travel awards
Front row, from left–right: Jinyuan Chang, Bin Yu (then IMS President), Wenxin Zhou. Middle row l–r: Susan Wei, Jiangyan Wang. Back row l–r: Takashi Owada, Bin Guo, Takumi Saegusa.

Meet the seven IMS Travel Award winners who attended the IMS awards session in Sydney (pictured with Bin Yu, center). This year’s award enabled 18 new researchers to traveled to a variety of IMS meetings as well as this one: JSM, ENAR, WNAR, Asia-Pacific Rim meeting, and the International Society of Non-Parametric Statistics Conference.

Jiangyan Wang (pictured above, middle row right) is a PhD student at Soochow University, China. She said, “I value the significant experience gained from attending this meeting, which gave me the chance to express innovative ideas and learn from other people. I believe that attending the 2014 IMS Annual Meeting has deepened my understanding of statistics and will benefit me during my PhD study. Thank you very much.”

The deadline for applications for next year’s awards is February 1, 2015. Read more at