The March 2019 issue is online:

Contents include:

  • Wolf Prize for Greg Lawler and Jean-François Le Gall
  • Members’ news: RSS Prizes for Susan Murphy, Jonas Peters, Tengyao Wang; Dickson Prize for Emery Brown; CNRS Silver Medal for Grégory Miermont
  • Special invited lecturers in 2019
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Krzysztof Burdzy, David Dunson
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics; Statistics Surveys
  • Project Euclid by the Numbers
  • President’s Column: The CRediT you’ve been asking for
  • ACM joint membership agreement
  • Statistical Science Conversations
  • Teaching Statistics at a Food Coop
  • Hand writing: On Talking Data
  • Meeting report: SPA-2018

You can read articles online at or download the whole PDF from