The Asia-Pacific Seminar in Probability and Statistics is a monthly online seminar, broadcast on a mid-month Wednesday via Zoom. The seminar series was created as a permanent forum for good research in the field, intended “to counterbalance the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic and to still promote scientific exchange and cooperation.” Topics include: probabilistic models for natural phenomena, stochastic processes and statistical inference, statistical problems in high-dimensional spaces, asymptotic methods, statistical theory of diversity.

The organizers — Sanjay Chaudhuri (NUS, Singapore), Mark Holmes (University of Melbourne, currently at UBC, Vancouver), Estate Khmaladze (VUW, Wellington; Chair), Krishanu Maulik (ISI, Kolkata), Spiro Penev (UNSW, Sydney), Masanobu Taniguchi (Waseda University, Tokyo), Lijiang Yang (Tsinghua University, Beijing), and Nakahiro Yoshida (University of Tokyo) — seek an emphasis on novelty, beauty, and clarity. Presentations are intended to be accessible to good postgraduate students in probability and mathematical statistics. 

The February seminar was recorded on Wednesday, 16 February, 2022. A year ago, on 17 February, 2021, the speaker was Nakahiro Yoshida. Now the speaker is his younger colleague, Teppei Ogihara, University of Tokyo, speaking on “Efficient estimation for ergodic jump-diffusion processes.” The abstract for this and recordings of all talks, since the first one in November 2020, are on the APSPS website: 

If you are interested in receiving announcements about the next speakers, or want to discuss future seminars, send an email to any of the Board members listed above.