Current Index to Statistics finds a new home

Edward Dunne, the Executive Editor of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Mathematical Reviews, writes:

The Current Index to Statistics (CIS) is now hosted by the AMS. It is available on the MathSciNet servers: The database is openly available and uses a brand new search interface.

CIS was initiated in 1975 as a bibliographic tool for statistics and probability. It has passed through several incarnations, first as a paper volume, then as a database distributed on CD-ROM, and since 1999 as an online database with a query interface. CIS was a product of the community of research statisticians, in particular the IMS and the ASA.

In the data we received from the CIS, there are 549,840 articles and 11,143 book entries, for a total of 560,983 items. Items in the CIS are tagged with keywords. Many, but not all, have a summary or abstract attached. In the coming year, we will be matching the CIS items against the Mathematical Reviews database, to provide cross-linking, as well as to enhance MathSciNet by adding the articles and books that are not in our database already.

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