The March 2018 issue of the IMS Bulletin is online: see It features the following articles:


  • Bernard Silverman knighted
  • Members’ news: David Banks, Adrian Smith
  • IMS Statement on Professional Conduct at Meetings
  • Awards for ISI Director Bandyopadhyay
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Richard Samworth, Thomas Mikosch
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics; Statistics Surveys
  • Update: Observational Studies journal
  • Pro Bono Statistics: Yoram Gat on Democracy and Statistical Sampling
  • XL-Files: It’s hard to publish, but impossible to unpublish
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award winner Tyler VanderWeele: profile and interview
  • Student Puzzle Corner 20
  • Candidate statements for 2018 IMS Elections

You can read these articles online at or download the whole issue as a PDF.


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