Submission of a manuscript implies (a) that the same work has not been published before; (b) that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and (c) that its publication has been approved by all co-authors.

It is highly recommended that papers be submitted electronically. In general, a paper that is handled electronically will save up 2-3 months during the refereeing procedure. Authors should access the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS) at If you are a first time user you must complete the registration. You are only required to register once.

After the registration is complete you will have the option to submit your manuscript. After completing the form you will then upload your PDF file.

The Comments to the Executive Editor should include a clear statement that the paper is being submitted to Statistical Science. Authors are encouraged to suggest up to five suitable referees for their submitted work. This information may also be included in the comments to the Executive Editor. These suggestions will be forwarded to the Editor handling the manuscript in an effort to expedite the refereeing process. The final selection of referees is made by the Editor and may or may not include any of the suggested referees. Please include a current email address for each suggested referee.

Note: For instructions on the submission of revisions of papers, please see Contacts.

Submission of Reference Papers

Unpublished or not easily available papers cited in the manuscript should be submitted with the manuscript.  This information may be sent as supplementary files.

Preparation of Manuscripts

Please see detailed instructions on Preparation of Manuscripts.

LaTeX files of accepted papers

After a paper is accepted, you will be asked to provide Mattson Publishing Services and the Production Editor with a LaTeX file of the final version of the paper, if one is available. Other forms of TeX are acceptable if LaTeX is not available. You will also be asked to supply source files for figures (.eps or .jpg are preferred) along with a PDF file.

Galley Proofs

The corresponding author will receive email regarding galley proofs. This email will also include instructions for returning corrections as well as links to forms required for publication.