IMS Council has approved the nomination of Senior Production Editor Patrick Kelly for the 2015 Carver Medal, as recommended by the Committee to Select the Carver Award. Patrick receives the award for “his unique and exceptional contributions to maintain the high standards of the IMS journals; especially with the increasing, and changing, demands in journal production over the past 25 years.”

Patrick Kelly

The Carver Medal was created by the IMS in 2002 in honor of Harry C. Carver, Founding Editor of the Annals of Mathematical Statistics and one of the founders of the IMS. The medal is for exceptional service specifically to the IMS and is open to any member of the IMS who has not previously been elected President.

Commenting on Patrick’s nomination, IMS Executive Director Elyse Gustafson said, “The work that Patrick does is quiet, but essential. The IMS journals are top in the field because of great authors and editors, but ensuring that all articles are readable by the community—including the increasing number written by authors whose primary language is not English—is the vital last step in the process. Being a production editor is not a glamorous job, there is little fanfare to it. But I believe our journals would not be the same high quality they are, without Patrick.”

The Carver Medals for 2015 and 2014 (to Ed Waymire) will be presented at JSM Seattle.