Herbert Heyer, Emeritus Professor at the University of Tübingen, Germany, known for his research in stochastics and analysis has died. His close work with Japanese colleagues led the German–Japanese symposia on infinite-dimensional harmonic analysis; he also organized the Oberwolfach meeting series, Probability Measures on Groups. In the December 2016 issue of Communications on Stochastic Analysis, dedicated to Herbert on his 80th birthday, the editors note that he made “deep contributions to probability on locally compact groups, Polish groups and Gelfand pairs, with particular emphasis on Lévy–Khintchine/Hunt representations for infinitely divisible measures and associated convolution semigroups (and hemigroups), the central limit theorem, and the problem of embedding an infinitely divisible measure into a convolution semigroup. […] Herbert became a pioneer in developing harmonic analysis and probability theory on hypergroups.”