The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies has announced the recipients of its awards for 2021 (apart from the winner of the Presidents’ Award, as this is announced in the COPSS session at JSM every year.)

The winner of the F.N. David Award and Lectureship is Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State University, “for being an outstanding role model for female and Latin American statisticians and for statisticians striving for scientific impact; for influential Bayesian, forensics, transportation, and nutrition research; for effective leadership of multidisciplinary groups; for extensive engagement in the National Academies and professional statistical societies; and for advocacy for female and early-career statisticians.”

Winning the Distinguished Achievement Award and Lectureship this year is Wing Hung Wong, Stanford University. His citation reads, “For his groundbreaking and fundamental contributions to statistical theory and applications, particularly in likelihood inference, Monte Carlo computation, Bayesian statistics,and computational biology.”

Finally, the winner of the George W. Snedecor Award is David Dunson, Duke University. David’s citation reads, “For seminal and consequential advancements in the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of Bayesian modeling and inference; for significant contributions in high-dimensional statistical inference, nonparametric Bayesian modeling, and their wide-ranging applications in biomedical and natural science.” The award recognizes his 2019 paper, joint with J.W. Miller, “Robust Bayesian inference via coarsening” (JASA, 114, 1113–1125).

Look out for an article introducing these award winners in the next issue. You’ll also find four IMS members who were among the newly selected members of the COPSS Leadership Academy here.