Nominations are open for these three awards: the Sixteenth Annual Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences; the inaugural Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling; and the Bertrand Russell Prize from the American Mathematical Society.

The Sixteenth Annual Janet L. Norwood Award

The Department of Biostatistics and the School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is pleased to request nominations for the Sixteenth Annual Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences. The award will be conferred on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. The award recipient will be invited to deliver a lecture at the UAB award ceremony, and will receive all expenses, the award, and a $5,000 prize.

Eligible individuals are women who have completed their terminal degree, have made extraordinary contributions and have an outstanding record of service to the statistical sciences, with an emphasis on both their own scholarship and on teaching and leadership of the field in general and of women in particular and who, if selected, are willing to deliver a lecture at the award ceremony. For additional details about the award, please visit our website at

To nominate, please send a full curriculum vitae accompanied by a letter of not more than two pages in length describing the nature of the candidate’s contributions. Contributions may be in the area of development and evaluation of statistical methods, teaching of statistics, application of statistics, or any other activity that can arguably be said to have advanced the field of statistical science. Self-nominations are acceptable.

Please send nominations to Charity Morgan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics: The deadline for receipt of nominations is June 23, 2017. Electronic submissions of nominations are encouraged. The winner will be announced by July 3.

Previous recipients of the award, starting in 2002, are: Jane F. Gentleman, Nan M. Laird, Alice S. Whittemore, Clarice R. Weinberg, Janet Turk Wittes, Marie Davidian, Xihong Lin, Nancy Geller, L. Adrienne Cupples, Lynne Billard, Nancy Flournoy, Kathryn Roeder, Judith D. Singer, Judith D. Goldberg and Francesca Dominici.

Ulf Grenander Prize

The American Mathematical Society’s Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling is a new prize that recognizes exceptional theoretical and applied contributions in stochastic theory and modeling. It is awarded for seminal work, theoretical or applied, in probabilistic modeling, statistical inference, or related computational algorithms, especially for the analysis of complex or high-dimensional systems. The prize was established by colleagues of Ulf Grenander, who died in 2016. A longtime faculty member and chair of the Brown University Department of Applied Mathematics, Grenander received many honors. He was a fellow of IMS, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, as well as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy. See his obituary:

Nominations are open until June 30 for the first Grenander Prize, which will be awarded in January 2018. For details and to nominate, please visit the AMS website at

AMS Bertrand Russell Prize

The AMS has also created the Bertrand Russell Prize, to honor research or service contributions of mathematicians in promoting good in the world and to recognize how mathematics furthers human values. Nominate by June 30: