The workshop will focus on mathematical physics of discrete systems, and in particular its applications to random geometries. Real-life motivations for such studies range from attempts to quantize gravity to problems in condensed matter physics to mathematical modelling of cooperative phenomena in macroscopic communities. Some concrete directions include: 1) Discrete random geometries with applications to gravity quantization, 2) Discrete mathematical models in equilibrium and and non-equilibrium statistical physics (the Ising model and its relatives, percolation, lattice gases, etc), 3) Random matrix and tensor models, 4) Random graphs and dynamics of complex networks, 5) Topics in lattice gauge theory (especially with emphasis on analytic approaches), 6) Conformal field theories (especially with connections to the above subjects), 7) Discrete dynamics (cellular automata, spin chains, etc). The talks are expected to be informal and interactive, with a substantial pedagogical component.