The 2023 election results are in! We are pleased to announce that the incoming IMS President-elect is Tony Cai. The new Executive Committee, for August 2023 to August 2024, will be comprised of: Michael Kosorok (President); Peter Bühlmann (Past President); Tony Cai (President-Elect); Annie Qu (Program Secretary); Jiashun Jin (Treasurer); and Peter Hoff (Executive Secretary). Leaving the Executive this year are former President Krzysztof (Chris) Burdzy and Executive Secretary for 2018–2023 Edsel Peña.

Those elected to the IMS Council are the following members: Sourav Chatterjee, Gábor Lugosi, Caroline Uhler, Huixia Judy Wang, and Linda Zhao. They will join Council members Aurore Delaigle, Davar Khoshnevisan, Samuel Kou, Dylan Small, and Daniela Witten (who have two more years to serve), and Siva Athreya, Rina Foygel Barber, Judith Rousseau, Ryan Tibshirani, and Harrison Zhou (who will serve one more year). Rotating off the Council in August after their three-year terms are Richard A. Davis, Radu Craiu, Martin Wainwright, and Fang Yao. (Tony Cai will move from Council to Executive Committee.)

All those elected this year will formally take up their new roles at the annual IMS business meeting, which will take place at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, in the Tuesday lunchtime slot.

Many thanks to all those who have served the Institute, those who are about to, those who stood for election, and every member who voted this year!