Statistics Surveys ( is an online journal for expository papers about specific statistical methodology. It is an outlet for papers that are deep and magisterial reviews of subfields within statistics, such as bootstrap methodology for finite populations, spatial prediction with Big Data, or causal inference. The journal is jointly owned by IMS, the American Statistical Association, Bernoulli Society and Statistical Society of Canada. Access is free and there is no publication fee. To benefit readers and authors, the review process is swift. The journal’s editorial board deplores long delays and indecisiveness and is committed to quick and constructive feedback. Board members referee the papers they are sent, rather than the papers they wish had been written, and ties always go to the runner.

Statistics Surveys seeks more high-quality submissions. The first chapter of nearly every PhD thesis, for example, is a literature review. Generally, the effort spent in writing that chapter falls upon rocky ground, and does not lead to any publication. But with light editing, such a chapter could be an ideal submission for Statistics Surveys. We are not seeking papers that show methodological novelty, but rather the distilled wisdom of prior publications.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact one of the editorial board members.

Editorial Board

David Banks (IMS Editor)

Richard Lockhart (SSC Editor)

Ranjan Maitra (ASA Editor)

Sara van de Geer (Bernoulli Editor)

Wendy Martinez (Coordinating Editor)