IMS co-sponsored meeting

August 3–5, 2022, in New York, USA

The 2022 Workshop on Statistical Network Analysis and Beyond (SNAB2022) will be held on August 3-5, 2022, and will be hosted by the NYU School of Global Public Health, Department of Biostatistics.

We are bringing together researchers on network analysis and beyond to exchange ideas and recent works through this workshop. The workshop will cover topics including analysis of social networks and biological networks, tensor analysis, and deep learning.

The tentative list of invited speakers is: Arash Amini (University of California at Los Angeles); David Choi (Carnegie Mellon University); Jianqing Fan (Princeton University); Tracy Ke (Harvard University); Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University); Liza Levina (University of Michigan); Rajarshi Mukherjee (Harvard University); Carey Priebe (Johns Hopkins University); Daniel Sewell (University of Iowa); Ali Shojaie (University of Washington); Hai Shu (New York University); Weijing Tang (University of Michigan); Haolei Weng (Michigan State University); Cui-Hui Zhang (Rutgers University); and Emma Zhang (University of Miami).

The registration fee is $150 (regular) and free for students. Registration link coming soon on the website.