The June/July issue of the IMS Bulletin is online, with news about members, forthcoming lectures and meetings around the world. Check out the articles at, or download the whole issue as a PDF:
Contents include:
• Jean Opsomer receives IMS Carver Award
• Members’ news: Kathryn Roeder; ASA Fellows; Eric Laber; Robert Tibshirani; Klaus Krickeberg
• COPSS Awards at JSM: Sudipto Banerjee, Paul Rosenbaum; IMS at JSM
• Medallion Lecture preview: Étienne Pardoux
• New Researcher Travel Awards
• Recent papers: AIHP; Observational Studies
• Department News: University of Michigan Statistics
• New IMS Fellows
• President’s Column: From Statistically Significant to Significantly Statistical
• Obituaries: Kimiko Bowman, Harry Kesten, Joan Rosenblatt
• Report: Tom Liggett meeting
• Student Puzzle 24 (and solution to 23)
• Hannan Travel Awards
• Hand Writing: From models to money

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