Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies honors statisticians

Maya Sternberg, COPSS secretary/treasurer writes: The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) presented the 2023 awards at JSM in Toronto on August 9. The awards are jointly sponsored by COPSS founding partner members: IMS, the American Statistical Association, the Eastern and Western regions of the International Biometric Society (ENAR and WNAR) and the Statistical Society of Canada. Award criteria and nominating procedures are at

The 2023 COPSS award winners. Left-right: Ryan Tibshirani, Bin Yu, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Michael Kosorok

The winner of the 2023 COPSS Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship was Bin Yu (University of California, Berkeley). This award recognizes meritorious achievement and scholarship that has a significant impact to the field of statistical science. The award citation recognized Dr. Yu for “fundamental contributions to information theory, statistical and machine learning methodology; interdisciplinary research in fields such as genomics, neuroscience, remote sensing and document summarization; and for outstanding dedication to professional service, leadership, and mentoring of students and young scholars.”

The winner of the 2023 Presidents’ Award was Ryan Tibshirani (UC Berkeley). This award is presented annually to a young member of one of the COPSS participating societies in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession. The award citation recognized Dr. Tibshirani for “contributions to nonparametric estimation, high dimensional inference and distribution-free inference; for the development of new methodology; for contributions at the interface of statistics and optimization; and for the development of methods for epidemic tracking and forecasting.” [Read Ryan Tibshirani’s interview here.]

The winner of the 2023 George W. Snedecor award is Michael Kosorok (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). This award is presented in odd-numbered years to recognize an individual who has been instrumental in the development of statistical theory in biometry with a noteworthy publication in biometry within three years of the date of the award. The award citation recognized Dr. Kosorok for “foundational, creative, and original contributions to mathematical statistics; for methodological developments in empirical processes and machine learning; for advancement of precision health; and for mentoring of students, postdocs, and junior faculty.”

The winner of the 2023 F.N. David award and Lectureship is Karen Bandeen-Roche, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This award is presented biennially (odd years) to recognize an individual as a role model to others by their contributions to the profession through excellence in research, leadership of multidisciplinary collaborative groups, statistics education, or service to the professional societies. The award citation recognized Dr. Bandeen-Roche for “outstanding leadership and service in the biostatistics and statistics community, for her leadership in statistical education, and for her achievements in biostatistical research, particularly in the field of aging research and frailty.”

There were eight winners of the Emerging Leader Award, formerly known as the COPSS Leadership Academy Award. These awards recognize early-career statistical scientists who show evidence of and potential for leadership to shape and strengthen the future of the field of statistics. The 2023 winners were: Yates Coley, Lorin Crawford, Peng Ding, Edgar Dobriban, Jingyi Jessica Li, Avi Feller, Veronika Rockova, and Gongjun Xu.

More about the winners can be found in the April/May IMS Bulletin, which you can download from See the online version for photos of the winners: