Several IMS members are among those honored as elected members of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in the third round of 2022 ISI membership elections. The names and nationalities of the newly elected members are given below:

Sanjay Chaudhuri (India). Sanjay Chaudhuri is an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and Data Science, National University of Singapore. His research interests are the development and analysis of statistical methodologies, in particular based on empirical likelihood; analysis of complex survey data; order-restricted inference; graphical Markov models; survival analysis; and the application of statistics to real life problems.

Jaeyong Lee (South Korea). Jaeyong Lee is a professor in the Department of Statistics at Seoul National University in South Korea. His research focuses on all aspects of Bayesian statistics. In particular, he studied nonparametric Bayesian statistics, high-dimensional regression, and covariance estimation in Bayesian statistics. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference and Journal of Korean Statistical Society and previously was an AE for Bayesian Analysis and Biometrics. He was the 2020 recipient of the Korea Gallup Academic Award from the Korea Statistical Society.

Guanqun Cao (USA). Guanqun Cao is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Auburn University. Working at the interface of statistics, mathematics, and computer science, Dr. Cao is interested in developing cutting-edge statistical methods for solving issues related to data science and big data analytics. Specifically, she lists her research interests as functional/longitudinal data, non- and semi-parametric models, polynomial spline smoothing, and count data.

Guanyu Hu (USA). An Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri–Columbia, Guanyu Hu’s research interests include statistical methods development on Bayesian nonparametric methods, spatial point process, causal inference, survival analysis; and statistical applications in sports analytics, econometrics, environmental science, clinical trials, educational and psychological measurement. Hu received one of last year’s IMS New Researcher Travel Awards. 

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