Joint IMS–COLT workshop: July 1, 2022, London

For the first time, the IMS Annual Meeting and COLT are co-located in London in 2022, with the IMS Annual Meeting happening on June 27–30 and COLT on July 2–5. We are organising a joint one-day workshop between the two conferences, on July 1, to offer a chance to the COLT and IMS audiences to mingle, and engage on topics related to statistics and learning theory.

All registered attendees to the IMS Annual Meeting or to COLT are automatically registered for this joint workshop.

The speakers are Emmanuel Candès, Nati Srebro and Vladimir Vovk for tutorials and talks, on the topics of conformal prediction and mathematics of deep learning. The workshop will close with a social event to give IMS and COLT participants a chance to mingle.

Organizers: Benjamin Guedj, Inria (France) and UCL (UK), Peter Grünwald, CWI and Leiden University (Netherlands), Ciara Pike-Burke, Imperial College London (UK), and Susan Murphy, Harvard (USA).

This event is supported by IMS and COLT.

Join us in London!