President Elect

Bin Yu


Council Members Elected

For a 3 year term
Erwin Bolthausen
Alison Etheridge
Xiao-Li Meng
Nancy Reid
Richard Samworth

For a 1 year term
Nancy Lopes Garcia

SPECIAL NOTE: Ed George was on the ballot, however, he was identified as ineligible because he was currently serving on Council with a term expiring in August 2012. The IMS Bylaws require one year off of Council before being eligible for nomination again. This was an oversight and did not become apparent until all ballots had gone out and voting had commenced.

This unusual situation was handled as follows: once voting closed, Ed George was eliminated from the ballots and then the votes were counted. Ed George was eliminated from the ballots in the following way: when a voter gave rank k>0 to Ed George, as well as ranks k+1,…,k+J to J>=1 other candidates, the ranks of the latter were changed to k,k+1,…,k+J-1. Then Ed George was removed from all ballots. We apologize for this oversight.