The American Statistical Association has announced its annual awards at the Virtual JSM. Among the winners of the various awards are these IMS members/Fellows:

Deming Lecturer Award: Dennis K. J. Lin, The Pennsylvania State University, for significant contributions to major policy decisions of diverse industries around the globe and contributions to the American Society for Quality. Like Deming, Professor Dennis Lin has been a true ambassador of statistics to business and industry and has inspired many.

Noether Senior Scholar Award: Art Owen, Stanford University, for outstanding contributions to the theory, methods, applications, and teaching of nonparametric statistics.

Karl E. Peace Award for Statistical Contributions for the Betterment of Society: Francesca Dominici, Harvard University, for her high-quality, innovative, and policy-relevant science; for her commitment to transparency and reproducibility in science; and for her work in developing statistical methods for evaluating health effects of exposure to air pollution.

Outstanding Statistical Application Awards: Mei-Cheng Wang, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and co-authors, for their paper, “Joint Modeling of Competing Risks Data and Current Status Data: An Application to Spontaneous Labour Study.” Also, Hongyu Zhao, Yale School of Public Health, and co-authors, for their paper, “A Statistical Framework for Cross-Tissue Transcriptome-Wide Association Analysis.”

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award: Malay Ghosh, University of Florida, for his outstanding contribution to small area estimation, his contribution to the theory and practice of Bayesian statistics, and for his superb teaching and mentoring of PhD students.

W. J. Youden Award in Inter-laboratory Testing: Andrew Gelman, Columbia University, and co-authors, for their paper, “Bayesian Aggregation of Average Data: An Application in Drug Development.”

You can read the ASA awards booklet (view or download) at