians of the Portuguese Statistical Society) is to bring together young statisticians and professionals working in Academia and in Industry. The conference will offer opportunities to meet each other, and to share scientific and professional experiences. This meeting will cover many of the research areas in Probability and Statistics, and many areas of application. The session topics include but are not limited to the following areas: Business and Industrial Statistics; Applied Statistics; Computational and Graphical Statistics; Econometrics; Biostatistics; Environmental Statistics and Environmetrics; Bayesian Statistics; Extreme Value Statistics; Multivariate Statistics; Mathematical Statistics; Spatial Statistics; Time Series Analysis; Stochastic Processes; Actuarial Sciences; Probability Theory; Official Statistics; Survey Statistics; Educational Statistics.

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