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IMS Lecture Notes–Monograph Series

Empirical Processes, Peter Gänssler: This monogragh presents a thorough and detailed description of the topics in the area of empirical processes. Several portions of the material are new and high-quality research that should be of interest to researchers and graduate students in probability, statistics, and mathematics. $14.73

Inequalities in Statistics and Probability, edited by Y. L. Tong: This volume contains 30 research papers, some of them concentrating on models in fields of application in which inequalities are of particular value since exact results are not available. $17.77

The Likelihood Principle, James O. Berger and Robert L. Wolpert: This monograph presents a discussion and generalization of the likelihood principle and examines its implications for statistical inference. $17.77

Approximate Computation of Expectations, Charles Stein: This monograph presents and abstract approach to the approximate computation of expectations. $14.73

Fundamentals of Statistical Exponential Families with Applications in Statistical Decision Theory, Lawrence D. Brown: This monograph presents a systematic treatment of the analytical an probabilistic properties of exponential families. $68.80

Group Representations in Probability and Statistics, Persi W. Diaconis: These expanded lecture notes delve into the uses of group theory, particularly non-communicative Fourier analysis, in probability and statistics. $54.52

Small Sample Asymptotics, Christopher Field and Elvezio Ronchetti: This monograph provides coherent development of the ideas and techniques of small sample asymptotics. The authors aim to obtain asymptotic expansions which give accurate results for small sample sizes n, even down to n=1. $47.80

Stochastic Inequalities, edited by Moshe Shaked and Y. L. Tong: This volume is a collection of papers based on the lectures given at the joint IMS-ASA-SIAM Summer Research Conference on Stochastic Inequalities, July 1991. $78.78

Multivariate Analysis and Its Applications, edited by T. W. Anderson, K. T. Fang and I. Olkin: This volume, based on an International Symposium held at Hong Kong Baptist College in 1992, presents work of many major figures in the theory of Multivariate Analysis and Highlights important recent trends in applications. $86.86

Adaptive Designs, edited by Nancy Flournoy and William F. Rosenberger: This volume contains 20 papers whose topics include two-arm clinical trials, adaptive dose-response designs for quantile estimation and maximizing survival in the presence of opposing hazard functions, linear models, multinomial models, quality control and group testing. $69.64

Bayesian Robustness, edited by J. O. Berger, B. Betro, E. Moreno, L. R. Pericchi, F. Ruggeri, G. Slinetti, and L. Wasserman: This volume contains the Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Bayesian Robustness held in Rimini, Italy, from May 22-25, 1995. With fourteen invited papers (with Discussion) and seven contributed papers, all refereed, this volume spans a variety of topics including the latest theoretical developments, methodology and applications. Among the topics are: hierarchical models, model selections, clinical trials, large sample theory, time series, and speech and audio signal analysis, all treated in the context of robustness. $78.88

IMS Collections

From Probability to Statistics and Back. High-Dimensional Models and Processes—A Festschrift in honor of Jon A. Wellner, edited by M. Banerjee, F. Bunea, J. Huang, V. Koltchinskii, and M. H. Maathuis: Many of the papers included in this volume were presented at the 2010 conference “From Probability to Statistics and Back: High-Dimensional Models and Processes” in Seattle. They cover a broad range of topics related to Jon A. Wellner’s work, which has been especially influential in semiparametric statistics, estimation and testing problems under shape constraints, empirical processes theory (both classical and abstract), survival analysis, biostatistics, bootstrap, probability in Banach spaces and high-dimensional probability. IMS Collections, volume 9. Softcover book, $109.40

Advances in Modern Statistical Theory and Applications—A Festschrift in honor of Morris L. Eaton, edited by Galin Jones and Xiaotong Shen: This volume is dedicated to Morris L. Eaton, whose pioneering and fundamental research has spanned many areas with particular emphasis on multivariate statistics, decision theory, probability inequalities, invariance, and the foundations of Bayesian inference. Perhaps less well-known are his substantial contributions to many applied problems in clinical trials and other topics in biostatistics. The contributions to this volume, from Eaton’s collaborators, colleagues, friends and former students, reflect his broad interests and cover topics on inference, Markov chain Monte Carlo, multivariate analysis, and corporate bond pricing models, among others. IMS Collections, volume 10. Softcover book, $67.44

NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability & Statistics

Nonparametric Bayesian Inference, edited by Peter Müller and Abel Rodriguez: These notes arose out of a short course at UC Santa Cruz in summer 2010. Like the course, the notes provide an overview of some popular Bayesian nonparametric (BNP) probability models. The discussion follows a logical development of many commonly used nonparametric Bayesian models as generalizations of the Dirichlet process (DP) in different directions, including Pólya tree (PT) models, species sampling models (SSM), dependent DP (DDP) models and product partition models (PPM). Volume 9. Published by IMS and ASA. Softcover Book, $46.60

IMS Textbooks and Monographs

These two book series are published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of IMS. As an IMS member you can order a copy with a 40% discount from http://www.cambridge.org/ims

The volumes currently available are:

IMS Textbooks

Probability on Graphs by Geoffrey Grimmett

Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing by Simo Särkkä

Stochastic Networks by Frank Kelly and Elena Yudovina

The Surprising Mathematics of Longest Increasing Subsequences
by Dan Romik

Noise Sensitivity of Boolean Functions and Percolation 
by Christophe Garban and Jeffrey Steif

Core statistics by Simon Wood

IMS Monographs

Large-scale Inference by Bradley Efron

Nonparametric Inference on Manifolds
by Abhishek Bhattacharya and Rabi Bhattacharya

The Skew-normal and Related Families
by Adelchi Azzalini (with Antonella Capitanio)

Case-control Studies by Ruth Keogh and David Cox