Reminder that Stat Sci ‘Conversations’ are available on website

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already an IMS member, and as such, have set up your free access to all IMS journals, past and present. But did you know that all Statistical Science ‘Conversations’ are now open to the public as well? These interviews with some of the distinguished leaders in statistics and probability are one of the most popular features of Statistical Science. The personal opinions and experiences given in these interviews add a human touch, while also giving insights into the intellectual history of our field. By making them openly available, IMS hopes to add to a broader understanding of the important roles that statistics and probability play in science and in society more generally. So tell your interested friends!

Added in the past year are conversations with S.R.S. (Raghu) Varadhan, Tom Louis, Jim Pitman and Jon Wellner. You can find a full list of the articles here: