The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is hosting its Employer’s forum at the University of Warwick on 20th September 2023 on the topic of “AI, automation and mathematics in supporting business decisions”. This will be an opportunity for businesses, including SMEs, to explore how AI and mathematics can impact business in the widest sense. There will be a keynote speaker and four further short presentations on topics ranging from automation of computer code to probabilistic modelling for decision making under uncertainty. There will also be poster presentations on a range of related topics and plenty of time for networking. Call for posters: Calling all departments of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science – you are invited to submit posters on topics related to mathematical sciences in industry, including algorithms, ethics, natural language processing, computer vision, sustainability, automation, mathematical biology, decision support etc. Accepted poster presenters will be given the opportunity to give a 3-minute spoken promotion of their poster content.