Ruobin Gong writes:

ChatGPT is a chatbot that derives its power from large language models trained on massive amounts of data. For the most part, it appears to be incredibly smart and knowledgeable. Botox, or botulinum toxin A, is a neurotoxic protein that can relax facial muscles. It is a favorite cosmetic procedure among those who wish to look younger. I argue that these two objects share striking similarities. Consider the following facts.

  1. Both are the crown jewel of a multi-billion-dollar company.*
  2. Both can smooth wrinkles.
  3. When used correctly, they take time off their subjects.
  4. There is only one correct way to use them. It must be such that an uninformed inspection cannot tell whether they were used or not. Judicious and artful administration is key. Excessive application (especially in the wrong places) creates a robotic, emotionless appearance that can be more jarring than enjoyable to look at.
  5. Despite a devoted following growing in size, whether either of them can create “true beauty” remains very much questionable. Perhaps this debate will never cease to be contentious, because as we all agree, the only universally agreed upon elements to true beauty are water, exercise, and sleep. (Reading is optional, but it helps.)
  6. Both create trust issues.
  7. For the above reason, most people who use them prefer to keep it to themselves. Some might divulge to a trusted circle of friends, who might then go on to try it out. Only the trailblazer (or showoff) announces their private decision, even praises the good effects publicly. (Surprisingly, such fearless candor is usually quite well received.)
  8. Both are a high-tech invention of the modern times. People who wield them well are generally happy that they exist. Even so, they cannot help every so often longing for the old days when everything and everyone was au naturel.


* Allergan, the owner of the trade name Botox® which makes up around half of its aesthetic business, was purchased for $63B USD by AbbVie in 2019. As of April 2023, OpenAI is valued at between $27B and $29B USD. (All sources retrieved on June 14, 2023).