IMS Membership

New Graduate
1st yr
2nd yr
Basic IMS Membership $105 $42 FREE $35 $70 $1575 $504
Basic IMS Membership
(10% discount if renewed by Dec. 31)
$94.50 $37.80 FREE $31.50 $63 NA NA
IMS/Bernoulli Membership $154


Additional Memberships

Bernoulli Society $74
ISI/Bernoulli Society Please join here:
Indian Society for Probability and Statistics $10
INFORMS/Applied Probability Society $10
International Chinese Statistical Association $60
International Society of Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) $60
New England Statistical Society $30


IMS Journals

The Annals of Applied Probability $130
The Annals of Applied Statistics $130
The Annals of Probability $130
The Annals of Statistics $130
Statistical Science $87


Co-sponsored/Supported Publications

Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilités et Statistiques $130
Brazilian Journal of Probabilty and Statistics $130


Journals from Other Societies

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics $133
Biometrika Must be ordered here
Canadian Journal of Statistics $102
Finance and Stochastics $54
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
*Print (members receive electronic access for free)
Must be ordered here
Journal of Time Series Analysis $305
Probability Theory and Related Fields $61
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics $90
Statistica Neerlandica $103



++ Life membership rates: For members age 50 or older the dues rate is fifteen times the annual regular membership dues. For members younger than 50, the dues rate is fifteen times the annual regular membership dues plus an amount equal to the annual regular membership dues for each year below age 50.

*Reduced members receive 60% off of the regular rate for dues

*New Graduates pay 33% of the regular dues their first year out, and 67% their second year out

*Students receive free membership

*Members who renew or join with IMS/BS or IMS/ISI/BS receive 25% off both memberships (by action of both societies)

*Early bird renewals (those who renew by Dec 31) receive 10% off dues

*Early bird discounts not available to IMS/BS, Life or Retired Life Members